Jerry Jones says he’s not the same old Jerry Jones: “Many ways I’ve changed in 30 years”

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Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones says he can and does change with the times.

Talking to reporters at the Senior Bowl, the 80-year-old Jones said he’s a very different owner and GM than he was when he bought the Cowboys three decades ago.

“I get amused when people talk about this is the same — same old, same old, in reference to my 30 years. If you had any idea how many ways I’ve changed in 30 years. If you had any idea how many different directions I’ve gone in 30 years. Both in personnel and in coaching,” Jones said. “I know I’m sounding defensive, but if anybody thinks they’re looking at the same guy here at the Senior Bowl that was here five years ago, 10 years ago, 15 years ago, they don’t know how this works.”

Jones acknowledged there are frustrations that the Cowboys haven’t won the Super Bowl since the 1995 season, although he said the same is true for the 49ers, who haven’t won the Super Bowl since 1994.

“San Francisco and the Cowboys haven’t been to a Super Bowl in 25 years — haven’t won a Super Bowl in 25 years. Understand that. San Francisco’s in the same boat,” Jones said.

The 49ers have been to two Super Bowls since the Cowboys last went to one, though, and have eliminated the Cowboys from the playoffs the last two years. Jones may have changed a lot, but the Cowboys need more changes to get Jones his fourth Lombardi Trophy.

46 responses to “Jerry Jones says he’s not the same old Jerry Jones: “Many ways I’ve changed in 30 years”

  1. He’s right, he has changed. He went from hiring people who know how to build a winner to DIYing it was much as possible with yes-men he likes to fill the gaps, like coaching

  2. He needs to hire a GM and enjoy the games from his suit. Maybe let his daughter run the show for a few years.

  3. Perhaps a younger Jerry Jones would not have gotten beaten so badly on a contract negotiation by a run of the mill QB like Prescott.

  4. What was the point of him comparing his team to another one that hasn’t won? Is that just a way of saying he’s cool with losing as long as others are losing too? That’s a weird flex and a weak mindset.

  5. He’s been the GM of a team that hasn’t been to the Super Bowl in almost 30 years. If he has changed during this time, it’s not working

  6. If Jones is using the 49ers last 30 years as the standard to compare to the Cowboys then he’s looking at the wrong thing. No wonder they’ve been stuck in neutral for 3 decades.

  7. He can’t take credit for what Jimmy Johnson did and be rewarded with another super bowl.

  8. But in some ways he’s the same. He’s still a loser who never wins it all since Jimmy Johnson wasn’t there to do it for him.

  9. In what world would a CEO keep someone around for 27 years with the lack of success that Jones has had.

    Only one. Jerry Jones world.

  10. Bring back Jimmie Johnson and STAY out of his way and give him the money to get HIS players. Then you’ll win another Super Bowl

  11. Jerry’s beginning to hear the outside noise. Still doesn’t know how to utilize free agency nor evaluate talent, so nothing will change.

  12. “San Francisco and the Cowboys haven’t been to a Super Bowl in 25 years — haven’t won a Super Bowl in 25 years. Understand that. San Francisco’s in the same boat,” Jones said.


    San Francisco lost the SB in 2019. Last I checked, 2019 wasn’t 25 years but yes they haven’t won one in a long time. The Cowboys on the other hand haven’t even been to one.

    The one constant in all that time, since Jimmy Johnson left, is Jerry wanting credit as GM. So in that sense Jerry is the same as 25 years ago, the same GM who failed to win anything meaningful. The same GM that the owner can’t see is the problem and would’ve been fired many times over if the GM was anyone else.

    At least Dak will always have the Cowboys regular season TD record. That will be the highlight of his career under Jerry.

  13. People love to hate on the Cowboys and that’s fine but they always want to spew the same old narrative that Jerry is a control freak and everyone who works for him are just puppets. That used to be true, but it’s not any more. He’s let Will McClay have a ton of input on personnel decisions, especially the draft.

    Sure, there have been misses and mistakes like letting Amari Cooper go and expecting an injured Gallup, a mediocre James Washington, and other receivers who are “just guys” to be able to fill that role, but overall the personnel decisions have been really good. In fact, the Cowboys now have one of the highest rates of draft choices not only making the team but contributing early on in their careers. No longer are we saddled with Jerry’s choices of guys like Eric Bjornson and Stepfret Williams. Instead we get guys like Dalton Schultz and CeeDee Lamb. Jerry has definitely changed in that regard.

