Chiefs win Super Bowl LVII over Eagles 38-35

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
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For the second time in four years, the Chiefs are World Champions.

Kansas City defeated Philadelphia 38-35 with Harrison Butker‘s 27-yard field goal that sailed through the uprights with just eight seconds left on the clock.

With still a few ticks left, Butker squibbed the ensuing kickoff, which Kenneth Gainwell downed after returning it for 11 yards. Jalen Hurts attempted a last-second Hail Mary but the ball ended up short of the goal line for an incomplete pass.

The clock had struck 0:00 and the Chiefs had officially won another Super Bowl.

The game was back-and-forth throughout, but the Chiefs outscored the Eagles 24-11 in the second half to come away with the victory. Mahomes finished 21-of-27 passing for 182 yards with three touchdowns — good for a 131.8 passer rating. He tweaked his ankle during the first half but never missed a play.

Two of Mahomes’ three touchdowns came in the fourth quarter, and both came on a play where the receivers stopped their jet-sweep motion and ended up wide open.

Mahomes also rushed for 44 yards, including a 26-yard run.

Isiah Pacheco finished with 76 yards on 15 carries with a touchdown. Travis Kelce caught all six of his targets for 81 yards with a touchdown. JuJu Smith-Schuster caught seven passes for 53 yards.

Kadarius Toney caught one of Mahomes’ touchdown passes and set up rookie Skyy Moore’s touchdown with his 65-yard punt return down to the 5-yard line in the fourth quarter.

On the other side, quarterback Jalen Hurts was excellent for much of the game, finishing 27-of-38 passing for 304 yards with a touchdown. He also set a Super Bowl quarterback record with 70 yards rushing, plus three rushing touchdowns. But his fumble that linebacker Nick Bolton returned for a touchdown early in the second quarter was a critical mistake that severely cost the Eagles.

DeVonta Smith finished the game with seven catches for 100 yards. A.J. Brown had 96 yards on six catches with a TD.

Both offensive lines kept their quarterbacks clean. Mahomes was not sacked and the Eagles recorded five QB hits. The Chiefs officially recorded two sacks, but both were from Hurts running out of bounds to evade the rush. Carlos Dunlap had the only two QB hits.

With the 2022 season officially over, the 2023 season will again begin in Kansas City in September.

147 responses to “Chiefs win Super Bowl LVII over Eagles 38-35

  1. Alright so no excuses right eagles fans? Nothing about refs or the turf right? Cause for the last two weeks you’ve been calling us niner fans cry babies cause we had no qb for most of the NFCCG (an actually very valid and significant factor in the game) so just making sure y’all are keeping the same energy now that you’re on the losing end. Somehow I suspect you won’t. All excuses are now valid now that the eagles lost. Cry eagles cry 🤣

  2. Brett Veach is the best GM in the NFL and in the AFC it isn’t even close…. Knowing this sucks as a Bills fan. Congrats to the Chiefs.

  3. 6burgh says:
    January 8, 2023 at 9:02 pm
    Doesn’t matter, Kansas City Chiefs are winning their second super bowl in the Mahomes era


    Called it, new dynasty

  4. Eagles were the worst SB team since the Rex Grossman Bears. Absolutely terrible conference and their best win all season was against the Cowboys. 8 win team at best in the AFC. More crying for Sirianni.

  5. No, they didn’t. The refs bailed them out once again. It was the same stuff against the Niners a few years ago. That was a horrible call at the end, and everyone knows it.

  6. Great win for America and Patriotism. Congrats to the Chiefs, and that bad holding call was debatable, but it made those ignorant Philly tears all the more delightful to see fall.

    They were very lucky to get where they got, it won’t happen again next year

  7. Good game, tough way for Philly to lose. But I LOVE seeing Nick Sirianni lose it. The way he acts and stares down the opponents sideline is so childish. Hope he enjoyed getting humbled on the worlds biggest stage.

  8. Honestly, I feel bad for the Chiefs and their fans. They were very likely winning that game anyway – but the bad call will dominate the post-game discussion.

    That was just a BAD call. I don’t buy the “rigged” arguments, but you have to swallow your whistle at the end unless it’s a bad penalty. That was nothing.

  9. Officiating has never been better, eh? You’ve got to be kidding me. Pathetic penalty to seal the game. Quite fitting considering how the refs have controlled many of the games this season and especially in the post season. This felt like it was the Chiefs Super Bowl to lose all season long. I’d say “imagine being a Chiefs fan thinking you earned this Super bowl”, but I’m sure life’s pretty great for Chiefs fans. What a joke

  10. Most sacks since ’84 and ’85 Bears?

    42-10 Bears over Patriots in Super Bowl XX. Philly. Zero sacks and gave up 38 points.

