Daniel Snyder is selling a D.C.-area mansion (but he has another one)

NFL:  Washington Commanders at Dallas Cowboys
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Many are reacting to the news that Commanders owner Daniel Snyder has listed a Potomac, Maryland estate for $49 million as proof positive that he’ll be selling the team he has owned since 1999.

But here’s the bigger picture. He owns another mansion in the Alexandria, for which he paid a record $48 million in 2021.

So he’s not really unloading his various properties in advance of getting out of town for good, unless he will soon be listing the other one, too.

Even then, he doesn’t have to live in D.C. to own the team. Plenty of owners own teams in places where they don’t live.

Bottom line? The best evidence that Snyder will be following through and selling the Commanders will come from him actually following through and selling the Commanders. What he does with his houses or any other property doesn’t matter.

5 responses to “Daniel Snyder is selling a D.C.-area mansion (but he has another one)

  1. This is the one where he (illegally) cleared all the trees blocking the view of the Potomac River from his house. Turns out the trees were on national park land, not his land. Typical Snyder…

  2. Is that the mansion where he got fined for cutting down all the trees in violation of federal law so he could have a better view while drinking his morning coffee?

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