Brock Purdy says doctors may switch to more complex elbow surgery during operation

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49ers quarterback Brock Purdy confirmed that the plan is for him to have an internal brace repair surgery to repair the injured ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow, but that plan could change during the operation.

Purdy is set for the surgery on February 22 and he said on KNBR Thursday that Dr. Keith Meister could opt for “a hybrid surgery” that would involve both a reconstruction as well as the internal brace.

“Yeah, that’s Dr. Meister’s call,” Purdy shared. “He’s done this year after year with the best of the best with MLB pitchers. So he’s definitely seen this kind of thing happen, and he’s going to make the best call, and not just for the heck of it. It’s obviously for the best call for my career moving forward. And he knows what’s best, and he’s going to make the best decision for us, so it’ll be good.”

The internal brace surgery would come with a six-month recovery timeline. A more complex surgery would come with a different outlook and the ultimate decision will help shape the team’s quarterback competition this offseason.

12 responses to “Brock Purdy says doctors may switch to more complex elbow surgery during operation

  1. Is “an internal brace repair” the same surgery Rhys Hoskins had a couple of seasons ago?

  2. Yeah, this doesn’t sound like he’ll be ready to start in September. Trey Lance better be ready to play because he likely won’t get a third chance in San Francisco.

  3. 6 months puts us well into August. If the internal brace surgery is all that’s needed then it’ll be August before he starts to throw and Sept before Purdy he’ll realistically be game ready. By then Lance will have gotten the first team reps through OTA’s and training camp.
    I gotta think he’s the most likely Opening Day starter, provided he can stay healthy himself.
    The Niners really need to add a capable veteran backup.

  4. A worst case time scenario he’ll sit one year. He’ll still be on a rookie contract two more years. Better to do a great job with the surgery. He could be good as ever a year removed

  5. He’s going to end up with Tommy John surgery in the end, so he should just stop hoping for a miracle, and get it over with so he can begin his rehab

  6. Btw, his draft status will have nothing to do with his status in 2024 if he’s out that long. Typical 7th rounder would be cut with injury settlement. He’ll be in the mix for starter based on his play

  7. Sorry to say but Shanahan’s history tells us Purdy or Lance or… will just get hurt again.

  8. It’s too bad. Purdy was poised for a starting job next season. Now, whenever he does come back, he’ll be fighting for a backup job.

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