Eli Apple: I’ll talk my biggest trash, and whether I back it up or don’t, it doesn’t matter

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
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Bengals cornerback Eli Apple hasn’t tweeted since the AFC Championship Game, only retweeting, without comment, a tweet from teammate Mike Hilton. That despite the Bills and the Chiefs going at him after the 23-20 loss.

The shots at Apple this week stemmed from Apple’s “Cancun on 3” tweet at Stefon Diggs after the Bengals’ 27-10 win over the Bills in the divisional round.

Diggs was among those directing tweets at Apple this week posting a gif of Drake laughing. Patrick Mahomes‘ wife, Brittany, and Chiefs safety Juan Thornhill also took “Cancun on 3” jabs at Apple.

“Eli Apple,” Thornhill said on video, while smoking a cigar in the locker room. “Imma smoke one for you!”

Apple told reporters this week that he’s not going to change.

“I’ll leave that chip on my shoulder no matter what,” Apple said, via Geoff Hobson of the team website. “I’ll talk my biggest trash. Whether I back it up or don’t, it doesn’t matter. It’s a game to me. It’s something I love to do. No matter what anybody on the outside has to say.”

It’s possible, though, that Apple’s trash talking could turn off some teams in free agency as he seeks to find a new deal as an unrestricted free agent.

40 responses to “Eli Apple: I’ll talk my biggest trash, and whether I back it up or don’t, it doesn’t matter

  1. Eli Apple is a dork. He, many of his teammates and all their fans got what was coming to them with all the nonstop whining and trash talking.

  2. And that’s why the Giants and Giants fans don’t miss him. One of Jerry Reese’s misses in the draft.

  3. People get too crazy about this stuff. I didn’t like it when I thought the one comment was about Hamlin, but it wasn’t.

    The league would be boring without trash talk & diva’s & big personalities. It’s all in good fun.

  4. “Whether I back it up or don’t, it doesn’t matter.”

    Actually, whether you back it up or not will determine whether and for how long your career continues.

  5. I looked up the definition of an idiot in the dictionary and there was a picture of Eli.

  6. A lot of talk from a losing organization. Zero championships. You’d think they’ve won something. They hang banners for division titles, Baltimore hangs Super Bowl banners.

  7. If only Eli’s talent was anywhere near his trash talk. But he can cash the checks his mouth writes. Just a bad Apple.

  8. Nope. Michael Jordan and Larry Bord were 2 of the biggest trash talkers. If you have the talent, teams don’t care about trash talk. Or personal behavior, if you’re Deshaun Watson.

  9. Eli … you have to back up the talk. Did your father talk like that? If so, I guess the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  10. Me, me, me, I, I, I. Football is a we sport. Writing checks your teammates have to cash. I’ll pass on this rotten Apple.

  11. Usually I enjoy my trash talking player to actually be at least average. Not on his third team in 6 years. He’s like the little dog who stands behind the bigger dog barking away. If you’re going to run your mouth at least back it up. YOURSELF! Not making stupid penalties or being burnt.

  12. Strange thing for a guy to say who got absolutely smoked on the national stage in the SB vs the Rams.

  13. Um, you cant say all that when you’re not very good/ Its really embarrassing as a teammate or as a fan of the Bengals. Please shut it Eli for your own good.

  14. I remember the draft like it was yesterday. I lost any respect for him even before he played ONE SNAP in the NFL ….when your Mama gotta talk smack fo you in public repeatedly, and your 23 years old ,that’s messed up. Tell your mama she is making you look like a mamas boy. How’s she doing by the way?

  15. Cincy players still making dumb statements. You go from feel good story last couple years to insufferable in a two months span


  16. With the 10 pick, in the 2016 NFL Draft the NY Giants select (with Laramy Tunsil and Taylor Decker available to fill a GLARING need) Eli Apple, CB, THEE Ohio State University.


    With the 11th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, the NY Giants select (with Micah Parsons LUCKILY falling to them, YAY, FINALLY a REAL LB’r) trade the pick with the Chicago Bears.


    Toney and Apple. One can’t catch a cold and the other is the biggest holding machine to ever play CB. Apple will be gone. He’s the weakest link on KC’s team. Maybe I just still have a hard time watching him grabbing everything that moves.

  17. *Sorry… Cincy’s team. I had KC on the brain because of Toney.
    I know Cincy needs to address the Oline but I’d be addressing the back end too, to lose a guy who is either holding or talking.

  18. Eli, if you bother to follow those who are successful at what you do, you’ll realize that they did their talking with their play on the field and not their mouth. Take a lesson.

  19. billsrthefuture says:
    February 1, 2023 at 5:52 pm
    People get too crazy about this stuff. I didn’t like it when I thought the one comment was about Hamlin, but it wasn’t.

    The league would be boring without trash talk & diva’s & big personalities. It’s all in good fun.
    I actually agree. Football is entertainment, and good vs bad sells. So if you’re watching a game not involving your team, it’s nice to see the Eli Apple’s and OBJ’s get burnt or drop a pass.

  20. Apple is known more for being a troll than anything he did on the field.

    I just don’t know what he has to be so proud of.

  21. I respect his candor and appreciate his position. I’d imagine many of those criticizing him are also of the crowd that will quickly point out he’s paid to play a game, so you can’t really have it both ways.

    That’s said, I very much look forward to 2023, when Awuzie returns and Eli goes back to playing dime, if he’s still in Cincy.

  22. “I’ll talk my biggest trash, and if I back it up or don’t”…everything after that silly comment is just pointless noise. The guy is a whole lotta noise, but he hasn’t really done anything in the NFL and he hasn’t won anything in the NFL so other than being a irritant, there’s no real reason to listen to anything he has to say.

  23. If you talk trash and can’t back it up, then you have no credibility.
    People will never listen to you, they will laugh at you.

    I’d take him on my team, at the veterans minimum, as a backup.

  24. LOL, the Eli Apple clown show rolls on, and which team will be foolish enough to saddle themselves with this sieve at CB?

  25. After knocking out my team I kinda wanted the Bengals to win…but this guy makes me happy they didn’t. Trash talk is off-putting when you can back it up…it lacks class. But when you can’t back it up, you just look like a fool…or like Apple.

  26. Eli, its totally fine to talk smack but a noble man faces the music when it is returned.

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