A.J. Brown got a text from Mike Vrabel, who wished Brown luck in the Super Bowl

NFL: DEC 04 Titans at Eagles
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A.J. Brown was traded from the Titans to the Eagles on draft day — a move that clearly helped Philadelphia more than Tennessee in 2022.

With Brown in the Super Bowl, he said this week that he’s heard from members of his former organization, including head coach Mike Vrabel.

“A lot of guys have reached out to me,” Brown said, via Jim Wyatt of the Titans’ website. “Coach Vrabel reached out to me. I have no hard feelings for nobody in Tennessee. There’s nothing but love, and they are still showing me love, too.

“Of course I wish the organization well. I have teammates and friends on that team, you know, so I want them to succeed.”

Vrabel told Wyatt that he wanted to wish Brown luck.

“I put in a lot of time with these guys,” Vrabel said. “If you do it the right way, you can still have a relationship after they are on someone else’s team. A.J. and I spent a lot of time together, and shared a lot of personal conversations. Of course I wish the best for him.”

Brown added that he posted some things to social media in frustration with the situation that he’d probably take back.

“I think early on as a man I could say I was speaking from a place of feelings, and I had to learn it’s a business,” Brown said. “But I have no hard feelings for nobody in Tennessee, the fans, none of that. Tennessee gave me my first shot, so there’s definitely respect. … I still have love for Tennessee.”

A second-round pick in the 2019 draft, Brown caught 185 passes for 2,995 yards with 24 touchdowns in three seasons with the Titans. He then caught 88 passes for 1,496 yards with 11 TDs for the Eagles in 2022.

7 responses to “A.J. Brown got a text from Mike Vrabel, who wished Brown luck in the Super Bowl

  1. To Jon Robinson:

    Don’t let the doorknob hit ya where the good Lord split ya 😉


    A lifelong Titans fan

  2. I don’t wish AJ Brown luck, but I don’t wish him bad luck either. It is what it is, he’s a former player. I think just as much of him as I do any player that played in Nashville and was traded, cut, or left via free agency.

    That said, Vrabel famously said “As long as I’m the coach, he’s not going anywhere” then Robinson traded him for little value at the last minute. I honestly believe that ownership, coaching staff, teammates, and fans wanted him to be a Titan for life.

    This is the main reason Robinson ended up hitting the bricks.

  3. Honestly, Brown should be thrilled they traded him, it will be way better for his career. Dumb move by the Titans, but his talents would have been wasted there anyway. At least compared to what they’re doing with him in Philly.

  4. bullcharger says:
    February 9, 2023 at 12:09 pm
    Vrabes wasn’t the one who wanted him to go. That was the worst trade ever.


    I don’t think the GM did either but paying $20 mill yr/each on 2 LBs and a $20 mill/yr safety were part of the reason he had to go. I’m pretty sure Vrabel was fine with where that money went which is why there wasn’t money left over for Brown.

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