Josh Jacobs isn’t a fan of the new Pro Bowl format

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games - Skills Competitions
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The Pro Bowl is no longer the Pro Bowl. Even though many still insist on calling it the Pro Bowl.

It still includes a night of non-football activities. Tomorrow, it will culminate in a non-football game. They’ll play flag football. Which, but for the absence of pads, won’t look much different from recent Pro Bowls.

Personally, I’ve got no use for any of it. I didn’t have any use for it before they got rid of the game. The sport had long evolved past playing a truly competitive tackle football contest at the end of the season from which the players had emerged healthy enough to play one more game. The Pro Bowl needed to go.

Some would say the replacement needs to go, too.

Via Tashan Reed of, Raiders running back Josh Jacobs would agree with that. Said Jacobs of the new format: “This shit is stupid.”

This shit is also profitable. More than 1.1 million tuned in for the Frolf Olympics on Thursday night. It will be interesting to see how many watch the flag football game.

As long as people watch, they’ll keep doing it. And they realized that, given the number of people who were watching a football game that didn’t really look like football, they can just go ahead and play a game of something that isn’t really football — and people will watch that, too.

24 responses to “Josh Jacobs isn’t a fan of the new Pro Bowl format

  1. I wasn’t even aware that there were events already being held. The only event I would even be moderately interested in is if the fastest players in NFL were to race, but I can’t even bring myself to search and see what is taking place.

  2. Just like the older Arena Football League influencing todays NFL, this flag football game will determine the future NFL as well, where hitting and tackling will be outlawed …

  3. Like Vince said removing it from Hawaii was the beginning of its downfall and then new ideas finished it off. Throw in a dash of the Manning boys and the sliding board got greased !!!

  4. I happened to accidentally catch some of the NHL’s version of the same thing. It looked far more interesting and entertaining than whatever the NFL was doing.

  5. SO ,what do the players want it to be….did anyone bother to even ask them ?
    Already heard from Troy Aikman about his thoughts back in 93+what he did.

    Need to ask the players what they want + how they want it,most will say “not gonna play”.

    SO make the pro bowl a game of the “UP AND COMING 2nd 3rd stringers”,1ST team all team already proved there point.

    Be like another “SENIOR BOWL”, can show off players to other teams that might be of trade value.
    Might be a real game then ,out side 2 hand touch,or flag.

    Be better than what we all have ben watching this past 30 years

  6. This is exactly what’s needed for real NFL fans during the football-less weekend before the Super Bowl. Best to add a music fest to go along with it for the whole family.

  7. Baseball’s All-Star game is the only worthwhile “stars” game to watch. The Pro Bowl is the worst.

  8. Maybe the NFL is testing the waters for making the league a flag football league? An earlier post on PFT indicated the NFL was looking at making a basic tackle illegal, so maybe eliminating all tackling from the game is the ultimate end goal.

  9. We were in a car dealership looking for a new ride when some of the Pro Bowl nonsense came on, and I gotta admit the pitch from the salesman was more interesting than that silliness.

  10. 1 million watched out of 330 million people. .3% of the population watched. ~90% of those watched just out of curiosity. Good luck with that hot garbage in the future.

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