DeMeco Ryans: Being Texans head coach is my dream job

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The Texans have officially hired DeMeco Ryans as their new head coach.

The team announced the hiring shortly after reports on Tuesday afternoon indicated that they had agreed to a deal with the former 49ers defensive coordinator. Before Ryans became a coach, he was taken 33rd overall by the Texans in 2016 and spent six years playing linebacker in Houston.

In a statement accompanying the announcement of his hiring, Ryans referenced his history with the organization while saying the Texans job is one he’s always had his eyes on.

“Being the head coach of the Houston Texans is my dream job and my family is thrilled to be back in H-Town,” Ryans said. “I have been around the game of football my entire life and I’ve always had a natural ability to lead others. I know what it takes to win and be successful in this league as both a player and coach. We’re going to build a program filled with players who have a special work ethic and relentless mindset. I understand the responsibility I have to this organization and to the fans of Houston to build a winner and I can’t wait to get to work.”

Ryans will now get to work filling out his staff and the offensive coordinator hire will be a key choice for a team that’s expected to take a quarterback with the second overall pick this year.

17 responses to “DeMeco Ryans: Being Texans head coach is my dream job

  1. Fast rise from player to head coach. Good for him. He knows ownership and the politics. Not a Texans fan but they could use some consistency (and a QB).

  2. I’m rooting for him, but that ownership is a tough one to work for.

  3. At least they’ve already gotten rid of the headache. Now you need to find your future quarterback, or your time as head coach will be short lived

  4. If the quarterback they draft works out, the days of the Texans being a laughing stock are over. Ryans brings a huge amount of credibility to that organization.

  5. This is the clean start they needed after the Watson mess ravaged this team (and soon to be Cleveland). If they can be patient and give him exactly what he wants they’ll be greatly rewarded.

    It may even be smarter of them to spend that draft capital on building a solid nucleus and wait until they have an overall talented roster to give to a young QB. It worked in KC and SF. Just be patient Houston, it’s getting better already.

  6. This article says Ryan was drafted in 2016 by the Texans. That’s 10 years off. He was actually drafted in 2006 by the Texans.

  7. I sure hope they give him 4 years because it will take that long to turn this one around.

  8. Hopefully he doesn’t become a victim of the general dysfunction that seems to pervade the Texans.

  9. “I sure hope they give him 4 years because it will take that long to turn this one around.”


    I think he’ll be given time as long as the team looks like it’s making positive steps. Texan fans aren’t expecting miracles. They have a long way to go but they finally seem to be putting the pieces together to start moving in the right direction.

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