Sean Payton will return to New Orleans in 2024

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints
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The 2023 schedule for the Broncos includes a visit to the team new coach Sean Payton almost coached as of 2022. The 2024 schedule for the Broncos will take Payton back to the place where he spent well over a decade.

Under the current scheduling formula, the Broncos play the four teams of the NFC South in 2024. The Broncos will host the Falcons and the Panthers — and they’ll play at Tampa Bay and New Orleans.

Broncos at Saints becomes a strong candidate for prime time in 2024, whether Sunday or Monday night. The better the two teams fare in 2023, the more attractive that game will be.

In 2023, Payton and the Broncos will go to Miami. A year ago, Payton and quarterback Tom Brady were linked to the Dolphins. The Brian Flores lawsuit, filed one year ago tomorrow, blew up that possibility.

In 2023, Payton’s Broncos will host the Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders, Packers, Vikings, Patriots, Jets, Browns, and Commanders. In addition to the Dolphins, the Broncos will visit the Chiefs, Chargers, Packers, Lions, Bears, Bills, and Texans.

26 responses to “Sean Payton will return to New Orleans in 2024

  1. Thought he was only coaching Denver for one year then return to coach Saints in ’24 by sounds of headline.

  2. If both teams go 6-11 or worse in 2023, that game will have 1pm Eastern on Sunday written all over it. Or maybe a throwaway TNF game.

  3. SO we are thinking they will go 7-10 next season. Sure hope they aren’t overpaying Sean. SMDH.

  4. In other news, Russell Wilson is the 5’6″ face of the DEN organization. #standingclapping

  5. dbasa says:
    January 31, 2023 at 8:59 pm
    In other news, Russell Wilson is the 5’6″ face of the DEN organization. #standingclapping

    Now Sean Payton is the 5’5″ face of the DEN Organization.

  6. NFL learn from your mistake and don’t give Broncos 10 prime time games to start the year. Thanks

  7. Payton played his hand perfectly. Upon Drew Brees’ retirement, Payton adroitly recognized winning would not be nearly as easy. His decision to leave prevented his legacy from being sullied with losses, secured his marketability as a coaching savant and allowed him to earn the top-of-the-market deal he is getting.

  8. Sean Payton should have come to Houston. Fans love him. His experience would Navigate the Draft and Not Draft a Quarterback as #1. Houston needs more than a Great Quarterback. Denver has a Quarterback problem, too. Sad for us Texans to miss getting Sean Payton.

  9. Are you really telling me that Broncos/Saints is an attractive prime time game? I can see saying that in a bar conversation and then being like oh wait what did I just say?

  10. To summarize, the Dolphins paid a 1st to not land Payton, while the Broncos used another Dolphins 1st (Chubb trade) to land Payton.

    The NFL couldn’t script this better /knucklebite

  11. Let’s see how well Payton does trying to get some production out of Diva Wilson. Good luck with that….

  12. Lol. Hard time believing middle America is breathlessly waiting for Denver vs New Orleans just because Sean Payton’s visor is back on the sidelines. Both teams stunk last year. And probably will stink again in 2023.

  13. Payton ought be carrying quite a chip on his shoulder for the organization that let him out of his contract so that he could make more money somewhere else. Oh the fireworks!!

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