Cowboys name Brian Schottenheimer offensive coordinator

Jacksonville Jaguars v Seattle Seahawks
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The Cowboys officially have a new offensive coordinator.

Dallas named Brian Schottenheimer to the position, the club announced on Saturday. Schottenheimer had been an offensive consultant for the Cowboys in 2022.

“I am very happy to have Brian take on this key role with our team,” head coach Mike McCarthy said in a statement. “He has been an important part of our staff already and has a great grasp of where we are and where we want to go.

“Brian also has an exceptionally strong foundation, history and relationships beyond his time here that translate very well into understanding what our approach to operating and executing will be for the future. This will be an exciting and efficient transition for us that I am confident will help yield the growth and results we all want and expect.”

Schottenheimer, the son of longtime NFL coach Marty Schottenheimer, has previously been an offensive coordinator with the Jets, Rams, and Seahawks. He was also the passing game coordinator for the Jaguars in 2021.

“I am thrilled and thankful for this exciting opportunity and embrace the high standards and expectations that come with this role and the Dallas Cowboys organization,” Schottenheimer said in a statement. “Having long-standing, great respect and appreciation for Mike McCarthy as a person, a leader and a head coach makes this a very rewarding and compelling moment for me. The ability to win with great teammates that share the same goals, and alignment with how to reach them, makes this special for me and I am very grateful for it.”

In title, Schottenheimer replaces Kellen Moore, who departed the organization and a day later landed the offensive coordinator job with the Chargers. But McCarthy is going to call plays for Dallas’ offense in 2023.

60 responses to “Cowboys name Brian Schottenheimer offensive coordinator

  1. So McCarthy just pretty much hired a fall guy right? Someone he can blame when his play calling goes south? Not sure why you’d get rid of Moore after where his offenses have ranked the past few years.

  2. Still surprised that they let go of Moore. I thought he walked on water. T.V. pundits had him as a sure fire head coach.

  3. It doesn’t get anymore vanilla than Schottenheimer. He still runs an offense that belongs in 1997

  4. What’s Schottenheimer going to do? Hold the clipboard? This is McCarthys offense and he’ll call the plays (that’s doomsday in itself).

  5. Wash, rinse & recycle…Lol…he is as predictable as the “about to pop like a bloated tick” McCarthy.

  6. He’ll take over playcalling for McCarthy at the bye. They’ll be fired together with two games left in the season as Jerry watches Sean Payton bring the broncos back from the dead from afar, cursing himself in an impotent rage.

  7. Jerrah will never 👎🏾 win another ring until he relinquishes control of the team personnel decisions

  8. Kellen Moore must be a terrible interviewer. I don’t know how anyone could have back to back top 5 offenses with Dak at QB and manage not to get a head coaching job.

  9. Kellen Moore to Brian Schottenheimer. That is probably the most impactful downgrade of the offseason thus far. He is AWFUL. But he’s a puppet. McCarthy will build the scheme and McCarthy will call the plays.

  10. The best way for the NFL to show its “commitment to equity” is to keep employing guys with famous last names because of their dads.

  11. How in the hell does this guy keep getting hired? oh, his name of course. He has NEVER been a good OC in his long career. I could calll plays better than this vanilla guy.

  12. Uninspiring hire. This and McCarthy calling the plays doesn’t exactly scream modern NFL offensive scheme.

  13. blackgold75 says:
    February 4, 2023 at 4:22 pm
    Jerrah will never 👎🏾 win another ring until he relinquishes control of the team personnel decisions
    You could have stopped with never win another ring, because he will never relinquish control. He is obsessed with winning one w/out J Johnson. I realize Switzer won one, but that just proves what a great team Johnson molded in the 90’s.

  14. That’s all good, but someone needs to tell Brian that it’s perfectly within the rules to throw on first and second down. You don’t actually have to wait until third and long to throw. That’s how you get your QB hurt.

  15. Wow! Everyone here is so negative and/or shaming. This world really is going down the toilet. I see this sport as entertainment and choice to see the enjoyment I get out of watching good games. Then I choice to live my life positively. I hope others can start too!

  16. “blackgold75 says:
    February 4, 2023 at 4:22 pm
    Jerrah will never 👎🏾 win another ring until he relinquishes control of the team personnel decisions.”

    I think Steven Jones now may be more important. And they have drafted some talent recently. Quarterback (and his big salary) holds them back, especially in big games…

  17. I am not into hot takes. Yet, there is no getting around my intuition on this hire: Brian Schottenheimer does not inspire confidence at all. His stints with the Jets, under Rex Ryan, and Seahawks summarize the expectations. Cowboys are not going to be ‘there” next season. I don’t care McCarthy is going to call the plays.