    On a positive note, watching Hurts gives confidence the Bears should trade down and stick with Fields. Philly’s offense was impressive, but their D was absent.

  11. Not a fan of either team but I think the eagles were robbed. Should have. Been a no call at the end of the game. Let them play.

  12. Just keep counting Mahomet out. Get out of your basement occasionally and learn football. Almost same stats for the year between the 2 teams, yet everyone hating on the chiefs. Mahomes, classy, great guy, but all the hate on him

  13. I’d repost all my calls on Chiefs winning and the thumbs down but I’ll take the high road.

    Beagles played a soft conference and soft playoff schedule.

  14. Just based on how bad refereeing is these days, you knew it had to take front and center at some point. They were letting them play the whole game……that tickey-tack bailout call is a bad look.

  15. If they’d been making calls like that all game long, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. But they were letting them play in the secondary until then.

  16. The Eagles finally faced an elite quarterback and they were crushed.
    Stop complaining about officiating.

  17. Was about to be a great ending until that crap call by the ref. Let them play the whole game until it really mattered. Lousy way to end a super bowl.

  18. I just came to say this. CRY EAGLES CRY!! Never before has there been a fan base who deserves to be left holding the bag more than the obnoxious Eagles fans.

  19. NFL finished the way they started. Terrible officiating with a game deciding call on que which tainted a great finish

  20. Love how Eagle fans were chanting MVP for Hurts. Love that MVP throw at the end. Right into the dirt.

  21. Before the game, I was looking forward to making a post about Philly fans crying, but that was an awful call at the end. I don’t think the NFL is rigged, but I do believe the refs are that horrible. Terrible way to end the season. Eagle fans are still awful, but that’s a crappy way to go out.

  22. Terrible call in the end. That could be called on every play. On another note, if that was really the plan, they could’ve reversed the Goedert catch and called the interference on juju in the first half.

    Did hurts only throw the ball 20 yards on that last play with all his might?

  23. WOW what a game! Both Mahomes and Hurts were incredible. Both teams made lots of big plays. Back and forth, up and down, close to end. Pretty much a perfect Super Bowl.

    Kudos to the Eagles for a terrific game. They were so solid. I didn’t think it would come down to an x-factor, but Mahomes proved me wrong.

  24. All night long, they’ve let more contact than on that 3rd down go uncalled. I don’t believe results are rigged, but the NFL seems bound and determined to create that impression by never missing an opportunity to have incompetent officials greatly affect games, if not outright decide them.

  25. leave it to the refs not to call a single holding call the entire game, until it really matters.

    Why not just let the players decide the game rather than the refs. Just makes you wonder if its all fixed.

  26. No excuses. Chiefs dominated the second half. Congrats KC.

    ^ That’s what you do in a loss, you whiney 49ers fans.

  27. Tough call at that moment. The thing that bothers me about it is the delay. If you see holding, throw the flag right away. Don’t wait to see how the play turns out.

  28. Congratulations Chiefs fans. Mahomes and the OL played great and the Eagles (especially the DC) were outcoached. The balls on that referee though…

    Also, Hurts haters should probably shut up at this point.

  29. Hey Cheaters fans who for 2 seasons have said “Chiefs are in Cap Hell because of Mahomes contract”, and the Chiefs were NOT a “Dynasty”. God, I have LOVED your jealousy and i’M SAVORING IT SO MUCH NOW! The Chiefs ARE a Dynasty and they won a SB AFTER “Cap Hell” by nailing the draft and while losing Hill!!! So keep living in the past, Pats fans. Your time is in the rear view mirror.

    Congrats to the Birds and Hurts for a GREAT game! Best SB ever!


  30. Nice choke by the Eagles! You might want to cover guys in the redzone next time…. No philly special tonite!

  31. It really doesn’t matter who won or lost, it’s how they played the game. As long as they played hard and had fun, then they’re both champions.

  32. As a Bronco fan I’ve never rooted for the Chiefs to win so bad in my life….CONGRATS CHIEFS, MAHOMES AND CHIEFS FANS…..Bronco nation don’t get mad I live 10 minutes from Philly and can’t stand the fans.

