Report: “Many” close to Tom Brady think it’s “likely” he’ll play

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Tom Brady gets testy when asked about his plans for the future. Those close to him aren’t quite as standoffish.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reports that “many” close to Brady think it’s “likely” he’ll play in 2023.

The great unknown is where. The Buccaneers are in play, despite a widespread belief that Brady will choose to move on. Other teams flagged by Stroud are the 49ers, Dolphins, Raiders, Titans, and Jets.

The elbow injury to Brock Purdy potentially opens the door for Brady to San Francisco. He has wanted to play there in the past, and the team has declined. With coach Kyle Shanahan embarking on his seventh season with zero Super Bowl wins, maybe he’ll finally embrace the guy who has capped seven seasons with a championship.

Teams will want Brady. He’s good for business. He sells tickets. He moves merchandise. He makes a team relevant. He becomes a major draw for prime-time games.

He also could indeed push a team that’s close to winning a Super Bowl over the top. And the 49ers are.

13 responses to “Report: “Many” close to Tom Brady think it’s “likely” he’ll play

  1. I guess if he wants to be embarrassed once again but with a different team more power to him!!

  2. Lol go ahead Niners, make a crippling mistake. They have a 7th round rookie who came in and went 7-0 and performed extremely well, a 22 year old top 3 pick that they haven’t gotten a good look at yet due to crummy injury luck, and they’re willing to blow up the development of both for one year with a broken old man.

    The Eagles and other top NFC teams are salivating.

  3. Zero winning seasons without elite coaching. ZERO.

    Last season was an eye opener. Guess he can’t carry teams after all. Never could.

  4. I’ve never thought he was going to get to play for the Niners, but this might be a special case. If Purdy’s getting ‘TommyJohn’ surgery, he’s gone for the year. Brady’s arm is still strong and he’s still smart enough to find the open man in Shanahan’s offense. And it wouldn’t hurt Lance to be in the same QB room with Brady for a year. If they can shore up the O-line, see that Purdy’s gone for the year, and Brady’s open to a team-friendly deal, I could imagine it happening and working. Brady would love playing with that defense, those play-makers and that play-caller.

  5. I’m no fan of Brady but if he wants to continue playing so what? And agreed – I feel he’s still better than 25-26 current starting QB’s in the NFL even at his advanced age!

  6. Brady may be the GOAT, but he is 46 and struggled to complete passes to players he’d spent 2+ years with this season. Long story short, Brady is all but done as a QB, and the notion that surrounding him with the right pieces will help him succeed is as delusional as the people blaming Dak Prescott’s incompetence on not having the players he needed.

  7. Well, I guess those “CLOSE” to him don’t really know him as well as they think they do. Brady announced his retirement this morning.

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