Jerry Jones: Sean Payton, Broncos will make an effective team


Jerry Jones’ relationship with Sean Payton is well documented.

Payton spent three years in Dallas as the assistant head coach and quarterbacks coach under Bill Parcells. Payton long has wanted to return as head coach, and Jones nearly made that happen in early 2019.

Now, the Cowboys’ last best chance of hiring Payton may have passed.

The Broncos named Payton their new head coach earlier this week, with Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy getting a fourth season in Dallas.

On Tuesday, Jones was asked what he thought about the Broncos hiring Payton.

“I have such a respect for the Waltons, Greg and the people involved with the decision-making, their tops,” Jones said, via Jori Epstein of Yahoo Sports. “I think the world of Sean. It’s well-known how much I respect him as a coach. They’ll make an effective team, ownership and coach.”

11 responses to “Jerry Jones: Sean Payton, Broncos will make an effective team

  1. Why do we keep reading about what Jerry Jones thinks? Cowboys are and have been competitive for a long time but Jerry Jones’ opinion is old news.

  2. Wow I’ve enjoyed watching Russ flounder because I wanted the Hawks to have a high pick.

    But this most certainly ensures it will continue.

  3. Maybe the two teams can trade coaches, Jerry get his guy Sean and Denver gets Mike plus some draft choices. That would be a first……

  4. The broncos are years away from competitive, now set back further with a on the decline quarterback, lack of draft picks and a overpaid,overhyped Sean p.

  5. Geez, what do you want him to say. He’s saying what anyone would say about and friend and colleague. Jerry has already won three super bowls, and he’s done it with two different coaches. Sean Payton has only one super bowl win in fifteen years with top five all time QB Drew Brees, and a laded roster in New Orleans. I’d say Payton needs Jerry Jones, more than Jerry needs Payton. But in reality, I think Jones and Payton probably both want the same thing. They both want to control the team. Jerry would never give that up to someone who’s been less successful than he has. He doesn’t need it, and Jerry wants to win. He’d hire someone if they thought they’d help his team win. Payton would probably only agree to coach a team if he was allowed to do whatever he wants with the roster. These two could never work together.

  6. I bet Jerry is thinking long term while others are winning super bowls in the “short term”! Lol

  7. Does Jerrah ever stop talking ? He is a 4 year old screaming in the corner of the room because the adults are still up and he was sent to the golf course 3 weeks ago

  8. Is that a Jones polite way of saying they will be good but not great? Jones and the Cowboys set the bar for being “ok at best” the Broncos may be great

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