Jerry Jones says Eagles bet it all to win this year, Cowboys think longer term

NFL: OCT 16 Cowboys at Eagles
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The Rams won the Super Bowl a year ago with their famous “F them picks” strategy of trading draft picks for veteran players, but this season the Rams fell back to earth, and many have questioned whether the Rams’ approach was a viable long-term strategy for a team.

But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made a surprising comment on Wednesday, lumping this year’s NFC champion Eagles in with last year’s Rams. Jones said both the Rams and the Eagles went all-in to win this year, while Jones wants the Cowboys to build for the long term.

“Anybody who thinks I won’t take a chance, has misread the tea leaves. But I do think longer term,” Jones said. “And I’m real hesitant to bet it all for a year. There’s a lot of things that can happen for that year. In essence, we’re seeing a couple of teams that have had some real success putting it all out there and paying for it later, in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.”

But while Jones makes a valid point that the Rams paid for it a year later, the Eagles had a fundamentally different approach. It’s true that the Eagles traded a first-round draft pick for wide receiver A.J. Brown, but they did so only after a series of trades that left them in good position, with multiple first-round picks. And the Eagles have two first-round picks in the 2023 NFL draft as well. The Eagles also currently have more cap space for 2023 than the Cowboys do, so it’s hard to see how Jones can justify any claim that the Eagles went all-in while the Cowboys are thinking longer term.

Still, Jones thinks the Rams and Eagles are similar.

“That’s pretty impressive to have two teams in the last two years empty the bucket and get to the Super Bowl,” Jones said. “But if you miss, it is a long go.”

Jones said he doesn’t think the Cowboys should be either the most aggressive team in making trades and free agent signings, or too hesitant to take chances.

“I like where we are right now, more in the middle,” Jones said.

The Eagles like where they are right now, in the Super Bowl.

132 responses to “Jerry Jones says Eagles bet it all to win this year, Cowboys think longer term

  1. they only have more cap space because of a qb on his rookie contract. The giants are in the same boat

  2. Wasn’t that long ago when they won it all. It’s hard to argue that the Eagles have found a good recipe to winning it all. Cowboys over the last 25 years, not so much. I’m not a fan of either team.

  3. “…But I do think longer term,” Jones said.

    It’s been 25 years since the Cowboys have been in a Super Bowl with no end in sight. Now that is a really long term.

  4. 6 draft picks next year, 2 of which are first rounders. I’m not sure that qualifies as emptying the bucket.

  5. Hurts extension will be costly, but sad to say, the Eagles should rule that division for a few years.

  6. OMG, this guy have a stroke? Eagles did this the right way – young QB, focus on the OL and DL, GREAT drafting, crafty trades, hoarding picks. The only thing they did that could be a “big swing” was the trade for AJ Brown and he has continued to deliver value for the picks and cash. Eagles will be good for YEARS, win or lose next week.

  7. Jerry, again, reminds of the adage as old as himself: better to remain quiet and thought the fool than open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

  8. Uh Jerruh, how long is long term? 5 years? 10 years? 25 years? Your fans are still waiting for that follow up SB you keep promising.

  9. “But I do think longer term”…. Jerruh has been thinking longer term for 25 years.

  10. Jones providing more proof he’s growing increasingly senile and angry. Any one who knows anything about football can see there is no similarity between last years Rams and this years Eagles. Wishful thinking on his part.

  11. WOW!!! Where to begin? If “emptying the bucket” means having two first round picks this year and two seconds next year then that must be one big bucket. Howie has been outperforming Dallas for years and he’s only getting better. Loved Jerry’s comment about being in the middle because that’s exactly where Dallas has been for two decades.

  12. So THAT explains why the cowboys haven’t done anything in over a quarter-century! Jerruh must be thinking REALLY long term! LOL.

  13. The Eagles have a second round QB on a rookie contract, the Cowboy have a turn over machine who’s 5 years older and makes $40M a year.

    So sure, Jerry, the Cowboys are much better set up for the long haul.

  14. Cowboys have a long term plan. That must be why they haven’t sniffed the Super Bowl since the VHS days.

  15. Bet it all? They’re loaded with young talent and they have two 1st round picks this year. Is he confusing them with the 2021 Rams?

  16. If Jerry calls what the Eagles have done “emptying the bucket,” then I would highly recommend all team do it! Jerry comes off as jealous. If you follow the league you know the Eagles situation is night and day from the Rams. They have plenty of draft capital, they are in decent shape with the cap. Jerry can’t handle another NFC East team is in prime position for multiple deep playoff runs.

