Brandon Graham: You can’t play scared of Patrick Mahomes

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Eagles have racked up sacks at near historic levels this season, but they haven’t had to tangle with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes yet.

If the Eagles get five sacks in Super Bowl LVII, they will have the most in a single season by any defense in NFL history. They’ve done that by attacking quarterbacks every week and defensive end Brandon Graham said Tuesday they can’t play any differently because of the playmaking ability that Mahomes has shown throughout his NFL career.

“You’ve got to take your shot,” Graham said, via Matt Lombardo of Heavy Sports. “You can’t play scared. You see when teams play that way, he carves you up. So, I’ll take my shot, and if he makes a play, well, he gets paid too.”

The Chiefs’ last Super Bowl appearance ended with a loss because they weren’t able to protect Mahomes against the Buccaneers. The Eagles will be hoping for a similar outcome while the Chiefs will be trying to show that the moves they made to rebuild their line were the right ones.

6 responses to “Brandon Graham: You can’t play scared of Patrick Mahomes

  1. Eagles will be targeting Mahome’s ankle. Count on it. Don’t call it a bounty, but they will do anything to win. Look what they did to SF QB’s.

  2. Pretty sure the Chiefs had a 3rd string LT and a 2nd string RT in that Duper Bowl versus TB. That was compounded by the fact that both tackles were starting their first or second game of the season that week.
    I’m not saying that the Eagles don’t have a great pass rush, but the Chiefs’ OL is improved and all of the starters are healthy. I think it will play out a little differently than the one against TB. Going to be a close game either way.

  3. The Chiefs tackles were both out due to injury against Tampa. Injuries were the culprit, not lack of talent. Schwartz and Fisher were probowl players and both top 15 tackles in the league. It’s not like they retooled the line because they were healthy and just not good enough. Context matters. This isn’t remotely close to the situation they were in last time.

  4. I’m hoping to buy my dad another autographed picture of Brandon Graham getting a strip sack in the Super Bowl like he did in Super Bowl 52 on Tom Brady. Mahomes is definitely a more mobile QB. He was not sacked a lot this year compared to other QBs. We shall see who wins the matchup shortly.

  5. cajun says:
    February 7, 2023 at 3:39 pm
    Eagles will be targeting Mahome’s ankle. Count on it. Don’t call it a bounty, but they will do anything to win. Look what they did to SF QB’s.

    Did you even watch the Eagles Niners game? Both were clean hits, just unlucky that both QBs were severely injured

  6. Why is it that I’m kind of liking Philly? Huge Chiefs fan and want KC to win but I have a lot of respect for Philly. No one’s chirping, talking nonsense, fans are pretty cool. I usually despise the opponent but I think the 2 best teams are playing and I like it. Jason Kelce is super cool; I like their defense, their coach, crazy fans similar to KC’s. Hoping form a good one.

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