Jeff Ireland on Saints QBs: We need to find one, but we don’t want to be throwing darts

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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The Saints are one of the teams that are expected to be in the market for a quarterback this offseason and they are set to receive an asset they can put toward that effort.

Sean Payton’s imminent move to the Broncos will result in a first-round pick coming back to the Saints and that’s particularly significant because the Saints were without one after trading theirs to the Eagles last year. While speaking to reporters from the Senior Bowl this week, Ireland said he’s “excited” about the prospect of adding that pick because it gives the team more “flexibility” heading into the offseason.

Ireland didn’t divulge what direction the Saints will go when talking about quarterbacks. Jameis Winston remains under contract, but was benched for Andy Dalton last season. Ireland acknowledged “we need to find one” as they work their way toward the 2023 season. He also acknowledged that history says their chances of finding one are greater earlier in the draft.

“It has to be the right guy,” Ireland said. “You don’t want to be throwing darts. . . . Gotta have the right traits, gotta have the right intelligence. In the history of the game, generally you have to take one early.”

Much has to play out in terms of evaluations of prospects and the Saints’ moves with veteran players ahead of the draft will provide more hints about what direction they might take at quarterback in 2023.

9 responses to “Jeff Ireland on Saints QBs: We need to find one, but we don’t want to be throwing darts

  1. jameise was never the answer and dalton is bottom barrel stuff. smart move get a top rookie and go from there. Rodgers garrapolo wont work long term.

  2. At least they’re talking about intelligence and not if he can run really really fast. As for the right traits, I think they means whether or not they’re going to be the kind of self-absorbed immature blame gamers we’ve been seeing recently.

  3. Jameis was 5-2 last year and 1-0 this year before he got hurt. He lost two games with a broken back. So for two years he was 6-4 and when healthy 6-2. How is that trash?

  4. He’s making excuses already. He’s saying you have to take one early. Drew Brees was a second rounder. Jalen Hurts was second round. Russell Wilson was third round. It’s not throwing darts. It’s scouting. Good scouts can find good players. That’s their job.

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