Ted Karras: There’s no rollover factor, we have to come back ready to go

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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After the Bengals lost to the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game, quarterback Joe Burrow said that he feels good about the direction the team is moving in and shared his belief that they will “come back stronger” for the 2023 season.

With Burrow entering his fourth season and a slew of returning players on both sides of the ball, there’s plenty of reasons to share Burrow’s optimism about what’s next in Cincinnati. A more experienced teammate tempered that enthusiasm a bit while discussing the lack of guarantees in the NFL, however.

Center Ted Karras said on Monday that “the team’s not going to be the same” because of free agency, the draft and other offseason moves that will change the makeup of the roster. Those changes are also why the team’s success the last two seasons leaves no guarantees that 2023 will be as fruitful.

“We’re in the final four two years in a row,” Karras said, via the team’s website. “That puts us in the top four, I guess, for the year. There’s no rollover factor; there’s no transitive property in the NFL. We have to come back ready to go. There’s been a lot of history of teams that don’t do well after a long season like that. We’ll do everything we can to start faster next year and our goal is to get back to the championship game.”

The Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl for the third time in the last four years and Sunday’s conference title game was their fifth in a row. That run of success is one that the Bengals will be trying to emulate once they return to the field later this year.

8 responses to “Ted Karras: There’s no rollover factor, we have to come back ready to go

  1. Less talk…a LOT less…like zero is a place to start.
    You haven’t done squat….
    #Apple Karma

  2. That’s true, Ted. There’s no way any Cincy free agent departures or Burrows possible cap-strapping contract or weak Offensive line will affect this team at all.

  3. Cue the “Mike Brown won’t pay anyone” comments from the 90’s and early 2000’s. The organization is completely different now. People better get used to the fact that the Cincinnati Bengals are among the league’s elite, and will be for the foreseeable future.

  4. The biggest wild card is injuries, as we all know. Gotta make it to the end of the season reasonably healthy to have a shot. KC for example was extremely close to blowing their season twice now. The knee injury that Mahomes had in their Super Bowl season and this year with the high ankle sprain. Mahomes is obviously a very tough guy, but if it were any worse he probably wouldn’t have been able to play.

    Every year attrition is tough to deal with and some years it bites a team, like the Rams this year.

    Karras is right. Every year is different.

  5. They’re going to lose some key players, but they’ll still be in the mix. It just may take a year or two to get back in the conf title game. You can always get lucky in the draft with immediate impact players, but the odds are against you now.

    It’s just a matter of how much Burrow really gets.

  6. Guarantees mean less productive players get mone that should go to more productive players

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