  33. This will go down in history as one of the most delusional quotes of all time:

    “When you look at officiating, I don’t think it’s ever been better in the league,” Roger Goodell told reporters.

  34. The call just sucked, because it took all of the suspense out of the game. Especially since it was a borderline call. I guess that’s just the way things shake out, but as a neutral fan, with both teams in the midst of a great game, that call sucked.

  35. If the media thought the “Rigged” thing was bad 2 weeks ago … I mean come on that flag thrown 3 seconds late on an uncatchable pass. They literally ended a 35-35 Super Bowl after we went a long time with no flags. I no longer believe the outcome games are legitimate. How could you. Mahomes must make the league more money it’s the only explanation. Literally 2 games in a row .

  36. Not a fan of either but the fallout from that last penalty ought to be a wakeup call for the NFL – a great game again let down by final a HORRIBLE flag. With all the other horrible calls this season this should cause a push for full time referees by ownership!

  37. The Chiefs won fair and square. Reid has shown that speed kills and he finds these quick fast guys who can be moved around and they create havoc. Why other teams havent figured out this is a formula for success, speed kills.
    However, and one analyst agreed with me, the eagles needed to change up the d and give mahomee a different look as in – hey stupid how about a 5 or 6 man rush so he has no time to pin point his passes. He is supposedly gimpy leg? Very dump to just keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result, no pressure on Mahomes, he picking them apart.
    D coach should be fired.

  38. GoodellMustGo says:
    February 12, 2023 at 10:24 pm
    Vince McMahon doing a great job with the league.
    No, actually Vince would be embarrassed…..

  39. Just because the holding call was spectacularly painful timing doesn’t make it a bad call. When you have a handful of jersey, you’re asking for it.

  40. Now that the Chiefs won another Superbowl maybe the refs will stop cheating for them. Probably not, but fingers crossed.

  41. Keep blaming the refs Philly but how about looking in the mirror??? All week long it was how bad your D was gonna get to Mahomes…what happened?? ZERO SACKS!! Let me guess, that was the refs fault too?

  42. Note to the NFL: Cease with this gimmick of fake QBs – you will never win a Snoopy Bowl with one. The NFL must restrict those playing QB to at most six rushes for positive yards and then once the seventh is attempted, the player is thrown out of the game and a 15 yard penalty is assessed with loss of down. Jayleen is a fraud. When your fake QB rushes for so many times, you are a gimmick. The guy could not beat a good defense and he was shown as being a fraud.

  43. Bad calls/no-calls again, same as in the conference title games. Congrats to Chiefs fans on a SB win with a huge *.

  44. Did anybody truly believe the officials weren’t going to make themselves the “star of the show” once again? Chiefs deserved the win. But we were robbed of an amazing ending…as opposed to kneeling it down to chip shot the game winner.

  45. The refs robbed all of us of seeing the Eagles have to drive the field for a tie or a win. It would have been a great end to the game either way. But instead the refs allowed KC to keep the ball, run out the clock and hit a chip shot FG

  46. Chiefs win and Bird fans whine.
    Bird defense exposed like I knew it would be against a superior QB and Offense.
    Shame on Bird fans for blaming refs for their terrible defense and loss.
    Birds fired the best coach they ever had and Reid is rubbing their noses in it.

  47. I mean, you have to grab a jersey for more than a millisecond.

    He didn’t do anything. C’mon refs. It’s a fast game, and they make mistakes – but in the last few minutes, they have to be extra diligent. And they weren’t tonight.

    They could have made that call a dozen times over the course of the game.

  48. I’m not sure why people are mentioning the Patriots. That team never got one horrible game-changing call in a super bowl to go their way in a super bowl, win or lose. So far, the Chiefs have had multiple bad calls work in their favor against the Niners and now Eagles.

  49. To all you Andy Reid haters. That’s nine championships. Four super bowl appearances and two super bowl wins. Take a long walk off a short plank. Top five of all time. Second best working today but Billy gonna lose that title cause another Brady isn’t walking through that door anytime soon.

  50. The eagles defense costs them the game. you cant rush 4 against mahomes and expect to survive he has time to dance around and wait till guys get open. It worked. Throw in a fast running back who tired them out and it was game over by the start of the half.

  51. Congrats to Andy Reid for sticking it to the team that said he wasn’t good enough to coach them😜

  52. Refs carry fake limping overrated stat padder Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs to a title. What a joke Chiefs are actually proud of this too holy crap.

