Charge against Joe Mixon is dismissed, but can be refiled

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On Thursday, misdemeanor aggravated menacing charges were filed against Bengals running back Joe Mixon. On Friday, those charges officially were dismissed.

Although the one-page order does not explain that the charge has been dismissed without prejudice, the case can be refiled.

In video posted by WLWT, a prosecutor explains that “we need additional investigation before we would move forward with this case.”

The prosecutor also informs the judge that the alleged victim understands the situation and still wants to proceed, if/when a decision is made by prosecutors to file the charges again.

The comments from the prosecutor strongly imply that there has been no settlement between Mixon and the alleged victim, and that at this point the prosecutor believes that guilt could not be established beyond a reasonable doubt.

The alleged victim also could still file a lawsuit against Mixon, and the situation could still spark scrutiny from the league office under the Personal Conduct Policy.

14 responses to “Charge against Joe Mixon is dismissed, but can be refiled

  1. As if OJ didn’t already make it glaringly obvious 25 years ago that it’s all about money/class and nothing about race…

  2. As long as he is always willing to keep buying her silence, there won’t be enough evidence to refile.

  3. Easily the most replaceable starter on the Bengals. And given his salary and the money that they’re going to need to resign more important players, his high price is one that they’d be best to remove from their cap number.
    Find a way to get rid of him Cincinnati before he does something worse.

  4. didnthearwhat says:
    February 3, 2023 at 4:57 pm
    Real tough guy with the ladies, what a P O S


    Did you miss the part where he said guilt couldn’t be established? You have no way of knowing what happened unless you were there. There are lots of people who try to take advantage of athletes who have lots of money

  5. Why do we talk about players and a possible punishment for an alleged incident when absolutely no proof exists to corroborate what another person claims happened. The word “could” and “Possibly” do not make it okay to drag someone’s name through a media cycle and the proverbial mud. It’s disgusting

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