80 for Brady finishes second at weekend box office

Los Angeles Premiere Screening Of Paramount Pictures' "80 For Brady" - Arrivals
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80 for Brady did fairly well at the box office.

The film produced by, named for, and starring (sort of) the freshly-retired quarterback finished second this weekend, with a domestic gross of $12.7 million in 3,912 theaters nationwide, via BoxOfficeMojo.com.

Brady plays himself in the movie, which focuses on the efforts of four elderly friend — played by Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field — to attend Super Bowl LI.

Universal’s Knock at the Cabin led the way, with $14.1 million in only 3,643 theaters.

Reviews have been mixed for 80 for Brady, and at least one was scathing — especially regarding Tom’s acting chops. Still, the film has a 90-percent score with audiences on RottenTomatoes.com.

So who knows? Maybe it will be enough to justify an 80 for Brady 2. Or 81 for Brady.

11 responses to “80 for Brady finishes second at weekend box office

  1. It looks like a stupid movie, but am a fan of 3 of the older ladies & a Patriots fan so plan on checking it out tomorrow….Gronk not Brady have ever been all that entertaining in front of a camera out of the football spectrum so I’ll just hope to be entertained & seeing the Patriots win a Superbowl is always enjoyable no matter what…..
    Now that we got BOB coaching offense, I’m hoping Mac’s next in line to take us to the big game!!!

  2. Where’s the guy that was trying to tell us that Brady dedicated 100% of the offseason to football?

  3. The movie is about four women who have been friends for a long time and gone through a lot of the worst and best of life. Plenty of people want to see that kind of movie, so it’s not surprising it’s doing well. Brady, Gronk, Amendola and Edelman play bit parts; they aren’t the focus of the movie. It’s not a football movie.

  4. Actually just saw it…. Feel good movie, enjoyable…. Better than I thought it would be…Don’t have to be a Patriots or Brady fan to enjoy it but it doesn’t hurt either..
    Seen much worse on the big screen…. MUCH WORSE!!

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