Brock Purdy weighing options on his elbow, hopes to make a decision soon

NFL: JAN 29 NFC Championship - 49ers at Eagles
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49ers quarterback Brock Purdy is awaiting second opinions on his injured right elbow to make a decision on the course of action. Purdy tore his ulnar collateral ligament on the sixth play of Sunday’s game when Eagles pass rusher Haason Reddick pinned Purdy’s arm as Purdy was in his throwing motion.

“I still have some options to weigh and will make a final decision soon,” Purdy said Tuesday, via video from Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News.

The 49ers’ team doctors are recommending surgery.

Purdy’s rehab is expected to take six months.

“I’ve heard multiple things,” Purdy said. “I think in that scenario that would be six months ready to go. I think in that scenario they said after three months, you can start throwing and getting into a throwing program and getting into a routine. I think six months would be like when you’re allowed to just go and practice and be part of everything. That’s a scenario, but I definitely have some other options, too. So definitely going to go through these MRI scans and make a decision, hopefully soon.”

Purdy expects to be ready for the 2023 season.

“I’ll be ready come camp and honestly what matters to me most is being able to play for the season,” he said.

But with no guarantee on Purdy’s availability, the 49ers have some decisions to make at the position. They played four quarterbacks this season and ended the NFC Championship Game without a healthy one as Purdy was unable to throw but had to return after Josh Johnson‘s concussion.

Trey Lance, who broke his ankle in the second game of the season, is close to being cleared to return. Jimmy Garoppolo is scheduled for free agency.

21 responses to “Brock Purdy weighing options on his elbow, hopes to make a decision soon

  1. We’ve seen this a thousand times before. Player holds off on surgery, holds off on surgery, finally gets surgery but by then misses all of training camp and is essentially rehabbing the whole next season. Those are the decisions that can derail a player’s career, especially early on — sometimes permanently. He seems like a really good kid; I hope he’s getting good advice right now.

  2. Smart kid. This might end up being the most important decision the kid will ever have to make. The 49ers put him back out on the field with a severe arm injury. I’d definitely talk to people outside the organization, before proceeding with what the 49ers recommend.

  3. Wow, there was no way 49ers “were” going to sign Brady. Now maybe yes. Think a veteran like Joe Flacco would be a better way to go. They need a legitimate veteran that they can sign for two years not one. Brady looked horrible at the end of the season. He will only be one year older and slower. Derek Car would even be a possibility if he dramatically reduced his asking price.

  4. I would think the USFL team he’s playing for would want a say as well.

  5. greenlantern says:
    January 31, 2023 at 3:52 pm

    Shanahan’s scheme gets QBs killed!


    Not to mention faux RBs who are really WRs

  6. Brock Purdy’s 15 minutes of fame are over courtesy of the NFC Champion Philadelphia Eagles.

  7. Kid was a great story this season, and sorry he’s going through this. Get the surgery and heal up kid

  8. This kid has a great head on his shoulders he’ll make the right decision. For those casting opinions give the guy some time to look at every option.

  9. Oh come on.

    The kid threw painlessly on the sideline. He played the rest of the game after the “injury”.

    He cracked. He was getting creamed and he cracked.

    Everything else is just trying to save face.

  10. Since Shanahan has been HC of the Niners, he’s had

    ONE year that he finished the year with his starting QB.
    One year that he finished with his backup.
    Two years that he needed his third string backup QB.
    One year he needed his fourth string backup QB (or fifth string if you believe bringing back in Purdy).

    Check any other team in the NFL to see if they’ve had similar results.

    NONE obviously.

    This is a terrible scheme that puts minimal value on protecting the QB. Instead it values everyone out in the pattern so they can rack up stats and Shanahan can be considered a genius.

    Anyone who willing plays QB for him is crazy.

  11. dl72fan says:
    January 31, 2023 at 4:42 pm
    What’s with the idiots who think it’s a fake injury? Still? For what purpose?

    Same people who think someone other than Biden won the election.

  12. People think that the Eagles beat Purdy. No,he got hurt. There’s a big difference. He will be back.

  13. People getting all enamored with this guy. You do realize they seriously dumb down the offense when 3rd stringers come in? Which tells you NFL offenses are overly complex to begin with, but that’s another story. We saw it with Brady when he got hurt against Pittsburgh in 2001, Bledsoe came in and ran the “Brady” offense and did perfectly fine and won that playoff game, but still never got his job back due to cost savings measures. Oh, that tricky Bill. Purdy will most likely never start for the 49ers again. No way he beats out Trey Lance or Jimmy G. Purdy is merely a flash in the NFL pan.

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