Budda Baker: We weren’t as prepared for the start of the season as we could have been

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals
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The Cardinals made the playoffs in 2021 and they were seen as a team that could get back there heading into the 2022 season, but Week One was the first sign that all was not well in Arizona.

They were routed 41-21 by the Chiefs in what safety Budda Baker called a “shitshow” from the Pro Bowl this weekend. Baker said he felt like things started going off course in training camp with players missing time that kept head coach Kliff Kingsbury from getting the team on the right page to start the year.

“I definitely felt like we were on the right path,” Baker said, via Grant Gordon of NFL.com. “You know in training camp it was definitely startling to not see a lot of the starters practicing and stuff like that. Cause I knew, you know especially with the preseason games none of us played in the preseason, it’s kinda just going through training camp, which was not a lot of people, and then we get to Week 1, it showed who was prepared. I don’t think we were as prepared in the beginning of when it all started than what we could’ve been.”

The Cardinals wound up going 4-13 and Kingsbury was fired at the end of the season. It remains to be seen who will be preparing the Cardinals to play next season because their coaching search hasn’t ended, but whoever winds up getting the job will have to hope that their first training camp on the job is a more productive one.

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  1. Watching them on Hard Knocks, it looked like a funeral every week. Bidwell, Keim and Kliff were a toxic alchemy of negativism and I think their team clearly reflected it. The contrast to the Lions’ episodes couldn’t have been more stark.

  2. When your most favored and highly paid player is more worried about call of duty and not having a homework clause to ready to play the season is lost before it even starts, doesn’t matter who ends up coaching this team, outcome will be the same. And it is looking like no coach wants this job because Murray has been paid and he really doesn’t have to do anything anymore to get paid and is higher up on the totem pole than the coach.

  3. Injuries were the reason they off to a bad start and then crumbling once so many guys were out it became unsustainable. I mean KM was play behind a PS OL signed off the street due to both the starters n backups along the OL going down, top 3 WRs out injured AJ Green their #4 was washed, both RBs out injured then their top TE goes down 5 weeks into the year. The fact Murray still managed to play above avg ball is a testament to his talent. And we haven’t got into the defensive injuries.
    Budda Baker is right though I think Kliff and the training staffnot forcing these veteran guys to practice in camp led to a lot of the injuries the team suffered esp all of these soft tissue injuries. Kliffs camp cupcake approach was a mistake from the start. Steve Keim failed in the off season not bringing in another Center or Starting caliber OG when he knew both Rodney Hudson n Justin Pugh almost retired after the 21 season and he should of let Hudson based on his 21 tape instead of coaxing him back, Hudson was just there to collect a pay check it’s not a coincidence once he played 3 full games so he could accrue a seasons worth of game checks he all of the sudden was to injured to step back on the field. Dudes a joke.
    Oh well last years is done and over with. AZ still has a lot of talent but n both sides of the ball to build around and they have the draft resources n cap to do so. New GM Monti Ossenfort to make it a priority to draft two rookie linemen and sign a solid veteran to rebuild the OL over the off season and that offense will be much more explosive in 2023.

  4. Let’s be honest, the Cardinals weren’t agood team, and they have a below avg QB that is paid like a top QB. The Cardinals are example of how not to build a team.

  5. Budda Baker – “We weren’t prepared”

    Kyler Murray – “Hold my playstation controller…..”

  6. Vikings4Life says:
    February 5, 2023 at 4:59 pm
    Let’s be honest, the Cardinals weren’t agood team, and they have a below avg QB that is paid like a top QB. The Cardinals are example of how not to build a team.

    Below AVG QB?? That’s rich coming from a Vikings fan, Murray is better than Kirk Cousins has ever been on his best day.

  7. Let’s not forget Hopkins helping the cause by getting suspended for the first 6 games of the season.

  8. The Cardinals have averaged 6 wins a year when Kyler has been under center. He pads his stats early in the year and fades down the stretch. He’s not been good. Nobody wants to hear it, but Kyler Murray has been a bust. At least Baker Mayfield has won a playoff game.

  9. Budda Baker – “We weren’t prepared”

    Kyler Murray – “The battery ran out on my Controller!”

  10. No horse in the race here but did someone just say that KM was better then Cousins?!?!? That had to be a case of mistaken identity

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