Derek Carr makes it a clean sweep of Pro Bowl replacement QBs in AFC

NFL: DEC 24 Raiders at Steelers
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Derek Carr did not end the 2022 season as a starting quarterback, but he’s still a Pro Bowler.

Carr announced on Tuesday that he will be taking part in this year’s Pro Bowl festivities. He’s the third replacement quarterback on the AFC side as Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence and Ravens quarterback Tyler Huntley have already been announced as replacements.

Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Joe Burrow were initially selected as the AFC’s quarterbacks.

Carr was benched by the Raiders for the final games of the regular season and he’s already said farewell to the team, but the Pro Bowl nod means he’ll have one more appearance at Allegiant Stadium. Given the situation with the team, it may be a bit awkward for him to put on Raiders gear during this week’s activities in Las Vegas. If Carr does feel that way, it would make sense to give a call to Rob Lowe’s football stylist to see if they can work their magic once again.

62 responses to “Derek Carr makes it a clean sweep of Pro Bowl replacement QBs in AFC

  1. This is a great move. I heard from a friend who know his cousin’s ex-girlfriend that he is a great dodgeball player….or at least he was in 6th grade gym class. This should put the AFC over the top. Peyton has lots to work with baby!!!

  2. Was gonna say Carr had a way better campaign than Huntley(obviously). Should be akward but kudos to him for having the stones to show up at his home field with all the drama.

  3. This just makes the Raiders refusal to just cut him look even worse. You have a now 4 time pro bowler that you are holding hostage. Stay classy Vegas.

  4. Getting to a pro bowl is so meaningless that it shouldn’t even be mentioned when going over a player’s accomplishments unless they are elected to the first version of it. Even then, who cares.

  5. They have to make the event something a person who makes 7 or 8 figures and just went through a season that leaves your body completely spent will want to attend. If the player and family where getting pampered like a Saudi King’s in Qatar I bet they would go. If they just get a gift bag, a little pocket change and have to play the dancing bear to a bunch of fans I wouldn’t go either if I was Burrow or any other star player.They will be a little selfish and not want to be around a ton of media when their job is over for the season.

  6. The NFL Pro Bowl. Add it to the list of things not a single fans wants but the NFL wizards continue to push.

  7. With Carr benched and Vegas trying desperately to figure out the least costly way to get rid of him, it’s no wonder the so-called “Pro Bowl” has been recognized as the travesty it is.

  8. They changed it to tag football and these guys still don’t want to show up. Can we just stop this charade.

    And congratulations Derek Carr on getting your Pro Bowl bonus on the way out the door, now hold them up for your other $40 million.

  9. I don’t ever want to hear again how many times somebody made the pro bowl when elected into the HOF

  10. Will he sport a Raider Jersey?? or will big brother David make him sport Bulldog T-shirt.

  11. Not good enough to start for his team, but good enough to play in the pro bowl. Sounds about right.

  12. For his triumphant return to Allegiant Stadium, Derek needs to get with Patches O’Houlihan to finally show them all he really is elite.

  13. Vindication! Mark Davis fired the wrong person. Josh McDaniels should have been fired, not Derek Carr! They should have given him and Devante Adams another year together since he’s one of the main reasons Adams came to the Raiders. Be careful of what you bargain for. The Raiders are in trouble at QB especially if they want Old Man Tom Brady.

  14. bean bag races and hacky sack have replaced all skills events along with a baking challenge

  15. Really need to rename it the replacement bowl of very average players, only thing that is “pro” about is they get paid, best in the league not-so-much.

  16. I think all true NFL fans would rather see Kenny Clutch “Wicked” Pickett! GO STEELERS!

  17. So if Carr plays in the game and gets injured, Ziggy/Josh will be on the hook for Derek’s full 2023 contract, right? Okay, DC4, break a leg, buddy!

  18. If Derek Carr can’t go then it will then be Zach Wilson. Tua was next, but when he was informed he said, “who’s Tua?”

  19. Is this a non-football activity? If he gets hurt and can’t pass a physical, are the Raiders on the hook for 2023?

  20. byaaah says:
    January 31, 2023 at 12:08 pm
    The pro bowl is pathetic. Tyler Huntley? Derek Carr? What’s the point of this


    And yet nobody is calling for Mac Jones to be added

  21. At this point just do a Classic Super Bowl replay during the bye week, and bring your skills competition, or touch football or whatever the Pro Bowl is supposed to be back to the week after the Super Bowl

  22. I hope the Raiders have to pay a BIG bonus to Carr for his appearance.

  23. Well this could be super awkward. I hope he really does wear the Raiders jersey again. Hes a class act, prolly no hurt feelings and he will go and have fun.

  24. No, DC4 did nothing this year to earn a berth on this game’s roster. Still, can’t help thinking that, given all that’s transpired during his OAK/LV tenure, the football gods decided he deserved one last curtain call at Raiders’ stadium.

  25. What about Mac Jones? He should be the starter, he’s on the fast track to the Hall of Fame.

  26. So the Raiders plan to cut a pro bowl QB if he doesn’t get hurt in the pro bowl? Cough Justin cough Herbert, Tua ?

  27. Breaking News. The AFC just added Al Bundy of Polk High to the All Pro Flag Football squad.

  28. Daniel Jones wasn’t available because he’s in the NFC. 2TD Hundley will rep the AFC though.

  29. Since there is no longer a Pro Bowl Game, maybe it is time to end this foolishness and stop naming anyone as a replacement player! Select 1st, 2nd, 3rd team and leave it.

  30. I think the 1st and 2nd team All-Pro are all that matter now. Just invite those players to the “All Star weekend” and any replacements can come too. There doesn’t need to be pro bowl recognition any more. It’s useless.

  31. If the Ravens dispose of Jackson in some capacity, does that mean that Huntley will demand more $ since he is a Pro Bowl QB?

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