    To clarify, I’m a Cardinals fan, we suck, and I don’t like the Eagles

  17. I think he means the Cowboys are thinking long-term mediocrity. In that case, yeah He’s outsmarting everyone by never winning that Championship, nor being bad enough for a Top 5 pick. Like a fox!

  18. Yes they are fine right where they are in the middle of the pack. And have had little to show for it in last quarter century. Meddlesome Jerry and his yes men sons are still living off the 90s successes. Howie Roseman is executive of the year for a reason and it’s not because he traded the farm to try and make SB. Even signing Hirts after this season to big $ they look positioned to compete for playoffs for years to come

  19. Lol Eagles emptied the bucket?!?! Bwhahaha! The Eagles average age is 25. We have replacement players for our older Vets. (If Kelce retires we have Cam Jurgens/Landon Dickerson to supplant him.) We’ll probably move on from Fletcher Cox and his contact, (insert Jordan Davis). Brandon Graham nearing the end but Josh Sweat locked up. This next season we have 2 first round draft picks! I’d expect them to use one on a Cornerback. Probably using the 2nd 1st round pick to trade back and acquire more picks. Howie has done a great job building this team, and we’re set to Dominate for the next few seasons. Get used to it Haters!

    All the people dissing our “cake schedule” / “classless Coach” blah blah blah.


  20. Right. DeVonta Smith, AJ Brown, Jalen Hurts, Landon Dickerson, Cam Jurgens, Jordan Mailata, Dallas Goedert, Jordan Davis…they’re all so old!


  21. No one is going to argue the fact the “Cowboys think longer term”…for non-cowboys fans it’s actually quite entertaining.

  22. “I like where we are right now, more in the middle,” Jones said. We like it too Jerry. Stay right where you are.

  23. As a Bucs fan my all time memory is closing out the Vet more than those 2 super bowls, so far be it for me to defend anything Philly but I can’t think of a team more well constructed, well positioned for future more than Philly. Jerry Jones’s comments are absolutely asinine. It also reeks of complete envy

  24. What he just said isnt at all true for the Eagles. Jalen Hurts has been the most improved QB in NFL history almost mind boggling if you look at his stats. Jerruh is way off base here. The Eagles didnt make any major big moves except AJ Brown i guess?

  25. Dallas hasn’t won a Super Bowl since SB30… this season is SB57. How much longer than 27 years is “long term”?

  26. He can spend it any way he wants but at this point in time I would rather be an Eagles fan than a Cowboys fan. They’ve got more cap space their number one receiver is better than the Cowboys number one receiver they’re quarterback is better than the Cowboys and their defense is better than the cowboys. The only thing the Cowboys have is I think Pollard is better than Miles Sanders but Pollard’s also going to be a free agent. And let’s be honest that is a good quarterback but he is not going to win you a super bowl. He’s kind of like Andy Dalton from 2010 to 2015. He’s going to win you some games he might even get you to the playoffs but he’s not going to get you to the ultimate goal

  27. I’ve got a bitter taste in my mouth about the eagles too but the long term strategy Jerry is talking about isn’t supposed to take almost 30 years…

  28. Ah yes the long term like “we haven’t sniffed the conference championship game since before AOL”

  29. herkiethehawk says:
    February 2, 2023 at 3:09 pm
    they only have more cap space because of a qb on his rookie contract. The giants are in the same boat

    That’s true. Benefit of rookie contracts. Doesn’t change the fact they still have more cap space, better draft capital, and are playing in the Super Bowl. Not even an Eagles fan but it’s a poor argument by Jones.

  30. Happily, Dak Prescott is a Kirk Cousins / Alex Smith / Ryan Tanehill type QB. Playoffs every year but no ring.

  31. Jerry Jones always keeping his Cowboys reverlant regardless of record or long-term strategy. Mr. PJ Barnum himself.

  32. For those who say the Eagles are only well cap controlled because of a QB on a rookie contract, note how badly Jerry Jones and the Cowboys messed up Dak Prescott’s contract extension – running through his rookie deal and even a tagged year. If they had paid him after year 3, they would have been and would be in a much better place today.

    Watch Howie Roseman get a deal done with Hurts this year for ~ $50M AAV and (this is key) before the Bengals and Chargers set new franchise price levels with their Burrow and Herbert extensions.

