Kyle Shanahan on next DC: I’m trying to get someone where we don’t have to turn much over

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The 49ers have experienced plenty of brain drain over the last few years, with Robert Saleh and Mike McDaniel former coordinators departing the organization to become head coaches elsewhere.

DeMeco Ryans is now the latest to leave San Francisco, as he’s been named the Texans head coach. That means the 49ers need a new defensive coordinator.

San Francisco apparently reached out to former Broncos head coach Vic Fangio, but he ultimately has elected to join the Dolphins and McDaniel as their DC.

On Wednesday, Shanahan said he’s in the middle of his search for a new coordinator, while praising Ryans as he takes his new job.

“I love DeMeco one of the best coaches I’ve ever been around, best people I’ve ever been around,” Shanahan said. “Him and [his wife] Jamila mean the world to us and I really wish they weren’t going, but it’s more than deserved and more than earned. And I think they made the best hire by far that was available because DeMeco is going to be a great one. He already has been.

“I love our defensive staff, I love our defense. I’m trying to get something where we don’t have to turn much over. I would love to keep our same staff, so I’m going to talk to some guys on our staff. I’m going to talk to some guys outside of our staff and hopefully whichever way we decide to go, whether we bring in a new guy or not, that it’s someone who can work with who we have and what we’ve accomplished here because I love the scheme that we run and I feel the foundation we have on the D-line, at linebacker, at corner, at safety. I think our players fit very well in it too, so I’m hoping to find someone who fits with us personality-wise and scheme wise.”

There’s plenty of reason for Shanahan to want continuity, as the 49ers finished No. 1 in points allowed and yards allowed as the league’s best defense. The club is also expected to sport the AP defensive player of the year in edge rusher Nick Bosa.

Shanahan added that he welcomes any player who has a strong opinion on the club’s next DC to share it with him.

In addition to any internal candidates they’re considering, the 49ers have also reportedly requested interviews with Steve Wilks and Chris Harris for their defensive coordinator vacancy.

3 responses to “Kyle Shanahan on next DC: I’m trying to get someone where we don’t have to turn much over

  1. See, this is what smart teams do. The Vikings are trying to hire the hottest head coaching candidates that remain as their DC. And what will happen, they’ll likely be looking again next year.

  2. As good as Saleh was, we instantly replaced him. It may take us 10-20 years to replace Demeco with a coach of his caliber. He was the total package.

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