Fresno State QB Jake Haener is the Senior Bowl MVP


The Senior Bowl, a college all-star game that is far better known for the evaluation of players during the week of practice than for the game itself, happened on Saturday.

The Nationals beat the Americans, 27-10. Which means absolutely nothing, unless you bet on the game. (And if you bet on the game, you might have a gambling problem.)

The MVP of the game was Fresno State quarterback Jake Haener. He completed 12 of 19 passes for 139 yards, a touchdown, and no interceptions.

Five quarterbacks played in all. Haener had the most passing yards, and the only touchdown pass of the day — a 44-yarder to Stanford receiver Michael Wilson on an underthrown ball.

Haener previously was No. 7 on Mel Kiper’s draft rankings at quarterback. Whether Haener’s stock increases remains to be seen.

Later this month, Haener will become the first Fresno State quarterback to attend the Scouting Combine since Derek Carr.

7 responses to “Fresno State QB Jake Haener is the Senior Bowl MVP

  1. It’s nice that first ballot HOF QB Russell Wilson was able to open the eyes of football execs in terms of considering shorter QBs. No other QB in NFL history was shorter and had success like Russell did.

  2. Haener’s as good a Rd. 2-3 QB option as Vegas could hope to acquire; strong arm and tough as nails. Just as soon have him learn the system behind an improved OL as invest valuable draft picks reaching for one of the ‘anointed future stars’ high up in Rd.One.

  3. I had to wait in a long line to bet the game, behind all those loser degenerates also betting on the game. It was awful that so many people need action in these worthless games. I was embarrassed for everyone in front of me.

  4. I can see him having a decent NFL career, maybe not as a started but as long as he keeps making good decisions he has a shot.

  5. If you’re a team that scouted Haener and were hoping to steal him in the 6th or 7th round, now you’ll probably have to take him in the first or second round.

  6. I was interested in Tyson Bagent. He has some great skills, but reminds me of Bailey Zappe… tearing through basically 13th grade High Schoolers and an eventual flop in the Pros or mediocre if they were on a Power 5 roster. Still, individual talent is hard to overlook. A mid round pick and the right coaching or better yet the right roster! Just look at Purdy… he is not going to look like a Starter if CMC or Kittle go down.

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