Matt Ryan: I still love playing and feel like there’s a lot of good football left

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans
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Matt Ryan‘s first season with the Colts was the worst season of his career, but that doesn’t mean Ryan is ready to retire.

Ryan says he still believes he can contribute, somewhere.

I still love playing,” Ryan said, via Stephen Holder of ESPN. “I’m obviously not committed to anything. Got to see how it shakes out. But I still love playing and still feel like, honestly, there’s a lot of good football [left]. So, we’ll see.”

One reason Ryan isn’t eager to retire is contractual: If he retires, he doesn’t get his $12 million in fully guaranteed salary for 2023. If he’s cut, he does get it, and the Colts will cut him before March 17 because if he’s still on the roster after that he gets another $17.2 million fully guaranteed.

Ryan’s current mindset is that he’s under contract to the Colts, so he’s going to keep working for the Colts. Once the Colts cut him, he’ll figure out whether it makes sense for him to sign elsewhere.

18 responses to “Matt Ryan: I still love playing and feel like there’s a lot of good football left

  1. Matt Ryan is no longer starter material. Smart man. Pretend he still wants to play, get cut, and collect millions on this contract.

  2. Mr Ryan is basically stealing money from the colts. Just watch his performance from this past season

  3. Colts did him dirty by benching him late in the season. Let the guy ride into the sunset like previous Colts QBs did. He’s been a great player for a long time and it was a shame that the 33-0 game will likely be his last.

  4. Yes there is a lot of good football left as in holding a clipboard on the sideline. No way anybody would sign him as a starter.

  5. At the beginning of the season I had Indianapolis as a dark horse. But Matt Ryan just looked PATHETIC. Crumbles when the pocket does. I was thinking Indys worst move was trading Wentz

  6. Go to the Niners to be the third string qb. With their rotten luck you’ll be in the game by late 2nd quarter.

  7. Ryan has entered the clipboard era of his career. He’s not even a low end fringe starter anymore. Nothing wrong with this. As long
    As he’s ok making a lot less money to be a backup there should be no problems.

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