  33. So instead you’d like to have promise and then be 1 and done in the playoffs every year? Sure, Jerry… especially since they were in it, and won, only a few years ago…

  34. This couldn’t be more true! “America’s Team” has a better plan than the Eagles, who are in two Super Bowls now in six years. Sucks to be an Eagles fan with that kind of short-sighted mismanagement. Go “Longer Term Jerry”, and keep on keepin’ on, ‘Boys!

  35. Yeah, Right Jurrah. One team is stuck in mediocrity, the other is in the SB for the 2nd time in 5 years, with a good chance to win it all again, and in great shape moving forward. Keep saying what you’re saying if it makes you feel validated, while the rest of the NFL watches the Eagles just win.

  36. Aren’t Cowboys fans ashamed of Jones? Lol – Eagles haven’t mortgaged anything. Neither have the niners (who have around 11 picks this year, which can be traded if they want to trade up).

  37. Philly has 2 first round picks this year as well as most if not all of their future years picks.

    Difference between Dallas and Philly? When the Eagles signed their qb (Wentz) to a mega contract they realized the error and corrected it. Dallas? Signed their 3rd string clipboard holder and to date have failed to see what a massive mistake that was.

    Keep on doing Jerrah Jerry, the rest of the NFC loves it.

  38. Don’t the Eagles have 2 first rounders in the upcoming draft, including a high one from the Saints?

  39. I really don’t understand what Jerry Jones is talking about. The eagles are in great shape, have 1 SB win recently and are in position to win another one this year.
    So what exactly is wrong with their approach?

  40. The Eagles have managed to build one of the most complete rosters without going over the cap or sacrificing draft picks. And next season the team could be even better with two first rounders.
    Meanwhile the Cowboys continue their decades long streak of irrelevancy.
    Jerrah’s job title should be team comedian.

  41. Stafford was cheap at like $20 million and Hurts is on like a 2nd round pick contract is why they won/winning. Dak’s contract going from $20 million to $50 million and Zeke’s $11 million dead cap hit pretty makes that long term thing BS as they were pretty much all in for 2022 and 2023 bad coaching and poor contract management (Zeke’s contract forced the hand to dump Cooper) made it come up short. And that $30 million means good bye to Shultz and Pollard so the offense will actually be worse. Kudos to Howie who won just a few years ago turned that roster, rebuilt then back to the Superbowl on a cheap QB rookie contract (the proven formula) within a few years. Jerry has never done that, canned Jimmy been trying ever since what now 27 years and counting. He goes all in pretty much every year but his GM skills make that a fleeting attempt.

  42. Id venture to say the Eagles GM is far better at team construction than the current Dallas GM is.


  43. Jerry Jones thinking “longer term” since 1995. Also, Eagles have two first round picks next year. They could be a good team for a while.

  44. Why talk Super Bowl. The ‘Boys haven’t won a divisional game. The bar has necessarily been lowered in Big D. Evidence? Romo won two wildcard games and he’s a legend. Probably be in their ring of honor before Jimmie Johnson

  45. So how long has it been since the last Cowboys victory in the SB versus the last time the Eagles won one? Jerry,Jerry, Jerry time to ride off into the sunset.

  46. Jones must be a Genius. He put the league to sleep by [purposefully] only winning 3 playoff games in 23 years. NOBODY SEES HIM COMING!

  47. All these shots at the Eagles — because they’re doing it better than anyone and embarrassing the rest of the league in the process — are both hysterical and pathetic. First, a Cowboys player (Parsons) says ‘anyone could QB them’. Next, some average Giants player says ‘anyone could coach them’. And now the Cowboys GM (Jerruh) is criticizing Howie Roseman (the GM of the Year, btw, who’s fleeced Jones numerous times).

    All we need now is for Daniel Snyder to say come-out and say “anyone could own them”.

  48. Jerry is the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you to all of Cowboys nation. Every day this week Jerry opens his mouth he’s serving another layer of icing for a cake we haven’t yet finished baking.

  49. The eagles have one of the top 3 QBs in the league in his early 20s, two young number 1 receivers, one of the best right ends in the league, the best pass rush in the league, the top O-line in the league, and likely the top CB duo in the league. At 2 firsts next year.

    Call it what you want Jerruh, but we’re calling it jealousy on your part.

  50. I would rather have a super bowl and 4 off years then to go 9-8 or 10-7 every year and go one and done the playoffs, if I even make them.

  51. uwachampion says:
    February 2, 2023 at 3:21 pm
    Cowboys have a long term plan. That must be why they haven’t sniffed the Super Bowl since the VHS days.


