Frank Reich: I have a vision at QB, but Colts tenure taught me how to adapt

Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots
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When Frank Reich began his tenure as the Colts head coach in 2018, the team had Andrew Luck at quarterback and the plan was for that to remain the case for years to come.

It didn’t take long for that plan to change, however. Luck retired after Reich’s first season in Indianapolis and the rest of his time with the team was spent chasing a starter who would be a long-term answer at the position. The Colts never found one, however, and Reich was fired in the middle of the 2022 season.

Reich is now the head coach of the Panthers and there’s no plan in place at quarterback this time around. The Panthers used three starters en route to a 7-10 record and Reich said he knows he has to come in “with a vision” of what the team will do at a crucial position. He also knows that he may have to shift that vision due to unforeseen circumstances and that he thinks his time with the Colts prepares him for that.

“I’ve had to work with the young, the old, the pocket passer, the guy who moves,” Reich said, via Darin Gantt of the team’s website. “And I think even though it wasn’t always an ideal scenario, like in Indy having a different quarterback every year, I did learn a lot through it because you’re forced to adapt and evolve your offense around different styles of quarterbacks. So I just think that bodes well. I’m always learning and growing as a coach; I’m able to better articulate how things do change, depending on the style of quarterback that we have.”

Reich noted that there’s been a move “more to the movement-type quarterback” in recent seasons, but that he also knows “we’re going to have to be good from the pocket.” Finiding someone who can handle those responsibilities will have a heavy hand in determining where things go for Reich in Carolina.

14 responses to “Frank Reich: I have a vision at QB, but Colts tenure taught me how to adapt

  1. Is that what you call it? “Adapting” means spitballing by tossing draft picks to rent 30 mil per year QBs who aren’t good?

  2. “like in Indy having a different quarterback every year”

    It’s like the inverse promising young QB – instead of rotating coordinators it’s rotating starters preventing Reich from establishing an offensive philosophy

  3. touchbacksixnine says:
    January 31, 2023 at 11:29 am
    Rivers has been the Colts best QB in years. Should have kept him another season.

    He chose to retire. They had no control of that

  4. Frank can fix Sam Darnold if the Panthers decide to keep Sam. Frank is now the best Coach in the NFC South.

  5. The Colts were interested in trading for Kirk Cousins last year when Reich was the coach. The Panthers have a pretty good team overall but need a good quarterback who is ready to play now. Reich likes Cousins and looked into trading for him last year. The Vikings might be ready to move on this year.

  6. He may be a good coach, but he pushed for the Wentz trade, and the Matt Ryan trade.
    So he shouldn’t have a day in drafting

  7. Colts were a coach’s nightmare which is why so many turned down the job in the first place as they knew Luck was washed and management was lying about it. The fact that the guy had so many winning records with “whichever QB was healthy enough to play that week” shows he’s the type of guy who actually leads and doesn’t just rely on talent to carry him to wins. The best offensive weapon any of those guys had was a past his prime injury prone TY Hilton. We see how many wins they got once they were gone. That was maybe a 2 or 3 win roster that Reich averaged 9 wins a season with.

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