Andy Reid: I’m happy for Tyreek Hill, proud of the receivers who stepped up without him

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Chiefs coach Andy Reid says his team’s decision to trade Tyreek Hill to Miami couldn’t have turned out any better for everyone.

“Nobody’s happier for Tyreek than I am,” Reid said. “He made a lot of money and he gained a lot of yards. He had a great year, Pro Bowl player, All-Pro player, but on the other hand I’m proud of our guys for the job they’ve done. We had a lot of new faces in there. With the exception of Mecole [Hardman], most of the guys were new guys, and I thought they stepped up. I was really proud of the way Pat [Mahomes] and [Travis] Kelce brought the guys into the mix, welcomed them in, worked with them and helped teach them. Pat Mahomes is a pretty good quarterback, so we didn’t lose Pat Mahomes, that was a good thing. He makes those guys look good in a lot of ways and they help make him look good, too, so it’s a good relationship.”

JuJu Smith-Schuster arrived in free agency and became the Chiefs’ No. 1 wide receiver in Hill’s absence.

“I love JuJu, great personality, so we like that addition,” Reid said. “He also complements Kelce. He has the ability to feel in space openings, and Patrick trusts that. He’s sure handed, he’s great after the catch, he’s tough to bring down, and he’s smart. He picked all this stuff up and he did it well. He’s got the confidence of the quarterback. That takes a lot.”

2 responses to “Andy Reid: I’m happy for Tyreek Hill, proud of the receivers who stepped up without him

  1. The Chiefs upgraded without him – they have more weapons to use even if they are not at his percentile in talent. Weapons come in handy should one go down and there is someone who will always have the hot hand so to speak. What is interesting is that the guys who came in were castoffs from inferior teams who apparently didn’t know how to coach.

  2. Again, more talk about the guy who isn’t with the Chiefs anymore. It’s like they are trying to prove that they didn’t make a big mistake letting him go. Are they trying to convince the fans or themselves? Personally, I wouldn’t want a guy like Hill on my team, no matter how good or fast he is.

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