Trey Lance: Brock Purdy deserved everything he got this year and more

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The 2022 season was supposed to be Trey Lance‘s first as a full-time starter.

But that plan changed when Lance suffered a broken ankle in Week Two.

The No. 3 pick of the 2021 draft watched as Jimmy Garoppolo started for most of the year. But then after he got hurt, rookie Brock Purdy took over and helped pilot San Francisco to the NFC Championship Game.

Lance said on Tuesday that he felt there were “absolutely” things he learned from watching Purdy’s stint as QB1.

“Brock, he plays the game the right way. That’s why he had so much success,” Lance said, via David Bonilla of “I was just super excited for him. He worked his butt off, all OTAs, since the first day he got here, since the day he got drafted. So he deserved everything he got this year and more. I truly believe that.

“Just tried to help him as much as I could. Learned a lot from him, as well. Just from a human being standpoint, he’s a great person, someone that I see a lot of myself in, so it’s great for me to be able to have a quarterback room like we did throughout the year.”

Lance added that he was impressed by how Purdy handled himself over the final stretch of the season.

“You can talk about throws all day. He can make every throw in the world, and he showed that throughout the year,” Lance said. “But just how he handled himself, the way he inserted himself in the offense, the way he was treating other people, really. He treated guys, first day in the building, on practice squad the same as Nick Bosa. So I think that says a lot about him as a person.”

There’s a ton of time between now and the start of the 2023 regular season. But at this point, it seems like there could be a QB competition coming between Lance and Purdy — though with Purdy’s UCL tear, Lance could have an advantage heading into training camp.

18 responses to “Trey Lance: Brock Purdy deserved everything he got this year and more

  1. I wouldn’t shut the door on trey lance just yet. He never got the opportunity to play with CMC in the offense. Purdy had that advantage. These Purdy comps to Russell Wilson and Bret favre are laughable.

    If you don’t think CMC is what changed the offense, I don’t know what you are watching.

    A more dynamic QB with CMC is potentially unstoppable. I wouldn’t be shocked if lance takes this job back.

  2. They’ll have a competition and pretend that Garoppolo wasn’t clearly the best quarterback on their roster this year. I’ll be interested to see where he ends up. Maybe follow Brady in Tampa?

  3. Purdy will be a fine back up but those that think he is a starter need to learn how to look under the hood a little more. He wasn’t hitting out routes but mostly slants that any college QB can hit. The 49ers are stacked and if Lance can be half of what they want for that trade the 49ers should dominate.

  4. Trade Trey Lance to the Patriots for Mac Jones. It will benefit both teams. Lance is a big athlete perfect for AFC East cold weather games. Mac Jones is a perfect fit for Shanahan’s system.

  5. To me Lance seems to willing to step aside and give up that job without a fight, he doesn’t seem to have the “it” factor and killer instinct the greats have. He seems resigned to the fact he has lost the starting role in SF and won’t have much of a chance of getting the job back.

  6. Class act. And people hate this kid all because Grinning Jimmy couldn’t stay healthy or dink and dunk his way to a championship.

  7. Lance is not in the same stratosphere as Purdy. Purdy has moxy and confidence and Lance carries himself on the field like an insecure teenager at his first dance.

  8. “He can make every throw in the world.” Yeah, um, no he can’t. Purdy was a great story but he’s a borderline starter/probable back-up in the league. The reality is he had the benefit of playing with one of the league’s best rosters and one of the league’s better schematic coaching staffs. Put him on a team in the bottom half of the league and he’s not going to make them better.

  9. Just a thought. With demeco in Houston, the Texans could be a potential trade destination for trey lance.

  10. Low key shot at Brock, saying that he deserved to get injured badly at the worst time.

  11. Lance hasn’t had a complete chance to show what he can do, but then again, Purdy did much more with the chance he was given.

  12. patsfan4lifedynasty – the Patriots should have drafted Trey Lance.

    Enjoy Mac Jones though 😁

  13. With Shanahan’s Offensive Scheme, the only thing both Quarterbacks have to look forward to is IR….

  14. vegasbearfan says:
    February 1, 2023 at 10:56 am
    I cant wait to watch Purdy’s career
    Well, if you really are a bears fan, I can see why you would like to stay busy watching Quarterbacks on other teams….

  15. Drew P Weiner says:
    February 1, 2023 at 11:51 am
    patsfan4lifedynasty – the Patriots should have drafted Trey Lance.

    Enjoy Mac Jones though 😁
    Hey Drew P., we are glad to see you back posting! You seemed a little despondent after Sunday’s game…..

  16. Trey, you should give back all of your money that you were paid to impersonate an NFL QB.

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