Nick Sirianni: When you start treating these games differently, that’s when mistakes happen

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Eagles will be back in the Super Bowl next week, but it’ll be their first time playing in the game under head coach Nick Sirianni.

With a game of this magnitude, Sirianni knows there will be extra attention and some things will have to change. But the second-year head coach wants to make things as normal as possible for his team over the next two weeks.

“This is the biggest game in football. It’s the Super Bowl. The biggest game anybody will ever play in football,” Sirianni said in his Tuesday press conference, via John Clark of “But when you start treating these games differently, that’s when mistakes happen. It’s about us being able to play with each other one more time.”

Philadelphia has been one of the best teams in football all season long, as one of just two teams to reach 14 regular-season wins. The other, of course, was the Chiefs.

But if the Eagles play as they have all year, they should have a solid chance to come home from Arizona with a Lombardi Trophy.

11 responses to “Nick Sirianni: When you start treating these games differently, that’s when mistakes happen

  1. They are THE best team in football. This will be there second Lombardi trophy since beating Vince Lombardi (the actual person) in a championship game doesn’t count for some reason.

  2. With all due respect to Nick — and I’m an Eagles fan who couldn’t be happier with things, of course — he’s never coached a game this big.

    He’s right; once the ball is snapped, it’s a football game. That’s what the guy in the sweat jacket, hoodie, or visor with the clipboard and the whistle *should* say. But really…what else *can* he say?

  3. Wow so prophetic this is like next level thinking wow he’s a genius ,he’s playing chess while the other coaches are playing checkers lol

  4. Have to treat this game differently as the long half time makes it 2 30min games. It is why Atlanta couldn’t close out, they didn’t prepare their team for the long half time. It makes a big difference and something Belichick has talked about before.

  5. God bless Sirianni. He has the right attitude. Now he just has to get his team to buy into this.

  6. Who is Nick Sirianni? Pretty soon the entire world will know who Nick Sirianni is. The Eagles weren’t shown on a lot of national broadcasts this year, and a lot of people on the west coast haven’t seen them. A lot of casual fans will be hearing his name for the first time. They’ll definitely be seeing his face for the first time. The Eagles have a very young QB, and he’s going to get much better with more experience. The Eagles have the look of a team with staying power. The organization looks rock solid from the top, down. Nick Sirianni better be ready for the cameras. His days of privacy and obscurity are over. His bank account will get fatter, too.

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