Chiefs’ Melvin Gordon: This situation is not what I wanted, being on a practice squad

Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos
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Melvin Gordon is at the Super Bowl with the Chiefs, but he’s the first to admit he doesn’t deserve any of the credit for the Chiefs’ success.

Gordon is on the practice squad and has yet to play in a game for the Chiefs. He almost certainly won’t play in the Super Bowl, either.

“I did nothing to get here, let’s be honest,” Gordon told Fernando Ramirez.

A 2015 first-round draft pick who made two Pro Bowls with the Chargers and then signed a free agent contract with the Broncos, Gordon now finds himself as just another practice squad player.

“I expected to be here in Denver right now,” he said. “I’m here with the Chiefs, ironically.”

Gordon said he is trying to look on the bright side, knowing that many football players would gladly trade places with him right now.

“This situation is not what I wanted, being on the practice squad. Never in a million years did I think I’d be here. But I’m here, I’m blessed,” Gordon said. “This is a humbling experience, it for sure is.”

16 responses to “Chiefs’ Melvin Gordon: This situation is not what I wanted, being on a practice squad

  1. “It’s a humbling experience?” Doesn’t he mean “fumbling experience?”

  2. Well, give the guy credit, he could be complaining. And being on the practice squad means anyone could pick him up at any time…. So if he had other options, he’d be elsewhere. I’m a pretty big Chiefs fan and forgot he was on the roster…. But I was equally surprised that they let Ronald Jones get a few carries last week too. KC is a place that veteran RB’s come to die; McCoy, Bell, Ingram…. I’d be surprised if KC will ever get another veteran RB the way they’re kind of castoff, despite being on the roster.

  3. While I get what he is saying, practice squad players are a vital part of every team. Helping the active players get ready for the game.

  4. I’ll never forget this dude being unable to punch it in @Tennessee years ago. Three cracks from the one millimeter line to win the game. Chargers were down 4 like 20 seconds left. 3 cracks and couldn’t get it in. He should be thrilled he’s even on a practice squad.

  5. LOL!

    This guy has ALWAYS over-valued himself. NE took James White, the Chargers took this loser.

  6. if you’re surprised to be a PS player then you haven’t been paying attention. like you say, be thankful you’re still in uniform.

  7. I like his attitude. It’s refreshing compared to all the “I’m so disrespected” stuff we so often hear.

  8. This goofball ran out of bounds at the close of a game in ’21 instead of falling in bounds to win the game so he could get another chance at 100 yards rushing. After fumbling 5 or 6 times early in ’22, he convinced Hackett to keep starting him. Fumbled again. He needs some humbling.

  9. In his mind, Melvin is the greatest running back of all time. When he held out at the same time as Zack, it was comical. He wanted $80 million , $20 million per year- the Chargers offered him $10 Million. He got signed by the Donkeys and he has continued on his “i Stink’ tour ever since. What a tool.

  10. He’s a Chief. He’s in the super bowl. Every team needs backups and practice squad to get to the championship. Reinforcements. You have to have them. Be ready when called upon, if called upon. The Chiefs have one of the very best personnel operations in the league, and they signed Melvin Gordon. He’s not Patrick Mahomes, but he’s a Chief. More power to him. Not a bad way to end a career.

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