Federal judge seeks more briefing regarding possible arbitration of Brian Flores case

Miami Dolphins v Tennessee Titans
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One year ago today, former Dolphins coach Brian Flores filed a landmark racial discrimination lawsuit against the NFL and various teams. Over the past 365 days, not much has happened.

The case continues to be bogged down by the question of whether it will be resolved in court, or whether it will be handled by arbitration controlled by the NFL. On the one-year anniversary of the filing of the case, there was a development.

Via Daniel Kaplan of TheAthletic.com, the presiding judge has requested more written briefing from the parties as to the question of whether the case should go to arbitration. The submissions are due later this month.

Nothing can even begin to happen in the case until it’s known where the case will proceed. And if the NFL doesn’t get the outcome it wants, the case will be further delayed by the appeal process.

So, basically, more time will be needed to get the case off the ground. Maybe at least another year. If not longer.

12 responses to “Federal judge seeks more briefing regarding possible arbitration of Brian Flores case

  1. So the secret rigged kangaroo court is now referred to as arbitration controlled by the NFL?
    How did that happen?

  2. It’s a real lesson to learn that the more powerful entity will always use money, power, and time to win.
    Even if you win in the end, taking on power will grind you down to a Pyrrhic victory at best.
    That’s why bad practices change slowly, if ever.

  3. What makes it a landmark case? Certainly not it’s probability of success. The only thing that will make it interesting is if it makes it out of arbitration and the NFL is compelled to the discovery process.

  4. It would be over already if Brian Flores had followed and done what his signed, legally binding contract had said his options were. It’s funny how people love contracts that pay them so well but hate the fine print.

  5. This case is a joke. Anyone notice that the Texans, who are a defendant in the case for not hiring him, hired Lovie who is black, and now have hired Ryans. Who BTW is black.

  6. Most of the comments here will be about what a bad guy Flores is for filing this suit. Funny, though, that he’s been working for the Steelers and they don’t have any problems with him. Too many people can’t even fathom that the Flores case may be valid.

  7. His case is actually being hurt by the fact he was hired by Pittsburgh AFTER he sued claiming he was being discriminated against. If the league was actively discriminating against the guy then he wouldn’t have gotten a job. I don’t see a scenario where he is going to be able to prove he was fired based on discrimination. Coaches get fired in the NFL all the time, and sometimes they actually have winning records, and they still get fired

  8. It will never see a courtroom. The process will be delayed for years because of just what’s being argued now and then the NFL’s lawyers will appeal every decision that might not go their way, further delaying everything. That’s the strategy right? Keep kicking the can down the road until Flores’ team I’d tired of chasing it or they run out of money. It would be crazy interesting to actually hear the NFL’s dirty laundry aired in open court, but I think it will never happen.

  9. I don’t know if he has much of a case for a racial discrimination suit but he’s probably got a case in teams passing on him due to that suit. They’ll never prove it unless his lawyer gets access to emails and text transcripts though.

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