Josh Jacobs: If Aaron Rodgers comes here, that would change a lot of things

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We can add another Raiders player to the list of those who’d like to see Aaron Rodgers in Silver and Black.

Rodgers’ former teammate Davante Adams made his feelings on the matter clear, saying it would be a “dream scenario” to play with Rodgers again.

Running back Josh Jacobs is a pending free agent and potentially a candidate for the franchise tag if he and the Raiders don’t come to a long-term deal before the new league year next month — though that’s not something he wants. But if the Raiders were to acquire Rodgers, that could change the way he feels.

“Of course, it’s A-Rod. That’s Aaron Rodgers,” Jacobs said, via Adam Hill of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “But yeah, he’s a dog. If he was to come over here, I feel like that would change the aspect of a lot of things.”

Jacobs led the league with 1,653 yards rushing and 2,053 yards from scrimmage in 2022. But because the Raiders did not pick up his fifth-year option last spring, Jacobs could be playing elsewhere in 2023.

If the Raiders do franchise tag Jacobs, he’d earn $10.091 million in 2023 if the two sides don’t come to a long-term deal by mid-July.

22 responses to “Josh Jacobs: If Aaron Rodgers comes here, that would change a lot of things

  1. If Rodgers doesn’t want to rebuild why would he go to the Raiders? Not exactly a team that is a player or two from competing.

  2. Yeah it would change things in that they would not resign him because Rodgers is $20M more than Carr.

  3. Rodgers is not going anywhere. He is playing and terrorizing the packers for the next two years.

  4. I guess it would at least be different watching him choke against the Chiefs or Bengals instead of the Seahawks or 9ers

  5. Derek Carr wasn’t the biggest problem with the Raiders last season or the past few years.
    Their biggest obstacle has been a crappy defence and coaching.

  6. Rodgers with an upgraded offensive line and some real help on the defense could make some real noise in the afc . Dang, raiders came close to beating the chiefs in K.C. last season !! The final game with the chiefs was just bad karma.

  7. How is it not tampering for Adams and Jacobs to say publicly in the press that they want Rodgers?

  8. Would Rogers go to the Raiders? Yes. For one, I don’t recall him having a no-trade clause in his contract, so it wouldn’t necessarily need to be his choice. Two, along with Jacobs, they have a plethora of other weapons on offense that would entice him. Third, the Raiders try to project a sense of self-confidence, bordering on arrogance, and a swagger that Aaron Rogers already possesses.
    Should the Raiders be interested in Rogers? Sure, if they don’t think there’s any NFL ready prospects in this years draft or they don’t think they’ll be able to move up and get them. Also, as Jacobs pointed out, his presence would attract free agents looking to piggy-back off his success. On several levels, it’s a match that makes sense.

  9. If it would take two picks to trade for him, I would rather use those two picks to move up in the draft and get a QB in their early 20’s on a rookie deal, rather than a guy who is in his 40’s who gets 50 million per after next year.

  10. Rodgers is the only QB available that is a clear upgrade over Carr. Adams, Waller, Renfroe, Jacobs and other key players for the Raiders want to win now. If they replace Carr with a down grade at the QB position, the players mentioned will all be jumping ship as soon as they can. Raider’s choices are to try to upgrade with Rodgers or toss in the towel and start a rebuild. They should have renegotiated Carr’s contract and drafted a rookie to take over if Carr didn’t look better in season 2 of new offence. The whole situation was completely mishandled because Ziegler and McDaniels needed a scapegoat and they made it Carr. This will back fire on them in a big way if they don’t show improvement in season 2. Funny thing with Rodgers, he will clash with McDaniels if McDaniels doesn’t deviate from his micromanaging ways. That would be something to see.

  11. It would ratchet expecations up to 20 on a 1-10 scale. They’d also likely have to give up a ton of valuable resource needed to put talent around Rodgers. Also, there’s the fact that as a head coach McDaniels has never met expectations.

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