    It’s also apparent that Jerry has let every coach since Parcells have more control than in the past. There have been shifts in coaching style and philosophy with each coach since then. That wouldn’t happen if Jerry were still looking at his coaches as puppets. We’d still have him stubbornly insisting on his head coach keeping an entire coaching staff of his choice like he did with Chan Gailey and Dave Campo.

    Where Jerry needs to take a long, hard look at himself is the culture he’s created. All the marketing and glitz and glamour and prestige that supposedly come along with being a Cowboy is holding the team back from winning more. Guys think they’ve accomplished something just because they wear the star. They seem to think that alone will result in Super Bowl wins. It doesn’t work that way. How many times through coach after coach have we seen the team take off and look like contenders for several games in a row only to fold later because they get overconfident and start sleep walking through games. Then they talk about fixing it and it’s too late. No coach since Jimmy has been able to overcome the cultural problems Jerry has created.

  14. just because you have money and played football 40 years ago doesn’t mean you have the talent to evaluate and sign players..let me remind you of the contracts signed by Dak and Elliot…your last 2 QB’S never delivered the conference championship much less the SUPERBOWL..your only change is that you got older…wiser?… that’s another story..

  15. Just win. Until you do that Jerry, the rest is just mumbo jumbo, & nobody cares.

    While it’s true, you’ve created the most valuable sports franchise in history, football fans don’t care about that. While it’s true you’ve helped the NFL & other owners fleece fans for ridiculous amounts of money, & the entire business that IS the NFL owes you a tremendous amount of gratitude, the average blue collar fan is now priced out of games.

    I have in my possession, a ticket stub to the 1982 season’s NFC Championship that I attended at RFK stadium. The face value on the ticket is $17

  16. Muhammed Ali was asked if he had changed over the years. He said, “If, when you’re 50, you see the world the same way you did when you were 20, you’ve wasted 30 years of your life!”

  17. Why hire a GM for five to 10 million dollars a year to fail when he can do it himself for free.

  18. jerry never lets the facts slow his roll. the niners have been much the more successful team in the quarter century since either won the chip. two super bowl appearances and 12 playoff wins vs. no super bowl berths and only 4 playoff wins since 2000. and there is no comparison between the two current rosters.

    he is being defensive, as the facts undermine everything he said. if he had really changed, don’t you think he would have put jimmy johnson in his so called “ring of honor”?

    nope, same old living on past glory jerry. he ought to be able to revel in his genius at printing money for himself and his partners and abandon his quest for recognition of his football genius.

  19. Lol…Old Jerrah is hilarious – he’s still the same arrogant owner that he’s always been only difference is the size of his bank account & number of miserable Cowboy fans.

  20. You’re lucky you won those 3 Super Bowls early, because you haven’t been to an NFC Championship game in 25 years.

  21. But Jerry the 2 changes we all keep waiting on is you giving up ypur petty squabble with Jimmy and put him where he belongs and step down as GM

  22. He was never the same after firing Jimmi. Same ole team same ole losing. Crying about the 49ers is sadto watch.

  23. I can see him now a year from now firing Mccarthy for calling a crapola game and losing in the playoffs. Mac will screw it all up for sure. You cant call the offense, manage the clock, the ref flags and work with the defense its too much for one person but he tries it and fails.

  24. Thanks in large part to Jerry, I’ve changed as a Cowboys fan, as well. I’ve gone from expecting the Cowboys to field a team that will win and be successful, and also entertaining to watch, to now truly expecting them to find new and inventive ways to blow leads and lose games. It’s nice that it’s ben long enough, and happened often enough, that I’m not even upset when it happens – because it’s become the expected outcome for me. There used to at least be hope of things being different once Stephen Jones takes over for good, but I fear the longer he works alongside Jerry, the more of his habits and tendencies he picks up, and the more he’s conditioned, and by the time he’s in charge, it’ll just be more of the same. I still root for the Cowboys to win and to do well, I just don’t go in with high expectations, no matter what the team and the media say.

  25. Delusional Jerry is still the same after the last 27 years thinking he should be the one steering
    the Cowboys to a super bowl win. Jerry’s ego still cannot accept someone else getting the credit for winning the super bowl. This is what keeps him the same after all these years.

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