Darius Slay still fueled by disrespect from Matt Patricia

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Almost three years after the Lions traded him to the Eagles, Darius Slay still has a beef with former Detroit head coach Matt Patricia.

Slay, at the Super Bowl this week with the Eagles, said it still fuels him remembering that when he told Patricia he was working out in the offseason with Richard Sherman and Aqib Talib, Patricia responded by telling Slay that he’s not as good as them.

“He basically just said, ‘You are not in that category yet,’” Slay said, via MassLive.com. “At that time, I only had one Pro Bowl but now I’m at five, so I want to know how he feels about that now. I don’t wish bad on him, but as a man, me and him just don’t get along. He’s a smart coach, he knows his Xs and Os, but the disrespect is not what I’m with.”

Slay said that from the moment Patrica arrived in Detroit, he made players feel like they weren’t respected there.

“I mean, it was weird how he came in like he was just bigger and better than all of us,” Slay said. “He acted like we asked to be here. You know, we do get selected. . . . That was crazy. That was a first.”

As it turned out, Slay got the last laugh. The Lions got just a third-round pick and a fifth-round pick for trading Slay to the Eagles, but in Philadelphia Slay has shown he’s an elite cornerback. It was a great trade for the Eagles, one of the many great moves that has them in the Super Bowl.

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  1. So it worked out better for him but still a beef? Grow up and try to be a professional.

  2. Slay gets to play in a Super Bowl and the respect he deserves. The Lions got rid of Patricia and are an emerging team with a bright near term future. Matt Patricia, meanwhile, is relegated to BB’s personal valet or equipment manager or whatever it is he does there, now. Karma, baby.

  3. That’s how respect in results-based athletics works. You get the respect after you get the results, not before.

    And Patricia was not wrong.

  4. So since he said that you have been busting your tail to train into being that level just to show him? My big takeaway from that is that it’s the first time I have heard anyone describe Patricia coaching effectively.

  5. Interesting insight into Patricia( I get that a coach must command respect and authority, BUT is DISRESPECTING the players unnecessarily the way to do that?

    No wonder Patricia bombed out with the Lions.

  6. Maybe Patricia was talking about Slay as a tackler, where he ranks among the worst I’ve ever seen.

  7. Players at this level find ways to motivate themselves and this way works for Slay. I think a lot of the coaches under Bill Belichick take away only a few lessons from his coaching style. Usually the wrong ones.

  8. Defensive guru Patricia chased away several great players and then complained the 9-7 team he inherited lacked talent. If that’s The Patriot Way it’s no surprise that few teams & players want to work for him.

  9. Matt Patricia…another in a long line of coaching failures on the Bill Belichick tree.

  10. youcanthandlethetruth says:
    February 7, 2023 at 12:51 pm
    Interesting insight into Patricia( I get that a coach must command respect and authority, BUT is DISRESPECTING the players unnecessarily the way to do that?

    No wonder Patricia bombed out with the Lions.


    And yet Parcells talked like that to his players all the time, and they took it to heart and got better.

    Its a style thing. Parcells had it, Patricia doesnt.

  11. So, Patricia got him to work harder and be better and he’s whining about it? And, we wonder why Millennials are awful in the workplace? LOL

    These Millennial are just unbelievable snowflakes. And, Slay is overrated and way overpaid, too. Pro Bowls mean very little.

  12. As a lifelong suffering Lions fan, the Quin/Tricia regime was a complete failure and not only running off Slay and Glover Q. was a mistake but bringing in Patriot re-treads was a joke. Thank goodness it looks like the organization might have gotten it right with Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell who had to go in and clean out the previous regimes mess.

  13. All of these great athletes seem to take a lot of things personally.

    Maybe I’ll try taking things personally from here on out. You know, see where it takes me.

  14. The Lions have had a long list of poor HC’s over the many, many years, but Patricia may be the worst one of them all.

  15. First day as coach Patricia showed off his Super Bowl rings and told the Lions they’d never won anything. Irony is Patricia himself had never actually won anything on his own. He then spent the next 3 seasons demonstrating he had no clue how to win as a head coach.

  16. Formally trained as a rocket scientist, Matt Patricia’s specialty in the NFL seems to be alienation.

  17. “I mean, it was weird how he came in like he was just bigger and better than all of us,”
    Well he got the bigger part right I don’t think anyone can argue with that….

  18. This bothers him still? He sounds a little insecure. He’s obviously proved he’s excellent why the need to know what Patricia thinks?

  19. I wish the salary cap didn’t exist cause Slay and the rest of the squad make the team pop. Like Lane Johnson said, Philly has fun, and the amount of stand out personalities on this team like Slay, Hasan, AJ Brown, Jason Kelce, etc. that are just being themselves unapologetically is what makes them fun to watch. The chip that they all have is also what makes them mesh well with Philly.

    Everything comes to an end, unfortunately, so hopefully they win the Super Bowl so it can be forever immortalized in history

  20. Disrespecting someone is rarely the way to get the best out of them and build a relationship with them at the same time. Patricia was TERRIBLE in Detroit. I remember hearing how he said the team had no talent when he got there.
    So for those of you that don’t get it, great athletes are people too and have feelings just like everyone else. Interesting how that even needs to be said. Smh

  21. A lot of bad coaches and GMs have come and gone from Detroit but Patricia is the only one I have actual hatred for. Just a terrible coach whose players hated him

  22. I mean, Patricia failed as a head coach and maybe he had a bad attitude, but all I hear is that he didn’t think Slay was at their level yet. As an Eagles fan I’m glad for the motivation, but I’m not sure it’s about “disrespect.”

  23. I’ve had teachers and managers who were tough on me. Instead of wilting, that forged my resolve to be better in all facets of what I do. I am most thankful for the tough people who held me to a high standard and who never compromised.

  24. I’ve read several Lions players say is that Matt Patricia said disrespectful and unprofessional things about players during team meetings & film sessions. This alienated players. They respected his position as coach, but not him as a person. Bottom line is you reap what you sew.

    A boss who is tough & demanding, but respects people giving 100%, develops loyalty. A boss who treats no one with respect gets no respect or loyalty. That’s the difference between Patricia & Dan Campbell.

  25. Big Play Slay has done nothing but get better since leaving Detroit. If he thought about the disrespect a little more he would get upset that Howie stole Slay from them for only got a 3rd and 5th round draft pick for him. Slay should feel respected now that the Birds gave him that huge contract he wanted and a VERY good chance at a Ring playing for this year’s Historic Defence. If/when the Eagles get 5 sacks in the Superbowl it would be the most sacks in a season in HISTORY and Slay knows the Eagles secondary is a HUGE role in all those sacks.
    Eagles 34 Chiefs 24. Also predicting a EAGLES defensive player for MVP of game (Hassan Reddick?) or (Brandon Graham)

  26. I learned at a very young age

    Never try to make yourself look good by making someone else look bad

    when you do that you come off looking like a punk

    Grown men should no better

  27. Pro football players use many things for motivation. Respect is probably 2nd only to the dollar. Sly was right. Being a lifelong Lions fan, Patricia and Quinn set this team back a decade. Enjoy the Karma Mr. Slay. It is a sweet dish indeed. Good luck Sunday!

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