Raiders announce Scott Turner as their pass game coordinator

Tennessee Titans v Washington Commanders
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Word on Friday was that former Commanders offensive coordinator Scott Turner would be joining the Raiders staff and the team made it official a little later in the day.

Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels announced that Turner, who was fired by Washington after the end of the regular season, will be the team’s pass game coordinator.

“The Raiders are excited to welcome Scott Turner to the team’s coaching staff as pass game coordinator,” McDaniels said. “Scott brings a wealth of knowledge from his experience around the league and is already familiar with both the Raiders and the Las Vegas community. We look forward to Scott’s contributions to the team.”

Turner spent the last three years as the offensive coordinator in Washington and has also worked for the Panthers, Vikings, Browns, and the University of Michigan.

10 responses to “Raiders announce Scott Turner as their pass game coordinator

  1. Turner was architect of one of the worst offenses the league has ever seen in here Washington! Not only could we barely score 15 points a game in his 3 years here, but teams also routinely told our players how predictable it was! What’s more, the game analyst that the team hired and placed on Comcast, Logan Paulson, spoke about being constantly bewildered by Turner’s play calls and that they were inconsistent with how any other coordinator solved defensive attacks. Well, he didn’t solve them! I was ecstatic to get him out of Washington and feel bad for Raiders’ fans!

  2. I feel like the Commanders over performed offensively for what was expected of them with their quarterback carousel and all. So I’m guessing this guy did an okay job? Commander fans, is this a good hire?

  3. “ Commander fans, is this a good hire?”

    Depends. He will bring some fresh ideas and nifty play designs, for sure. Just keep him as far away from play calling duties as possible.

    Get ready for Taylor Heinke to join the silver and black as well

  4. The weird guy with a child’s haircut might want to be more focused on trying to fix his Derek Carr $40M dollar or cut Carr situation before hiring anyone else as it relates to a coach or coordinators on the offensive side of the ball in Raiderland. Then again, go ahead and hire another questionable coordinator that seems like another silly waste of money from his time he spent in Washington. Atleast nobody can say that the Raiders are not consistent when it comes to bad business decisions. Kudos to you weird haircut guy who owns/runs a clownshow of a NFL franchise.

  5. How does this guy get a job already the Commanders were beyond a disgrace on offense. Retread city all the time.

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