Chiefs have no plan to pursue Odell Beckham Jr. for Super Bowl

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The Chiefs have multiple injured receivers. Injured receiver Odell Beckham Jr. apparently is healthy, based on recent workout videos.

Could that result in the Chiefs kicking the tires on OBJ before Super Bowl LVII in 11 days?


Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Chiefs are comfortable with the players they have, despite the injuries. The players have good chemistry, due to the many hours they have spent together this year.

So while on the surface it could make sense to add Beckham to the practice squad, to see what he could do, and perhaps elevate him to the active roster for the NFL’s championship game, it won’t be happening. Beckham will return to the NFL in the 2023 season, at the earliest.

22 responses to “Chiefs have no plan to pursue Odell Beckham Jr. for Super Bowl

  1. You would think there would be a rule about not mentioning OBj at all for any possible reason at the current time because he truly is just not that interesting

  2. Good move. The guys on this team have earned their place, let them define it. This is a winning team – 5 AFC Championship games in a row! – that doesn’t need a has-been bandwagoning his way into co-opting their success.

  3. Even if KC wanted him to come aboard, what assurance would OJB give that he wouldn’t get kicked off the flight to Kansas?

  4. In other news, the Eagles are kicking the tires on Terrell Owens, since he played well in that Super Bowl years ago.

  5. I think signing Odell and having him return punts instead of fumble prone Sky Moore should be a real consideration.

  6. Chiefs fan in LA says:

    February 1, 2023 at 8:58 pm

    you would think they would be a rule against this kind of thing…
    Why would there be a rule to prohibit teams from signing a free agent to fill out their roster? If a team has Oline injuries are you going to tell them oh well you cant sign anyone?

  7. There’s no way that would ever work out. Even if it’s one of the best receivers in the league, which he is not, you cannot develop chemistry with a QB in a week and a half.

  8. Becham made his reputation off a one handed catch, which was at the time something special, however he has lived off that ever since. He has had 2 major injuries, which whatever anybody says, will have slowed him down and makes him a risk, he is also old for a receiver, I personally wouldn’t touch him, a has been or rather, a never was

  9. This is the same OBJ that only wanted to play for teams with legitimate chances of getting to the SB and play only in the postseason right? He‘d give up at the first sign of adversity. Just going to collect a paycheck and hope the rest of the team hands him a ring.

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