Tyler Huntley is headed to the Pro Bowl in place of Josh Allen

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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Ravens quarterback Tyler Huntley is headed to the Pro Bowl.

The team announced that Huntley has been named to the AFC roster as a replacement for Bills quarterback Josh Allen. Allen dealt with an elbow injury for much of the season and his health is cited as the reason for the change.

When the initial Pro Bowl voting was done, Huntley was a surprising choice as the fourth alternate. He only started four regular season games after Lamar Jackson, who was the third alternate, went down with a season-ending knee injury and he was not particularly effective in those appearances.

Jackson is unavailable due to injury and Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who was reportedly the top alternate, is also unavailable for the game. Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence was named as a replacement for Patrick Mahomes, which left Huntley to get the nod to take place in the skill contests, flag football game and other activities the NFL has scheduled in place of the traditional Pro Bowl game.

77 responses to “Tyler Huntley is headed to the Pro Bowl in place of Josh Allen

  1. This is Exhibit A of why it’s silly to discuss Pro Bowl appearances when debating if a player should be in the Hall of Fame

  2. Josh Allen played half the season with a torn UCL. That kid is made of steel. Get him an OL, RB and one more WR and its SB bound.

  3. Seriously? They are promoting the pro-bowl at a level never seen before and this is where they are with “players”? The pro-bowl is still a joke, and a bad one.

  4. Well, PFT posters are happy. Their #1 lovable loser gets an award. You guys sure love the little engine that could.

  5. Is this a joke?! The honor goes to the most talented player who will actually agree to attend this farce of an event??

    Tyler Huntley…..Pro Bowler……Doh-K!

  6. I remember reading that Huntley was only in this spot because of players gaming the voting by throwing him in there as a way to suppress the vote of other top QBs competing with the guy on their own team. NFL might want to adjust their system.

  7. People can argue all they want but when I was younger the pro bowl actually did mean something when it was in Hawaii and it was rare for people to go who didn’t deserve it. It was always less than the all pro but it wasn’t as far behind as it is now.

  8. Watered down “Pro Bowl” Watered down players. Makes perfect sense if you think about it.

  9. The Pro Bowl has officially jumped the shark. Might as well make this the last year, because this news is just plain old stupid.

  10. So basically the Pro Bowl has been reduced to “Best players on teams that rounded out the playoff field or failed to qualify altogether”.


  11. The Pro Bowl is one of the biggest jokes in professional sports, if not the biggest. This is a perfect example of that.

  12. When a backup QB makes it to the pro bowl, maybe you need to reevaluate the entire process.

  13. This one is way to easy t poke fun at…………..Then again, is this a shot at Jackson? If Huntley can go…………….

  14. Good grief, are Bills and Bengals fans going to be making excuses the entire offseason? Going to petition for a bunch of new rules, again? It’s already old.

  15. Wow. A guy that only starts 4 games and makes the Pro Bowl. That pretty much sets the bar and says it all. This is why I haven’t watched that crap in a few decades and will never again.

  16. This is exactly why I don’t care when an article or commentator mentions a player being a pro bowler. All I care about is All-Pro or if they won one of the individual awards.

    Seems Pro Bowls are handed out like candy to kids on Halloween.

  17. Jeez, wouldn’t it be easier to name the 4 QBs who did NOT make the Pro Bowl over the “other” 14 who DID get named for the Bowl?

  18. Completely absurd, and easily the most farcical of any of the pro sports ‘All Star’ games.

  19. And you get a Pro Bowl! And you get a Pro Bowl! Everyone gets to make the Pro Bowl!

  20. Throwing 2 TD passes vs 3 INTs in 4 regular season games gets you in the Pro Bowl? If Huntley trios before the Pro Biwl will Zach Wilson be taking his place?

  21. Well there you have it…..players and fans across the league believe Huntley is a better QB than Lamar

  22. Bailey Zappe 2022 vs. Tyler Huntley 2022

    Pass: 781 yds 658 yds
    Games: 4 6
    Comp.%: 70.7 67.0
    TD: 5 2
    INT: 3 3

    Even Zappe, with only 4 games AND Matt Patricia as OC plus Judge as position coach, would’ve been a better choice.

  23. This just shows you how watered down the talent at NFL QB is at the current stage. You mean to tell me that there aren’t any better QBs in the AFC other than a Huntley who started four games and looked average at best? Sad day when they will keep out Kaep for BS reasons (yes kneeling is not a reason) but will go with below average talent.