  53. statman25 says:
    February 12, 2023 at 10:35 pm
    Keep blaming the refs Philly but how about looking in the mirror??? All week long it was how bad your D was gonna get to Mahomes…what happened?? ZERO SACKS!! Let me guess, that was the refs fault too?

    21Rate This


    This statement makes no sense. The Chiefs gave up less points than Philly’s D.

  54. Philthy fans will whine – but there were at least four penalties that were not called by the refs against Philthy – a defensive pass interference in the first half – an early launch by an offensive lineman – a wide receiver lined up past the ball in the second half – and a ball hiked well after 0:00 on the play clock in the second half.

    There was word that Philthy greased their goal posts – I guess now they will have to ungrease them by forcing their fans to lick it off.

  55. Was it the worst time for a Ticky tack penalty? Yes.

    Was it a penalty? Yes.

    Eagles still had opportunities to create a bigger lead. Fumble return for a TD and FG at end of half instead of TD were failures that the eagles had control over.

    Own it eagles.

  56. Nice game, disappointing ending. Something needs to be done about refs ruining a perfectly good Super Bowl.

  57. So the refs won the game for the Chiefs. Newsflash Eagles fans you were up by 10 at half.
    So the two wide open TDs scored by Chiefs WRs, that was the refs too. Please.

  58. And just remember Philthy fans – Washington beat your team this year with a third rate QB – and they’ve won three times the number of Snoopy Bowls you have. Party on, clowns.

  59. Bad Reffing alright- the Chiefs should have been awarded a second defensive touchdown, and Goedert’s catch should’ve been out of bounds!!!

  60. To Eagles fans crying about the refs- your supposedly vaunted defense was non existent and if your college QB doesn’t just inexplicably drop the ball for a chiefs scoop and score you guys win this game. Quit crying about ONE call that was questionable.

  61. The refs didn’t make Hurts fumble up a td or give up a huge punt return. Philly’s D never showed up. Reminded me of Belichick’s D against Foles.

  62. What a colossal collapse! The Eagles had everything go their way. Lane Johnson offsides one every play, Eagles clubbing Mahomes in the head, Brown taunting, incomplete passes called complete, a field that favors a running team, Mahomes injured, Travis Kielce injured… and the Eagles still lost. Maybe Hurts saw the white numbers on the hash and thought it was a teammate, throw the ball to the dirt on the last play—the refs seemed like they were playing for the Eagles, it’s fair to assume the ground might be. The dream team still lost.

    It’s not going to get easier Philly. I predict a sharp downturn in the Eagles near future. Maybe Sirianni can find a job that pays him to dance like a clown on tables.

  63. What a horrendous way to end what WAS a great game. It’s the Super Bowl. The officials ruined it. Don’t make a ticky-tack call in a game for all the marbles. Let the players decide it! My sympathy to the Eagles and their fans. They were robbed.

  64. The Chiefs might have still won the game even without that bad call at the end but it ruined a great Super Bowl. Now the refs become the debate again when the winners should be celebrating. It’s just unfortunate.

  65. Eagle fans have told Saints fan to “get over” NOLA no call in 2019 that screwed the Saints a SB berth. So Eagle fans “GET OVER IT”!!!!!!!!!

  66. Stop it with the refs Philly fans…They gave you a defensive TD back on on Sanders fumble, Lane Johnson false start at least 4 times and A.J. Brown standing over a player taunting and didn’t get called.

  67. Philly fans are gonna go to their grave whining about the refs based on one single call that likely only sped up the KC advance rather than enable it. And half of the fans around here are going to whine their usual nonsense about NFL rigging games, as if that was the spot to make just that kind of aid to guarantee anything that looked inevitable anyway.

    And all that is going to dog over the REAL story, which is that Andy Reid’s staff made some kind of heroic adjustments at half, and Nick Sirianni and his staff were completely flummoxed by them. This was as clear a coaching win as we have seen in years.

  68. Terrible call at the end, but at the end of the day, the Eagles have to get a stop somewhere in the second half. They got dominated. Eagle offense did its job. Nearly had two hundred yard receivers and Hurts was impeccable outside of that fumble. Kind of ironic that it’s reminiscent of Jake Delhome in his Super Bowl against the Patriots when he lost at the end in similar fashion because his defense couldn’t get a stop. Hopefully Hurts doesn’t fade to obscurity afterward like he did.

