Jason Kelce: I don’t think Super Bowl result will impact retirement decision

NFL: JAN 29 NFC Championship - 49ers at Eagles
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Eagles center Jason Kelce has thought about retirement the last couple of offseasons before deciding to continue his playing career.

Winning a Super Bowl would make for a pretty good final act on the field and Kelce was asked on Friday if he’d be likelier to walk away if he picks up his second Super Bowl ring. Kelce said he doesn’t expect the result of the game to impact his decision.

“From everything I’ve been told about when you know it’s time to retire or not, you just know when you know, and it’s going to be when you don’t want to play football anymore,” Kelce said, via Reuben Frank of NBCSportsPhiladelphia.com. “And I don’t think that winning this game is going to determine whether I want to continue to play football or not.”

Kelce said he will contemplate his future once again this offseason, but is “just going to appreciate the next week and a half with the guys in this room and all the coaches and hopefully put together another special game to end the season.”

6 responses to “Jason Kelce: I don’t think Super Bowl result will impact retirement decision

  1. I wish he could play forever. First ballot hall of famer and best at his position, aside from being the heart and soul of the team. All-Time Eagle!!!

  2. As a Cowboys fan I know how much Eagle fans appreciate Kelce because I know how much we appreciate Zack Martin. The best at their positions for a long time and heart of the team.

  3. Centers don’t get the attention or appreciation very often. They are the commander of the OL and often primary leaders of the team. Kelce is the best of the bunch.

  4. If they win he will retire. It’s a brother thing. He will always be able to say, “We beat you” to Travis. No matter how many more Travis gets.

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