Trent Williams “for sure” playing in 2023

NFL: JAN 29 NFC Championship - 49ers at Eagles
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After 49ers left tackle Trent Williams stopped short of guaranteeing he’d be back for the 2023 season in the wake of the team’s NFC Championship Game loss, head coach Kyle Shanahan sounded confident that Williams would eventually decide to keep playing.

Shanahan picked the right horse with that bet. Williams, who no longer has the crutches or walking boot he was using after that game, said from the Pro Bowl festivities on Saturday that any thoughts of retirement have been put away because the 34-year-old will definitely be playing football next season.

“Yeah, for sure,” Williams said, via Grant Gordon of “Next year, the year after. I’m under contract until I’m 39.”

Williams is signed through the 2026 season and his 2023 salary of $19.4 million is the lowest base salary of the remaining years on the pact, which means there are plenty of reasons for Williams to continue playing for as long as possible.

21 responses to “Trent Williams “for sure” playing in 2023

  1. He should hopefully see a suspension for being a punk and a sore loser when he threw that player to the ground after the whistle in the NFCCG. Guess he was frustrated by being beat like a drum, like the rest of the Whiners. Still deserves a suspension for his unprofessional outburst though. Fat guy has thrown a variety of tantrums stemming back to his Washington days.

  2. Once again, Trentt Williams is no punk. Go watch the video of the brawl from the NFCCGagain and you will see who the real punk is. The Eagle DB Wallace (#42) was grabbing and tugging on Deebo’s facemask. That is why Trent plucked him up and tossed him like a rag doll. Wallace earned it.

  3. I see eagles fans are still crying about the silverback rag dolling their facemask grabbing backup safety. Eagles fans love their dirtiness until it’s done to one of their players.

  4. Chasing a ring with Shanahan? Sorry Chunky-stuff, you’re would be better off retiring to Vegas and hanging out at your favorite buffet.

  5. Best olineman in the game. We’re about to see the Fraud Eagles embarrassed. Just not that good of a team.

  6. Over-rated, over-stuffed and over-juiced. Dude loves picking-on DBs and kickers, 100lbs lighter. Hope he was paying attention last week to see how THE BEST OL in the league operates, at least until he got kicked-out of the game.

  7. He played 871 snaps in 2022 and allowed 1 sack. First team All Pro. PFF grade of 93. Yeah he’s gonna keep banking that coin.

  8. The 49ers offensive line was absolutely embarrassing during the Eagles game.

    Philadelphia finished with three sacks, 18 pressures and seven quarterback hits.

    Defensive players in the QBs face on 67% of their pass plays.

    Talk up Trent Williams all you want but he was frustrated at the end of the game as the 49ers offensive line was absolutely ragdolled all game.

  9. He’s staying because he believes the Niners can win the Super Bowl next year. Nothing wrong with that. I hate the Niners (being a Rams fan), but I love his passion. Games are more fun to watch when teams have players who are hungry.

  10. Williams was tough guy till Suh came up to him and then he was done… only likes to act tough to people that are a 100 pounds less than him.

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