Is Jim Harbaugh still in play for the Broncos?


Jim Harbaugh has yet to affirmatively say, “I’m not going to be the Denver coach.” Although we know from experience that doesn’t matter.

What we do know is that Harbaugh had a virtual interview with the Broncos, and that he then announced he was staying at Michigan. And that he then met in person with Broncos CEO Greg Penner in Ann Arbor, not in Denver.

The fact that Penner went to Harbaugh, and not the other way around, is significant. It suggests that the Broncos are pursuing Harbaugh, and not the other way around.

One source with knowledge of the Denver search has suggested sleeping with one eye open on the possibility of Harbaugh taking the job. There obviously is, or perhaps the key word is “was,” mutual interest. Harbaugh wouldn’t have met with Penner after Harbaugh said he’s staying put if he wasn’t still interested.

It’s unclear where all of that stands now. Is it about money? Is it about control? Is it about the quarterback?

Regardless, Harbaugh currently has some stuff on the horizon in Michigan, from an NCAA probe based on allegations that he was untruthful to investigators to the lingering confusion regarding the fairly swift departure of co-offensive coordinator Matt Weiss under circumstances that continue to be very vague and very confusing. Without knowing what Weiss was doing, there’s no way to know whether the actions would implicate anyone else, in any way.

So is there any way Harbaugh can end up leaving Michigan for Denver? It’s not impossible. Until the Broncos make a hire, it’s theoretically possible that Harbaugh will be the guy.

31 responses to “Is Jim Harbaugh still in play for the Broncos?

  1. Yes, and is one of the few candidates that would give the team some legitimacy. Pay him the most for a coach in league history, and then rap your ring on the table at the next owner’s meeting with a smile. As an owner in the NFL, you dont go along to get along; owners flex their muscles with their wallets, which is why some do while others crow

  2. The Rumor is that Coach Harbaugh is offering to Coach for Free just for the opportunity to Learn from Future HOF QB Wilson.

  3. Having Future HOF QB Russell Wilson as your Starting QB, talk about a Dream Come True for Coach Harbaugh!!..

    Lets Ride!

  4. “There obviously is, or perhaps the key word is “was,” mutual interest. Harbaugh wouldn’t have met with Penner after Harbaugh said he’s staying put if he wasn’t still interested.”
    That’s not necessarily true. Harbaugh didnt go to meet him, he met Harbaugh. The conversation easily couldve went Penner asking for an in person meeting and Harbaugh declining and then Penner explaining that he would come to him whenever Harbaugh is free and to just hear what he has to say 🤷‍♂️ see it’s just as easy to form a narrative for the opposite side

  5. This reminds me of when Pete Carroll jumped ship at USC. Some looming investigations and some other shady activities. Then boom, Seattle’s new HC. It wouldn’t surprise me if Harbaugh dips back to the NFL, especially if ownership digs deep into their pockets. I don’t know if Russ is the type of QB he would want though. We shall see.

  6. Everyone thinks it’s because of dysfunction and/or Russ, but this hiring cycle has been confusing because the new Broncos owners move in shadows, and are spinning circles around the media with a tight ship, leaving everyone consuming said media in the dark and confused.

    When the dust settles, they’ll have their guy.

  7. Russell Wilson’s contract is a poison pill for that franchise. So many coaches would have been falling all over themselves to be the head coach for that team had they not made that trade last year. They are only going to get a unproven coach who is willing to take a flyer on the job or they will have to throw ungodly large sums of money at someone more established. They don’t seem to want either, so it’s going to be a real issue finding a coach.

  8. Jim Harbaugh will always be in contention for any available coaching job. Every time I see Al Michaels change networks, he makes more money. If you’re number one in your field, your price tag keeps going up. Average coaches are making $10 million. Harbaugh should be making $25 million. As long as his phone keeps ringing, those numbers are going up. Why on earth would he unplug his phone? All he has to do is express the slightest amount of interest in listening to an offer, and his current employer will reach for their checkbook. Harbaugh didn’t invent the current system. He didn’t make up the rules. He’s playing by the same rules everyone is playing by. He’s just tops in his profession. He’s just doing what any intelligent person would do. Maximize your earnings.

  9. And the never ending speculation about Harbaugh going to the NFL continues. He needs to just go and be done with it

  10. The Broncos really need to make this happen. Harbaugh did wonders with Alex Smith and could for Wilson as well. Defense is beastly too. They would be like the 2011 49ers.

  11. Out of all the coaches I’d like Harbaugh to be our HC. He won’t take any crap from Wilson. He will be the alpha in the room. Denver needs that because they have been lost for years. No more yes men or rookie Head Coaches!

  12. You know, re Harbaugh, I just really hate it when people so casually lie about things! I prefer my lying to be more calculated and for important reasons

  13. Denver needs this with Harbaugh, or Payton. THEN, fire the GM Paton who has ruined the franchise on the Wilson and Gregory signings.

  14. Even the most greedy and or ambitious coaches recognize what an awful job head coach of the Broncos is.
    There is no upside unless making a ton of money is your sole concern. And that’s apparently still not enough…

  15. It isn’t quite Groundhog Day and yet we seem to keep seeing the same stories about Harbaugh, Rodgers, etc. guess I’ll sign up for piano lessons and learn to carve ice with a chainsaw. Where are you, Andir MacDowell?

  16. If I were a UM fan, I’d be livid that I have to deal with this EVERY offseason! This Harbaugh dance negatively affects recruiting, players entering the transfer portal, etc. As I am an Ohio State fan, I am loving this.

  17. Amusing how so many don’t think Wilson is over and out. I guess they live outside of Denver and don’t have Sunday Ticket or Red Zone. The dude has nothing left, and he’s a gigantic drag on their payroll. It also amuses me how people think Harbaugh is such a fantastic coach and dominating personality that he’ll keep ownership in check. How many rings does he have? I must be missing something.

  18. Wow now the Broncos are gonna give away draft picks to get Sean Payton?? I once heard a saying, something about when you’re in a hole, the first thing you do is quit digging…

  19. Coaches network all the time and offer opinions for how to improve a team. Penner could have flown to Ann Arbor to have those discussions.

  20. So Harbaugh or Payton is going to teach a 34 year old, ten year vet on how to go through his progressions? Haha Little Russ can’t see over the line and is to slow to get outside the pocket.

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