Agent: Charges against Joe Mixon will be dropped on Friday

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On Thursday, Bengals running back Joe Mixon was charged with aggravated menacing. It’s a misdemeanor allegation.

Per a portion of an affidavit posted on social media by WCPO-TV, but then deleted, Mixon allegedly pointed a gun at another person on January 21, and allegedly said she should be “popped in the face.”

Agent Peter Schaffer told Tom Pelissero of NFL Network that the charges will be dropped on Friday.

It was a rush to judgement,” Schaffer told Pelissero. “They’re dropping the charges first thing in the morning. I really feel that police have an obligation before they file charges — because of the damage that can be done to the person’s reputation — to do their work. They should be held to a higher standard. Because I don’t play with people’s lives.”

It’s unclear why the charges are being dropped. Possibly, prosecutors believe they can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s possible the alleged victim has recanted.

No one has posted any statement from the alleged victim, or the alleged victim’s lawyer (if the alleged victim has one). It’s unclear whether NFL Network sought a statement from the alleged victim, or from the alleged victim’s lawyer, before posting the statement from Mixon’s agent.

If the alleged victim hasn’t rescinded the allegation, other avenues are available, including the civil court system. So even if the criminal case ends tomorrow, that doesn’t mean that the issue will definitely be over.

27 responses to “Agent: Charges against Joe Mixon will be dropped on Friday

  1. looks like they came to an agreement on how much the settlement would be…

  2. Innocent till proven guilty… Why do so many people feel they need to carry guns. Feels like we’re regressing back to the old west.

  3. He is gonna be wearing black and white stripes of a different variety if he keeps pulling guns on people.

  4. Man, he doesn’t learn. It already cost him his draft year a lot of money because he would’ve been an earlier draft pick and now something pops up again. So much talent but somebody I wouldn’t want my squad to touch with a 60 ft pole

  5. Mr. Schaffer, the police don’t charge a defendant, the prosecutor’s office reviews the complaint and decides if there is enough evidence to authorize charges. As an agent shouldn’t you know this?

  6. So basically he accusation got picked up and reported by some news organizations before anyone verified it. Im actually hearing about it for the first time now so I tip my hat to all news organizations that never told me about it before this. And roll my eyes at whichever ones ran with the story just up an smearing someone without verifying what they were saying.

  7. I think the Bengals are moving on from Mixon anyway. Decent cap savings to be had. Resign Perine, not necessarily as a feature back but the same role he currently has (part time back/Specials teams key/clubhouse dude). Draft or find a very fast “scat back” type that can tun a little but can primarily catch passes out of the backfield.

  8. police have an obligation sure, but Joe Mixon has an obligation to not take a gun out. THis is not a rush to judgement, this is priveledge

  9. Only in America is pointing a gun at someone’s face and threatening to shoot them a misdemeanor.

  10. Joe sure has a way with the ladies… this one will probably drop the charges out of fear.

  11. amaf22 says:
    February 3, 2023 at 8:10 am

    the warning signs were there yet the bengals still drafted him.

    They were there. They got 6 generally productive years out of him and were probably going to move on this off-season regardless. Now they can do so with a little more peace of mind. I look at it a little like Tyreek Hill from a humanity standpoint. He fooled everyone for a few years but now we know he was just smart enough to keep it behind closed doors for a bit and is still the person we all thought he was.

  12. I wasn’t there and I have no idea what happened. I could see an athlete being stupid and I could also see Mixon as an easy target for Extortion. Just look at how people are reacting. Easy target. People who jump to conclusions without all the facts are fools.

  13. All the comments are talking like hes convicted and going to jail or out of the league or something dramatic. But actually the story is that the charges got dropped. Whatever his history the signs on this incident look like he is not guilty. Certainly nothing in them to say he is.

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