    To be fair, CDs were a thing and affordable DVD players were just around the corner

  52. “Jerry Jones Says Eagles Bet It All To Win This Year, Cowboys Think Longer Term”


    You keep on telling yourself that Jerry! Fact is, the Eagles GM / personnel people are far better than you and your son.

  53. This is sadder than the 1970s-2010s Lions because Jerry is genuinely trying to win!

  54. I’ve heard of 2 year plans, 5 year plans, what’s this say about the super secret 25 year plans? Is this new?

  55. “…the Rams paid for it a year later”

    Yeah, they have hangovers from the SB victory party!!

    Worth it! and their fans would agree.

    Dallas fans would trade for that in a heartbeat.

  56. Please walk Jerry over to the blue tent and check him for a concussion.

    He is way off on this one, the Eagles are in perfect shape.

  57. I love seeing nearly all 0’s for comment dislikes. It looks like we can all unanimously agree on at least this 1 thing.

  58. I wish Jerry good health and a long life. God bless him. I want him in charge of the Cowboys for as long as possible.

  59. Hate to admit but Eagles are built for long term success. If the QB situation resolves well, so are the niners (have about 11 picks in 2023 and QB on rookie contract). Seahawks have a lot of picks. Detroit is on the rise.

    Cowboys are probably 6th or 7th in NFC and they know the ceiling of Dak and it’s not great. Good luck

  60. This is actually kind of sad. He sounds like Al Davis towards the end. Almost incoherent

  61. If by “long term” you mean 30 seasons after a Super Bowl, then yeah, Jerruh, that’s no lie (for once).

  62. “Cowboys are thinking long term.”

    Dont kid yourself Jerry. You’re 80 years old and the Cowboys haven’t been to a SB since 1995. You handed out some huge contracts over the last few years. You even had to restructure two of them to free up money for this season. Keep building for the long term. I think after nearly three decades you should be there. Right?

  63. So all this time he’s been sacrificing individual Super Bowls wins for a dynasty.
    “That’s a bold strategy Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for them”

  64. Jerry Jones is the gift that keeps on giving. I appreciate the comic relief as we kill time waiting for the Eagles second Super Bowl in five years.
    Objectively, the Eagles roster is much better positioned to win beyond this year than Dallas. Cowboys made a bad bet on Dak and dramatically overpaid Zeke.
    Enjoy the game on 2/12, Jerry!!!
    That is all.

  65. forgotmypassword says:
    February 2, 2023 at 4:03 pm
    uwachampion says:
    February 2, 2023 at 3:21 pm
    Cowboys have a long term plan. That must be why they haven’t sniffed the Super Bowl since the VHS days.


    To be fair, CDs were a thing and affordable DVD players were just around the corner

    Haha, but I’ll bet Jerry went all in on Laserdisk instead!

  66. Jerry playing chess with everyone else playing checkers. Checkers being focused on here & now. Chess being Jerry focussed on winning it all in 2035. No one will see it coming. Very clever

  67. The Free Agents they brought in were on one year deals…Kelce’s contract is up and he may retire after the Super Bowl, Graham, Hargreave, Cox are FA’s as well. No big $ tied up until they resign Hurts to a new contract…. Plenty of young talent….10th and 30th/31st pick I’m the first round this year….2 #2’s next year. What the hell is Jones talking about. We have depth at every position… he’s just upset his team hasn’t done squat since 96

  68. Spare us on the Eagles are geniuses narrative. Hurts was picked in the 2nd round and now he’s an MVP contender. Are there 52 guys any team in the league would take over Hurts right now to have them as their QB?

    Nobody knows anything.

  69. The Super Bowl, in my eyes, is a crappy matchup. I can route for neither team, though Philly was my NFC Super Bowl pick in pre-season based on what I thought was the best off season any team had. I hope it ends in a tie. I realize it can;t….but endless overtime periods dragging the game into the next day would suffice.

  70. Long term? Since the boys last championship. My wife and I had two boys, both graduated from college, moved out and got married. To me that’s a lifetime.

  71. JERRY being JERRY.. He makes stupid comments so everyone in the media does exactly what we’re doing and talk about it.

    The eagles are in far better shape than most teams. I’m not a fan of them either but give them credit.

  72. As if America needed any additional evidence that Jerry Jones doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  73. Pardon me Jerry, but as a Cowboys fan, your long-term has extended to 27 years and counting. How about going a little more short-term?