  18. Good for Schottenheimer to get back in. Is he great, no. Serviceable, especially in the Cowboys situation? Sure.

    He got screwed over by Wilson in Seattle becuase Wilson wanted offensive control and Schottenheimer had seen enough after a few weeks, but that enraged Wilson and Schottenheimer was fired, replaced by a Wilson approved OC.

    We saw how ceding control of the offense to Wilson worked for Hackett.

  19. Kellen Moore had started as a player with the Cowboys and worked his way up, had no drama, and could cobble together winning schemes even with the backup QB and a new head coach. No wonder Jerry fired that guy.

  20. Kellen Moore constantly got out coached in the playoffs. Cowboys needed to try something new.

  21. As Stephen A. Smith would say just be patient, a disaster waiting to happen. This move by the Cowboys to use Kellen Moore as the scapegoat means desperation for McCarthy. He decided to stay with his comfort zone, instead of going outside of the organization. Furthermore, it’s going to be interesting to see how quickly the Cowboys offensive players adapt to McCarthy west coast offense, since being in Jason Garrett- Kellen Moore offensive scheme, especially Dak whose been in one system for 7 years and was inconsistent. I don’t know why Jerry thinks a different system would bring about a miracle.

  22. Kellen Moore was awful. He had no ability to do in-game adjustments. Once his pregame plan went to hell, the offense was toast. And his playcalling was questionable. He would call for an empty backfield and a five receiver set when it’s 3rd and 2. It’s just stupid. And he failed to use Tony Pollard enough, or even correctly. And to top it off, he designs an offense that doesn’t fit Dak. May as well hire Brian. He can’t possibly be any worse!

  23. Jerrr has been a pizzazz kinda guy but first hiring McCarthy and now Schotts and with being over the cap again I would say he’s giving up hope and letting Stephen sort through the rubble. He’ll just sit back counting receipts.

  24. Don’t forget how well he did with Urban an Trevor Lawrence, it takes quite the imagination to make the number 1 overall draft pick surefire can’t miss qb look like a bust.
    Dak, you’re gna have to get a better sleep number bed.

  25. blackgold75 says:
    February 4, 2023 at 4:22 pm
    Jerrah will never 👎🏾 win another ring until he relinquishes control of the team personnel decisions
    Unfortunately Jerry Jones will “die in office”. This is unkind to say, but Cowboy fans won’t see the light of day (a SB victory) until he does.
    Most everyone realizes how inept he is as Chief football decision maker except JJ himself. Sadly he’s too narcissistic to acknowledge.
    And as a result millions of Cowboy fans have to pay dearly.

  26. calm down you guys….it is McCarthy’s offense not Moore’s…but McCarthy’s offense is stuck in the early 2000″s…

  27. arealisticpackerfan says:
    February 4, 2023 at 4:23 pm
    Kellen Moore must be a terrible interviewer. I don’t know how anyone could have back to back top 5 offenses with Dak at QB and manage not to get a head coaching job.


    Some of his playoff play calls didn’t help his resume.

  28. You think the Cowboys looked bad before, just lookout. It’s head coach Mike McCarthy’s offense now and Brian Schottenheimer will be the fall guy. The only thing this might help is for someone other than the coach to manage the clock, with someone up stairs screaming in his ear what to do and when to do it. Also it will be interesting to see how Kellen Moore does on the other team.

  29. As a SB winning coach McCarthy deserves some coaching changes and calling the plays.Maybe he was going to keep Moore and he wanted out with play calling being taken away?Who knows but they’ve got to ride with McCarthy and see if he can win it all.No matter how competent & professional Moore might have been it can’t be good having a HC heir apparent hovering around.

  30. Having endured (yes endured) Schottenheimer as the Jets OC I’d feel sympathy for the fans of almost any team that decided to hire him ………. fortunately for me the Cowboys aren’t on that list of teams.

  31. Jerry is winning the only game that matters – franchise valuation. Nothing else matters…

  32. They hire him as an offensive consultant in March of 2022. The offense and the QB performs the worst under the coordinator. They fire the coordinator and hire the consultant as the coordinator.

  33. There is talent in Dallas. Maybe a new coach is needed to get the best out of the talent. I have read that CeeDee was a bad route runner and not a consistent pass catcher. If a QB does have that trusted receiver the offense is always going to have issues.

  34. To the dismay of the haters,… Mike McCarthy is actually a very good play caller. His downfall is getting too conservative with scoring leads in the 4th qtr.

  35. Putting in a brand new offense in with a whole bunch of new coaches just as the window of opportunity is narrowing shows one thing … PANIC!

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