  24. They’ve gotta change the name of this thing. It should be the NFL Cares Bowl or something along those lines. Years ago the Pro Bowl actually had most of the top talent playing in the game, did they play hard? No. But it was fun seeing the collective talent. We’re about a year or two away from practice squad guys being named to the “Pro Bowl”. The NFL ruined this themselves. Shoulda stuck with Hawaii and the old format. I may not have been great but it wasn’t this.

  25. So if Tyler Huntley forever gets to say he’s a Pro Bowl QB, does Justin Herbert have to forever say he couldn’t beat out December Tyler Huntley for the Pro Bowl?

  26. I had a better 2022 regular season TD/INT ratio, and I didn’t even play! Why didn’t I make the Pro Bowl?

  27. Dear NFL, come on! If this isn’t the wake up call that proves the pro bowl is a joke & shouldn’t be anything more than a team on paper, idk what it’ll take. By no means should Derek Carr be a pro bowler but he’s a better choice than Tyler Huntley, a QB that played 6/7 games making the pro bowl who was not good anyhow is about as bad as an indictment on this game as there could be

  28. I think I’ve had the solution to this for some time now …

    The winning conference hosts the Super Bowl.

    You are SOOO welcome.

  29. This would be like Jalen Reagor replacing Justin Jefferson. Players see the Pro Bowl as a huge honor for a successful season, best at their position. The same with any sports league. While the game is now flag football and even more meaningless, I would assume the players still feel it’s an honor being named as a Pro Bowler however naming a backup QB who had 2td/3int to the Pro Bowl is a huge joke. I mean at least put someone like Mac Jones (14td/11int) or even Davis Mills (17td/15int) in the Pro Bowl. Even Kenny Pickett, who as a rookie wasn’t great (7td/9int), but he nearly helped his team to the playoffs and a big turn around, a winning season.

  30. I used to laugh when Donovan McNabb made it year after year after year, it was automatic, without merit I thought.
    I guess I was wrong…

  31. ruffbufffire says:
    January 31, 2023 at 9:18 am
    Josh Allen played half the season with a torn UCL. That kid is made of steel. Get him an OL, RB and one more WR and its SB bound.

    I give Josh Allen great credit for working hard to become a top quality QB and for being extremely tough. But, really, “get him an OL, RB and one more WR” and he’s Super Bowl bound? An offensive line, a new running back, and a new receiver is practically a whole new offense. Lots of teams could be Super Bowl bound if they got all that. With a little luck (like maybe if Allen hadn’t been hurting or much of the year), the Bills could have made the Super Bowl without any new players. But that’s always true. With a little luck any of the top 5 teams in a given season could win the Super Bowl. They wouldn’t need a mostly new offense or defense to do it, just luck once they are already a very good team.

  32. Josh Allen’s so injured he’s playing golf at Pebble Beach in the AT+T Pro-Am this weekend which is exactly what he did last year when he was also too “injured” to play in the Pro Bowl. Really time to end this charade.

  33. This is the best reason I have ever seen to just do away with the pro bowl. Now they are just throwing bodies into the roster. Now 2 TD’s and 3 interceptions and a 77 QB rating earns you a pro bowl spot.

  34. Haven’t seen all of the invites and declines, but I assume Bailey Zappe, Skyler Thompson, Josh Dobbs, George Blanda, Brett Favre, and Tom Brady’s manicurist are either already on the roster or have declined. If Huntley stubs his toe, I guess it’s Malik Willis or me. Just let me know!

  35. What a joke. The pro bowl has been on life support with me for a decade. Today, with this announcement, it’s dead to me. I’m calling it.

  36. I just hope that this guy have a clause in his contract where he gets a million buck bonus if he makes the Pro Bowl.

  37. touchback6 says:
    January 31, 2023 at 2:08 pm
    Baltimore has tagged Lamar at 45 mil per. LOL! This is hilarious!


    Some franchises want to win. Others just enjoy watching Mac Jones pretend to be an NFL Quarterback for 3 hours each Sunday.

  38. touchback6 says:
    January 31, 2023 at 2:08 pm
    Baltimore has tagged Lamar at 45 mil per. LOL! This is hilarious!
    Interesting. The franchise tag for QB’s is 32,416,000 and can only be applied between 2/21 and 3/7.

  39. Derek Carr should play, get injured just enough to not pass a physical 10 days later, and for the Raiders to fork over his $41 mil.

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