Damar Hamlin encourages CPR training

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Thirty days ago, Damar Hamlin‘s life was saved. Now, he’s actively trying to save other lives.

Via Alaina Getzenberg of ESPN.com, the Bills safety has partnered with the American Heart Association to encourage CPR education and training.

It’s called the Damar Hamlin 3 for Heart Challenge. Step one is to watch a one-minute video to learn hands-only CPR at heart.org/3. Step 2 is to donate to the American Heart Association for CPR training and other programs. Step 3 is to challenge three others to do the same.

Hamlin got things going by challenging Michelle Obama, LeBron James, and Tom Brady to participate.

The Saints and Packers previously have provided dozens of AEDs to their local communities for use by youth recreational facilities. (If more teams have done so, let us know. If they haven’t, what are we waiting for?)

Between enhanced CPR training and AED availability — along with greater awareness as to the condition known as commotio cordis — lives will indeed be saved by Damar Hamlin’s ordeal. To his credit, Damar Hamlin is doing his part to make sure of it.

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  1. I’m a nurse. I encourage this training. Doesn’t take much time and you can learn for free. Someone may need your help, you never know.

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