Brandon Graham credits Nick Sirianni for making football fun for the Eagles

NFL: FEB 06 Super Bowl LVII Opening Night
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Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham says playing for Nick Sirianni reminds players of why they wanted to play football in the first place: It’s fun.

Graham said the 41-year-old Sirianni is part of a generation of coaches who can relate to players and understand what makes the players tick.

“You’ve got a coach who’s young, who’s being him, just having fun,” Graham said. “It’s a game, so he tries to make it fun for us. That’s how you get the most out of your players. When you try not to make a game fun, and it’s too serious, it ain’t gonna end well for you on game day.”

For Graham and his teammates, being at the Super Bowl is a lot more fun than doing whatever the players on 30 other teams are doing right now.

8 responses to “Brandon Graham credits Nick Sirianni for making football fun for the Eagles

  1. Have to give Love credit. He sure made a lot of people kiss Sirianni’s butt. Well played.

  2. For the triggered, per Rob Gronkowski:
    …a regular season game with the Patriots actually, throughout my twenties, if we won a game, the next day it felt like we still lost a game. And if we lost a game, it felt like you were in super depression for like two days at the Patriots, or like for the whole week.”

  3. It’s always fun when you win. Lets see how he behaves when and if they start losing (see, Diggs, Stephon).

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