Tom Brady: 49ers “had no chance to compete” due to quarterback injuries

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles
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At a time when, once again, there’s talk of Tom Brady potentially (and finally) joining the 49ers, anything Brady has to say about the team he grew up rooting for becomes very relevant.

On the latest episode of his Let’s Go! podcast, Brady addressed the 49ers’ predicament against the Eagles, given the injuries to their quarterbacks.

“Injuries play a role in every game,” Brady told Jim Gray, “and your margin of error changes quite a bit. Obviously San Fran had, you know, really no chance to compete yesterday. That was tough just to see that happen, but at the same time, it’s the reality of the sport. Philly deserved it. They had an incredible season. They played well on defense. They forced that pass and the injury to Brock [Purdy] there on his wrist or his elbow.

“It’s truly part of the sport. It’s a contact sport, and that’s why it’s a demolition derby. And that’s why, you know, all these games are somewhat unpredictable. You go to the Super Bowl, Patrick [Mahomes has] had a sprained ankle, Jalen [Hurts has] had a hurt shoulder. Anything can happen in the first quarter of the game, and of course it’s going to affect the outcome. So if you’re relegated to handing the ball off down 28 points or whatever it was there in the fourth quarter, there’s no chance of coming back at that point.”

Gray, after being chastised last week in what may have been a contrived moment aimed at shutting down talk of Brady joining another team given that talking to the Dolphins last year cost the team a first-round draft pick, did not breathe a word of the possibility of the injury to Purdy has kicked the door open for even more chatter linking Brady to the Niners. But that possibility will loom until the moment that Brady decides to play, and that he thereafter picks a team.

21 responses to “Tom Brady: 49ers “had no chance to compete” due to quarterback injuries

  1. If you are the 49ers you have to ask yourself, is Tom Brady at his age an upgrade over Purdy. TB is used to having protection when he plays and Shanahan likes to leave his QB’s open to lots of contact. How long would he last.

  2. 4 of the 6 years shanahan has been coach we have started our 3rd string quarterback at least 5 games. That is NOT normal, and NOT a fluke. He is a good play caller but his play designs leave his quarterbacks out to dry

    2017- Hoyer (5), Beathard (6), Jimmy (5)
    2018- Jimmy (3), Beathard (5), Mullens (8)
    2019-Jimmy (16)
    2020- jimmy (6), Beathard (2), Mullens (8)
    2021- Jimmy (15), Trey (2)
    2022- Trey (2), Jimmy (10), Purdy (5)

  3. A demolition derby! Sounds fun! I have drove in demolition derbies for 20 years and I would assume football is worse on the body

  4. Yes I’m sure Brady, the QB who fears contact more than any man in history, wants to join a team who routinely gets QBs murdered.

  5. I kind of hate to say it, but it’s time. Trade Lance for what you can get, he may be good but he will never be a fit for the 49ers system. Start Brady and let Purdy heal on the best timetable possible. Brady will take less than he could for the chance to win one more Super Bowl for his hometown team. And they will have a pretty good chance to win it all with Brady. Not so much with Lance and I’d hate to see them rush Purdy back and turn him into Jimmy G 2.0.

  6. Bucs also has no chance to compete with a QB who needs elite coaching to be good and who can’t elevate his team.

  7. Dear Tom, We agree, the Eagles may have lost to Dallas b/c they their QB1 was injured, then New Orleans. Those teams won those games fair and square as a result of Philly’s limited options, and of course, the other two teams had something to do with it. While we all feel like we didn’t get to see the game we may have wanted to see; Philly still laid 31 points on the leagues best Defense. Could the niners offense have responded- we won’t know, but we do know that the Philly defense was stellar too- maybe all they would have ever scored was 7.

  8. 49ers didn’t prepare well enough. Of all sports football has to have 2 or 3 quality QB’s. They knew that going into the playoffs and didn’t bring in a quality veteran. Their fault.

  9. Wait so without having any QBs and having to run the ball every play and the Eagles being able to stack the box like we have never seen before and against a team that were quite rightly gassed by md third quarter from being on the field so much they might have scored less points ?

  10. Dear Birds Nest, when your QB1 went down your team played like a bunch of bums and even with a quality backup QB lost two games that it easily could have won, because they didn’t try as hard as they could.

  11. You don’t say. Is this an example of the insight we can expect from Tom as an analyst.

  12. mikeinfected says:
    January 31, 2023 at 9:51 am
    is this an audition ?


    He’s been doing the creepy Jim Gray show for years.

  13. billshistorian says:
    January 31, 2023 at 10:03 am
    You don’t say. Is this an example of the insight we can expect from Tom as an analyst.

    My mute button is ready if I see that clown on a broadcast.

  14. Nonsense you play with what you have I remember the fins beating a Brady led pats team with Ronnie brown at qb. I also watched the pats beat buffalo with Jones throwing 3 passes stop the excuses.

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