Jeffrey Lurie sounds ready to give Jalen Hurts a big second contract

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This is Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts‘ third NFL season, which means he’s eligible for a new contract in the offseason. And that contract should be a very lucrative one.

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie was asked by Sal Paolantonio of ESPN whether talks on a second contract are coming, and Lurie indicated that he’s ready to pay.

He’s just what we’re looking for,” Lurie said.

Lurie also said Hurts has “nothing to prove” to establish himself as the quarterback the Eagles want leading their franchise for many years to come.

Hurts is one of four quarterbacks who finished their third NFL seasons in 2022 and could be ready for a lucrative second contract this offseason. Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert are the others. Burrow, Tagovailoa and Herbert were all first-round draft picks, which means their teams can use a fifth-year option to keep them for another year. Hurts, a second-round pick, can hit free agency a year earlier, which may give the Eagles a greater feeling of urgency to get a long-term deal done.

12 responses to “Jeffrey Lurie sounds ready to give Jalen Hurts a big second contract

  1. Jeffrey Lurie is certainly making progress toward becoming known as the best owner in football. Jalen Hurts isn’t anywhere close to being a finished product. He’ll continue to get better and better for the next 3-4 years. The Eagles could be sticking around for a while. I don’t think what they’re doing is a fluke.

  2. Hurts will get the deal he deserves — and he, Lurie, and Howie will design it so everybody wins: Hurts gets his $$$ while the team is NOT be handcuffed by the hit and can continue to have a loaded roster and win…

    …because that’s what Howie does better than anyone else.

  3. Eagles aren’t hesitant to give Hurts a contract. Sign of a good QB.

    When you see teams tiptoe around the subject or push the contract down the road, it’s because things are not what they seem.

  4. Oh no, sounds like more of what Jerry warned us about – the Short Game… I fear we might win another Super Bowl, playing this impatient game of roster management greatness while those rascally Cowboys keep on their superior process.

  5. Lurie will get him on the cheap. No matter what Hurts gets paid, the next QB to sign will get more. And the next will get more still. And so on, and so on. That’s the way it works now.

  6. I wouldn’t. This team is driven by the offensive line and defensive lines. Not Hurts. Sorry.

  7. You just better hope he is your guy. He has a top o line and two top receivers and a running game to take the pressure off. Not to mention a top defense. It’s not going to be like this every year.

  8. 3 years ago I said hurts was going to be a better pro than Tua, and I was ridiculed. Something along the lines of “if he was better he wouldnt have let Tua take his job at Alabama”. LMFAO. The pro game is different from the college game (example, Tim Tebow, incredible college football player, not so much at the pro level). And here we are, and Hurts is the better player. Playing in a SB, in the conversation for MVP, getting ready to get paid. And Tua is sitting at home with a headache, wondering if he will last beyond his rookie contract.

  9. Go ahead and overpay for a guy with limited passing talent. Take away his rushes and he is nothing.

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