  74. As a 46 yr cowboys fan I really no longer have the words to defend or make an argument anymore…give it all you got people ! Ok, I’m going to stick my head back in the sand

  75. The Jets have been to 3 Championship games since 1998. That’s 3 more than Dallas. Wake up, old man.

  76. I listen to Philly sports radio a lot, it’s entertaining. Their fans have been calling for Howie’s head for years. They hate his draft picks. They hate his free agent signings. They wanted the QB run out of town last year. Their owner is doing a good job. Jerry isn’t.

  77. I hope they keep doing what Jerry Jones says so they will continue as they have for the last 20+ years and haven’t won anything in the playoffs. What future is Jerry talking about?

  78. Jerry’s on that 30 year plan! 2022 Season Plan Highlights:
    -Overpay running back who gets outperformed by backup.
    -Trade star receiver so QB leads NFL in picks, from only 12 games.
    -Sign aged LT to gap-fill who is an injury scratch in playoff game (Sry JP- still Iggles all-time great)
    -Fire OC who ran top 3 offense past 2 years, hand play calling to fmr fired Packers coach who couldn’t win with Aaron Rodgers in his prime.

  79. As an eagles fan I love the plan. Let’s get rid of Jimmy Johnson and in 2035 we make it back to the Super Bowl. Now that’s thinking long term

  80. Why does this site love to report everything that Jerry says, as if he is preaching the gospel? Jerry is typically wrong with everything he says and does.

  81. Jerry Knows more about football than most of us, but I’ve been impressed with the Eagles approach that looks like it has staying power. It’s a QB league, and Jalen Hurts has barely scratched the surface. He’s going to get much better. He does get excellent protection from his O-Line. He doesn’t need A.J. Brown. This is just a solid roster. They built the roster. They didn’t buy it. They have building skills. It’s not an accident. They’ll continue to build through the draft, but, if there is a top free agent at a critical position, the Eagles would be a top destination. A smart veteran who’s already rich would take less money up front, for the chance to win a super bowl. Jerry is a HOFer with three rings. I’m still a fan of his.

  82. Eagles are playing in the Super Bowl AND drafting 16 spots before the Cowboys. Jones is just bitter he can’t do what Roseman and Lurie are doing.

  83. Long term? Long term?! The Patriots have won 6 Super Bowls since the last time the Cowboys made it to one. The Broncos have won it 3 times. The Giants, Packers, Ravens, Rams, Buccaneers, and Steelers have each won the Super Bowl twice since then. The Eagles have been to the Super Bowl 3 times, and the conference championship game 6 times, since the last time the Cowboys made it past the divisional round.

    Long term? The only thing that has been long term with this team has been mediocrity, spending too much money on the wrong players, too much time with the wrong coaches, fielding unbalanced teams, and going years to decades not resolving the painfully obvious issues that the fans have been screaming at them to fix, year after year after year.

    As someone who’s followed the Cowboys since I was a kid in the late ’70s, who got to see their highest highs, this “long term thinking” been a complete waste of everyone’s time.

  84. I’ll give Jerry this – he does seem to have a long-term strategy when it comes to firing coaches who have proven to be disappointing.

  85. Jeruah doing what he does best. Keeping the Organization reverlant in spite of the situation, circumstances are environmental to profit from mediocrity for 27 years

  86. He’s not wrong, but who cares. The rams did the same. No one will judge you if you win the SB.

  87. Jimmy’s not coming back. Unless he can coach from the Florida keys. Trade Micah Parsons to the Eagles for their 1st round pick. And go to town, Jerruh.

  88. I do believe this is the weakest NFC in a long time. The Eagles are
    not a great super team.

  89. when jerry finally meets his maker, and the jones clan is fighting over the terms of the will, this remark will be shown to the judge as proof that any revisions after february 2023 were the product of a mind not in touch with reality, and therefore should not be enforceable.

  90. Jerrah is a envious person. Put Jimmy Johnson in the ring of honor. Maybe some good karma will go your way.

  91. It’s fine to pay your best players. The Cowboys just pay the wrong guys. I hope they extend Dak for $50 million/year and give CeeDee Lamb $35 million/year. As a Giants fan, that would be awesome. I’m not scared of those guys.

  92. First 3o years of the Cowboys in NFL they reached 16 NFC Championship games. So Jones fired Jimmy and decided to plan long term. The next 27 of Cowboys football they’ve reached zero NFC Championship games. Genius longterm planning Jerry!

  93. Just keep paying Dak all that money to hold the ball in the pocket and then throw a pick, buddy.

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