Report: Tua Tagovailoa has cleared concussion protocol

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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Last Friday, a report emerged that Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa still had not cleared the league’s concussion protocol and would therefore sit out the Pro Bowl games.

But now on Wednesday, there’s some better news on Tagovailoa’s health.

According to NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport, Tagovailloa has passed the league’s concussion protocol. Tagovailoa met with several doctors, who are confident the quarterback will be 100 percent when the time comes for football.

Tagovailoa missed the last two weeks of the regular season and Miami’s postseason loss to Buffalo after suffering his second diagnosed concussion of the season. He was placed in the concussion protocol the day after the Christmas Day loss to Green Bay, as he was encouraged to speak with doctors about symptoms.

The Dolphins have maintained that Tagovailoa is the team’s starting quarterback for 2023. The quarterback is also now eligible for a contract extension and this spring Miami has to decide whether or not to pick up Tagovailoa’s fifth-year option.

In 13 games this season, Tagovailoa completed 65 percent of his passes for 3,548 yards with 25 touchdowns and eight interceptions. The No. 5 overall pick of the 2020 draft, Tagovailoa led the league with a 105.5 passer rating, 8.9 yards per attempt, and 13.7 yards per completion in 2022.

49 responses to “Report: Tua Tagovailoa has cleared concussion protocol

  1. No wonder TB12 retired today, he knew he had no chance to start in the MIA next season.

  2. Do you think the Dolphins will finally provide for him a competent offensive line to prevent future concussions?

  3. It’s taking Tua longer to recover from each subsequent concussion. Time to retire.

  4. Congrats- it only took a little over a month! Tua will be on the one game on, four games off plan next season.

  5. The NFL should send a letter to Tua, his agent, and the NFLPA to inform Tua that if he chooses to continue playing in the NFL, that the NFL and the Dolphins are NOT liable in any way for any brain damage that he may suffer or experience, past, present, or future.

  6. Sure hope he has a neurologist he trusts and that person is shooting him straight and Tua is listening.

  7. Why is this news? I wish the guy would retire before he takes a hit that he won’t fully recover from.

  8. Take a look at the hits his backup(s) took after he left the games. Every quarterback gets rocked a couple times a game. There is no way they pay him big money. McDaniel must be sharp enough to know this.

  9. The best thing is for the Dolphins and Tua to move on, for his health and the benefit of those around him.

    I’m living in the hometown of Mike Webster. Look up his story and then decide whether you think Tua should play on.

  10. Does that mean he has stopped seeing the halo of little birdies and revolving stars like in Looney Tunes animated shorts. The problem is once you have a series of concussions it is much easier to be concussed again with even lesser hits. I would not feel safe sending him out there to be seriously hurt one day.

  11. MIA in a tough spot – the 5th year option is relatively cheap for a QB on initial deal, but you really can’t commit long term. He’s pretty talented but not generational. I’d wait until the very last day to pickup that option to see if anything happents.

  12. Name another NFL player who spent 37 days in concussion protocol. I’m waiting…. 🤔🤕🤯

  13. Glad to read this. Next step – take a nice long holiday, maybe even a delayed honeymoon and see how you feel after that.

  14. Tua needs to spend the offseason working on how to protect himself while being tackled. Maybe work with a stuntman or pro wrestler, someone who knows how to take a fall.

  15. dolphins2cool says:
    February 1, 2023 at 3:01 pm
    Name another NFL player who spent 37 days in concussion protocol. I’m waiting….

    Concussion protocols started in 2013, I’m willing to bet there were lots of players who had them and were never diagnosed……I’m waiting.

  16. Not a Fins fan, but I hope this guy exits the league without brain damage. 50+ years of having to have someone take care of you is not good.

  17. This is a well written article! Another person on here who will not be named would have accused the league or the team of handling it improperly, insinuated that it was his third concussion despite not examining him or even being qualified to examine him, and then made some wide ranging statement about “oligarchs”.

  18. Actually I dont care if he continues to play and messes up his brain. I do care when they come out the woodwork 25 years later with problemos and want to blame someone else for their situation.
    Put on the helmit in red writing,” you may suffer for later brain trauma, its football stupid”!

  19. Concussions are nothing to sneeze at, unfortunately for Tua, his next sneeze may cause a concussion.

  20. I wish Miami could find a way to use Tia as New Orleans did with Taysom Hill. 10-12 plays a game to throw the defense for a loop. That way the kid could still have a career and be set for life. Just 5 or 6 more seasons as a specialist.

  21. First time he was out two weeks, this time it took over a month to get cleared, next time (and it’s when not if) he will be done for the season. Yet the Dolphins have put all their eggs in the Tua basket.

  22. I get that he’s cleared and that he isn’t any more vulnerable to concussions than any other player, but sadly, it’s still going to be hard to watch the Dolphins without cringing.

  23. Tua has been cleared just in time for flag football. Probably more suited for that anyway.

  24. Tua is a man who can make his own decisions. The others need to get a life and leave him alone. Bill

  25. Play one snap in game one. Say you’re feeling woozy. Never play another down again but get paid for the year.

  26. They should let him participate in events (not flag football game) at the pro bowl. Let him throw in the throwing competition.

  27. Now that Huntley was picked he doesn’t have to worry about playing in the “Pro Bowl”. He was gonna clear it sooner or later. It’s not like the Fins are doing anything right now. Has Pickett cleared his 2 concussions yet? Oh wait, the only QBs who suffer from brain injuries are under 6’2” my bad. I almost forgot that I’m an internet doctor as well.

  28. Everyone is a self proclaimed medical expert telling him to retire and how one more concussion will do this or do that. Did any of you realize Kenny Pickett also had the same amount of head injuries. But nobody is writing daily about his health.

  29. Someone else already said but this QB needs to learn fall whether doing a sport like judo or wrestling.

    A couple of these were routine tackles other QBs take without their heads bouncing off the field.

  30. derek carr is the answer… hes hungry for sure.. bring jacobs with him too!!! Now THAT would be a playoff team!!

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