Greg Olsen on Tom Brady postponing TV career: I’m glad Sunday won’t be last game with Fox’s No. 1 team

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Greg Olsen got positive reviews this season on Fox’s No. 1 team. Despite that, Olsen is due for a demotion.

Fox agreed with Tom Brady on a 10-year, $375 million contract that is expected to make him the No. 1 game analyst on the network’s Sunday afternoon broadcasts. Brady announced his retirement last week, but he said last week he won’t begin his second career until 2024.

That gives Olsen at least one more season in the booth with Kevin Burkhardt.

“I knew what I had signed up for. I knew when I sat in the seat that that shadow was always going to kind of be there,” Olsen said Tuesday during a Fox press conference. “My approach this year was very similar to my approach as a player. You can’t control that. You can’t control the next draft pick they bring in to take your spot. You can’t control the next rookie or in this case the greatest football player of all time. My hope was to just go out there and show that I belong and show that I might not have some of the resume, playing quarterback in a big market, but as far as doing this job, that I belong. That’s been my mission. That’s been my objective the whole year. It could last one year, two years, 10 years.

“I don’t know what the future, but to know that I’ll at least have a chance to get this again next year and be back with Kevin and Erin [Andrews] and Tom [Rinaldi] and our producers that we’ve formed a really strong relationship with this year. It’s nice knowing that next Sunday won’t be my last time with this crew. How many more years, we don’t know yet. But at least Sunday won’t be the last one. That’s nice.”

Olsen said he has not talked to Brady since the quarterback’s retirement.

10 responses to “Greg Olsen on Tom Brady postponing TV career: I’m glad Sunday won’t be last game with Fox’s No. 1 team

  1. Brady still wants to play.

    He is waiting for the call (which may never come) from Dolphins or 49ers.

  2. Jeezus Christ!
    Olsen is acting like getting bounced down to possibly the No.2 spot is the worst thing that could possibly happen to anyone…especially him.
    I never thought he was that good, but if the people who know more than me thought he was worthy of being on the No.1 team, they aren’t going to put him out on the streets.
    Olsen is making it sound like this is going to be his last season broadcasting. Who knows.? Tom Brady may not be any good or maybe no better than than average.
    We don’t need to have a pity party for Greg Olsen.

  3. I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of Greg Olsen’s commentary this season – he’s doing MUCH better than some other ex-players (Jason Witten, anyone?). I hope he can continue doing that longer term.

  4. Has anyone even HERD TB12 call a game? I kinda hope he turns out to be the next Jason Witten!!!!!

  5. I look at it this way: Tom has a whole year to practice so that it won’t be a disaster.

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