Eagles will wear green jerseys, Chiefs will wear white in Super Bowl LVII

NFL: JAN 29 NFC Championship - 49ers at Eagles
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The Eagles are the designated home team for Super Bowl LVII in Arizona and that gives them the choice of what jerseys they want to wear for the game.

In pictures posted to their website this week, the Eagles showed that they will be wearing their green jerseys for the game. That will put the Chiefs in white on February 12.

It’s the same color the Eagles wore when they beat the Patriots in Super Bowl LII. They also wore green in both of their Super Bowl losses.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes wore red in his first two Super Bowl appearances. The Chiefs went 1-1 in those games and they also wore red for their win in Super Bowl IV. Their only previous Super Bowl appearance in white came in the very first Super Bowl and the Chiefs lost to the Packers in those duds.

8 responses to “Eagles will wear green jerseys, Chiefs will wear white in Super Bowl LVII

  1. So rigged, KC is so much better in white… And Philly is so much better in green. Signed; other teams fans…

  2. Expected. The NFC wore white last year ,so the Eagles are wearing thier dark home jerseys and pants. Alternate s every year.

  3. It’s another blatant attempt by Roger Goodell to cheat the Patriots. Somehow.

  4. Well, now that we have that out of the way.
    “And now for something completely different..”

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