Sean Payton: Realistic for Broncos fans to expect us to win

Denver Broncos Introduce Sean Payton as Head Coach
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Sean Payton held his first press conference as the Broncos head coach on Monday and one of the things he told reporters is that Russell Wilson‘s prersonal quarterback coach, trainers, and other members of his performance team won’t be in the team’s facility again this year.

Payton suggested those won’t be the only significant changes taking place when it comes to turning things around from a dismal 2022 season. Payton referenced his early days with a Saints team that needed to make serious changes in order to become a consistent winner and said it was “uncomfortable” to go through that period.

The results were immediate, however. After going 3-13 without Payton in 2005, the Saints went 13-3 and advanced to the NFC Championship Game. Payton said Monday that it’s reasonable for Broncos fans to expect the same kind of change in for

“I think it’s realistic for our fanbase to expect a completely different type of culture. And I think it’s realistic for them to expect us to win,” Payton said, via George Stoia of the Colorado Springs Gazette. “I know this — the work has started.”

The last three Broncos head coaches were first-timers and they couldn’t draw on the same depth of experience that Payton brings to the team. The bet in Denver is that he will be able to pull the right levers to get the team back on track.


6 responses to “Sean Payton: Realistic for Broncos fans to expect us to win

  1. Having a hall of fame QB in his prime is a major difference than a broken down hall of fame QB.

  2. I cant see them being any worse than last year – and Payton is a major upgrade. I read today he said that Wilson’s QB not allowed at team facilities – which I like as he is putting his foot down already that he runs this team. He will also have the buy in as he has been there done that. He wasnt my first pick for head coach, but like some of the stuff he is saying so far.

  3. The Saints went 10-6 in Payton’s first season, not 13-3. The latter was their 2009 record, the year they won the Super Bowl. In between, they started 0-4 in 2007 and ended up 7-9, then went 8-8 in 2008. Just so Broncos fans have realistic expectations. Oh, and be ready for the annual IML (Inexplicable Midseason Loss), which comes at the hands of a clearly inferior opponent and inevitably either keeps you out of the playoffs or costs you home field advantage or perhaps even the number 1 seed.

    Don’t get me wrong – I waited 40 long years for the Saints to win a championship and Payton delivered. Just saying consistency isn’t his strong suit and part of his legacy is wasting Drew Brees in his prime by failing to field even an average defense.

  4. Payton had a lot of depth of experience in New Orleans, and he had Drew Brees. Yet, he didn’t sniff another super bowl his last 11 years in New Orleans, and he lost more playoff games than he won since 2010. I can see hiring Payton, but expecting to win is just pure insanity. This coach was one of the biggest underachievers this century.

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