Report: Broncos have not given Vikings permission to interview Ejiro Evero

New coaching staff for the Denver Broncos
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The Vikings want to interview Ejiro Evero for their defensive coordinator opening, but the Broncos are reportedly keeping that from happening at the moment.

Evero is still under contract after serving as the Broncos’ defensive coordinator in 2022 and Albert Breer of reports that they have not granted him permission to interview for the lateral move. Evero has spoken with new Broncos head coach Sean Payton about staying in Denver, but he’s not the only choice for that job as the Broncos have been lining up other candidates as well.

While the Broncos have not permitted Evero to interview for coordinator jobs, he has interviewed for head coaching openings and remains in the mix with the Colts and Cardinals.

With Payton officially on board in Denver, there should be some clarity on his staff in the near future and that should also provide clarity on where Evero will be coaching in 2023.

12 responses to “Report: Broncos have not given Vikings permission to interview Ejiro Evero

  1. Just let Evero go. He knows that the Broncos not getting any better with unwatchable QB future. It’s Russell fault!

  2. That’s crazy, people interviewing for my current job-yet blocking me from looking for potential employment elsewhere. You could only get away with that in the NFL……

  3. Keep this guy you morons. If everyone wants him then you keep him as your go to guy in defense.
    Why help another team get better on D.

  4. I’m guessing Evero told Payton he preferred to move on but Bronco’s will only do so if they can find an acceptable replacement, hence the Desai and Flores interviews. Hopefully they choose Desai and Evero can join the Vikings if that’s what he wants. But if Flores is Denver’s preferred choice, we might all have to continue to wait on Indy and Az to make HC decisions.

  5. Who cares.
    It’s not like he’d take the job anyway.
    Nobody wants to coach in Loserville.
    Well, except for Coach Opie. 🤣

  6. Every team in the league should deny the Broncos the opportunity to interview any of their coaches. Shady AF to interview others for Evero’s job, but deny him for interviewing for any other job he wants to interview for lateral or not.

  7. It seems obvious to me. Evero will be back with Denver if he doesn’t get a head coaching gig. They are interviewing others for the position just in case he gets one of those said head coaching gigs. Nothing shady about it, and it’s smart because he is the best candidate for their DC opening. I doubt Flores wants to go to Minnesota either….they better just hire Pettine.

  8. Viking fans are outraged …. they are very proud of their “interviewed the most candidates before making a decision” certificate.

  9. If this is what it takes to not keep an awful d coordinatorl, to just continue the status quo… Awesome

  10. irishlion62 says:
    February 4, 2023 at 1:42 pm
    It seems obvious to me. Evero will be back with Denver if he doesn’t get a head coaching gig.
    Well, your comment is outdated, a mere 48 hours later. And you sounded so confident!

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