John Lynch: Trey Lance has to prove that he can stay healthy

San Francisco 49ers v Houston Texans
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The 49ers have had several injury issues at quarterback over the last few years, whether it’s been with Jimmy Garoppolo, Trey Lance, or most recently Brock Purdy.

Garoppolo’s injury history was part of why the club went out and traded up to select Lance.

In Wednesday’s season-ending press conference, General Manager John Lynch was asked if there’s something the 49ers can do to find a solution for their injury issues or if it’s something that is out of the club’s control. When he did, he said something interesting about the team’s No. 3 overall pick from 2021.

“I really believe that’s a tough position to play in this league,” Lynch said. “I understand there’s some players who’ve had incredible durability. As Kyle [Shanahan] said earlier, I think Brock’s been incredibly durable throughout his career. He ran into just an inopportune situation where he’s trying to throw the ball down field, and he’s got an NFL edge rusher pulling at your arm the other direction. It’s just not going to hold up, so that stinks.

“Trey had his issues and Trey’s had a rough go here the last couple years. He’s obviously going to have to prove that he can stay healthy, but I know there was periods of my career early on where I struggled to stay healthy, then I went eight years without missing a snap. So that happens sometimes. And yeah, I’m sure people wonder, Jimmy’s had his issues, but believe me, it’s nothing with the way we play our quarterbacks or anything.

“I think it’s just coincidence and we look into everything, but I don’t think we have any more of an issue than anybody else. I think that’s a tough position in this league.”

Lance has started just four games in his two seasons and wasn’t supposed to start as a rookie. But he did deal with a knee injury in 2021 before breaking his ankle in Week Two of this season.

At this point, the 49ers will ostensibly head into 2023 with Lance and Purdy as their top choices at quarterback — though Lance will presumably have a leg up going into training camp because he’ll be available to take the reps during the offseason program. Either way, the 49ers could certainly use some better injury luck

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  1. “I think it’s just coincidence and we look into everything, but I don’t think we have any more of an issue than anybody else.
    I know Lynch doesn’t want to say it but Shanahan is the coincidence.

  2. “I think Brock’s been incredibly durable throughout his career.” – Wasn’t that career like 7 games?

  3. Any QB who has to prove they can stay healthy under Mike’s son is analogous to insurance companies saying they won’t provide hurricane insurance to those in hurricane alley’s until there is no proof of hurricanes.

  4. This is true. But what’s also true is that Kyle was excessively using Lance to run between the tackles when it was unnecessary and while his running backs were available, putting Lance at more risk. With Purdy, Kyle decided in his scheme that a back-up tight end would be adequate to block one of PHI’s best pass rushers. When this is brought up Kyle seems to take no responsibility. This is not good going forward.

  5. Lots of heat on SF for getting QB’s injured. Here is the teams that started three different QB’s this year: SF, Miami, Arizona, Bears, Colts, Commanders, Jets, Panthers, Rams, Ravens, Titans, Texans, Patriots. That accounts for over 1/3rd of the league.

    Those are the facts. It’s not just an SF thing

  6. The 49ers need to prove they can keep a QB healthy. Based on the pft discussion regarding the risk Shanahan took by leaving kroft to block reddick 1 on 1, I’d say Shanahan and the 49ers bear some responsibility for their QB injuries.

    Take some ownership for your risky decisions. You chose to have 2 QBs when you know your team struggles with QB injuries. Stop blaming the rules and stop blaming your players for their injuries. Don’t leave Purdy hung out to dry like he’s Allen or Lamar. Being more athletic than Jimmy G doesn’t make Purdy athletic.

  7. No matter how this shakes out, it will be a shame for someone.

    But for Purdy to come in and win 8 games in a row, 2 of them playoff games against the main division rival and a main conference rival, and somehow *not* continue as starter would seem especially cruel.

    He saved their season. Without him, they don’t make the playoffs, they don’t win in the playoffs. They were 7-4 before he took over, and were hapless once he was injured.

    It was a bizarre way to get there, SF, but you found your franchise QB. Don’t mess it up.

  8. No one wants to hear anymore about Trey Lance. The kid needs to suit up stay healthy and play well. Until then just shuts up about this guy. We don’t care.

  9. Going into camp, Lance may have a leg up but history suggests that said leg will get injured. SF will probably start at least one game this upcoming season with a QB that is not currently on the roster.

  10. And how does he “prove that he can stay healthy”? By playing, which means he’s your guy when ever that time comes.

  11. It’s funny that Lynch says Trey needs to stay Healthy because the irony is that Kyle is a QB killer – RGIII, Jimmy G, Trey L, & Brock P. Perhaps you should focus on your blocking schemes rather critique the health of the QB’s he has ruined.

    Kyle views QB’s like disposable razors and his Pa felt the same way about RB’s. Their egos are so strong that they want to take credit for everything!!!!

  12. No coach has burned through more QBs than Kyle – and it’s not even close.

    6 years as head coach.

    Only 1 year did his QB survive the season
    1 year he had to go to his backup
    3 years he had to to to his third string so both the starter and backup were hurt
    1 year he went through the starter, the backup, the third string and the fourth string before calling back in the third string.

    Please – ANYONE – show me another team with even CLOSE as bad a record with QBs health.

  13. Purdy is durable? Not knocking him but he nearly missed time due to rib injuries and tore a ligament in his elbow. In about 8 games. Anyone with common sense knows it’s a coach issue. But he’s looking at a short career given the small sample size.

  14. Lance’ style of play makes him prone to injuries, as does the scheme run by his coach. Maybe the question should be directed to his coach that he has to prove to the NFL that he can keep his QB healthy.

  15. Seems to me San Francisco’s GM and Coach are both quick to throw shade at various players and unwilling to shoulder any blame themselves. Yes, they have been pretty successful, but eventually they will lose player’s respect.

  16. T%he bottom line is 22 year old players playing against 30 year old men will take a beating until their bodies catch up the the rest of the league. This is especially true of ankle injuries. You hope they can make it w/o injury but it does not always pan out that way.

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