  69. The Eagles D is loaded .. the fact they couldn’t stop Mahomes on even one possession the entire 2nd half is why they lost this game.
    Will stay with them for a very long time …

  70. Hahahahaha. Iggle fans. Get The benefit of several calls all year, and never say anything. Now they’re whining about this. I love it. Salty Eagle tears. Lol

  71. That should have been a great game, but now all anyone can think about is that terrible call. In all likelihood the Chiefs would have won anyway, but what a miserable ending.

  72. I am never betting on this rigged NFL ever again. Objectively just a ticky tack call that robbed us of a great finish.

  73. Good thing there was a clear winner. I read somewhere that if the teams are tied at the end of regulation, the Bills will be awarded the championship at a neutral site

  74. No excuses. Eagles fans aren’t a bunch of cry babies like the Niners fans. See u in Philly for another whipping in September.

  75. The Niners game was different. The 49ers were being very physical so the refs started throwing flags, because they deserved them. This game one play the ref just randomly throws a flag on one of those grey area fouls in the most important game sealing play? Big difference, there.

  76. Jalen “ I Got “ Hurts got blasted on that two point conversion run … couldn’t get the ball 30 yards on a fail marry.

  77. Goodell needs to take a serious look at this referee situation, or the game will really lose credibility and fans. That holding call tonight was horrible, as were several of the calls last week that put the Chiefs in the Super Bowl, along with other bad calls going all the way back to last year’s SB. Referees should not be having such an impact on critical games, especially late, bad calls. Also, this crap about what constitutes a catch and other inconsistencies need to be addressed as well.

  78. How many sacks did the Beagles get tonight? Pressures? LMAO at comparisons to the Bears. Not even in the same universe.

    Chiefs won. Stop with the whining on refs. Eagles had every chance to win it and did not. Your D lost the game period.

  79. Tonight, the Chiefs and their fans are going to paint the town RED.
    Congratulations, KC.

  80. Fly eagles fly back to that crime ridden crappy city lol…couldn’t be happier to see the beagles choke it.

  81. BTW…most of you whose teams failed or didn’t even make the playoffs would love to have Jalen Hurts as your QB.

  82. Last year’s Super Bowl (56), 1:47 left in the 4th quarter, Rams have the ball 3rd & Goal at the Bengals 8 yard line. Refs call a “holding” penalty on the Bengals. Replays show the defender only touched the jersey. Was it holding? Al Michaels: “You tell me.” Chris Collinsworth: “That’s what they called!” Rams get a fresh set of downs, pull ahead with a score, and win the game.

    This year’s Super Bowl (57), 1:54 left in the 4th quarter, Chiefs have the ball 3rd & 8 at the Eagles 15 yard line. Refs call a “holding” penalty on the Eagles. Replays show the defender only touched the jersey. Was it holding? Greg Olsen: “He’s got his left hand on his back….. I don’t love that call. That is a game-altering penalty.” Kevin Burkhardt: “That’s a tough way to finish.” Chiefs get a fresh set of downs, pull ahead with a score, and win the game.

    The NFL has to fix this. It didn’t matter to me which team won in either game. But compromising the integrity of the game does matter to me. You shouldn’t be allowed to gift a team a fresh set of downs with a phantom call. It’s ruining the game. I’m done with the NFL.

  83. It was a pretty cruddy way to end the SB, especially when it had been a fairly clean game penalty wise for the most part. Was this the definitive singular play in the game? Yes. But, the eagles D was ATROCIOUS against the chiefs in the second half and let’s not forget that not so insignificant fumble by hurts that led to a KC defensive touchdown. And… the longest punt return in SB history by toney too, which set up one of the incredibly easy looking second half TD passes from mahomes. The eagles lost this game because they lost the battle in ALL THREE phases of the game.

  84. Hurts was trashing that defense all night till the zebras stepped in The jig was up when they picked a referee that was against the chiefs all year

  85. There are enough sour grapes in these comments to supply Welch’s for another year. Don’t complain about a holding call when there was actual holding taking place. The worst call of the game was the missed blatant pass interference not called on Philly in the first quarter. Instead, let’s appreciate a very entertaining, close game by two quality teams that came down to a couple of standout plays. I would have been happy with either team getting the win, but KC executed better in the second half and deserved the win.

  86. Hurts and his little pop gun arm. Did he really think he was going to throw it to the end zone on that last play?

  87. NFL just rolling in free money and people just handing it out like morons 🙄😬 So glad I don’t have a team 😁

  88. We get it a lot of you guys in here don’t like people of color and you can tell by your comments

  89. In-game adjustments are pivotal in big games, and not many coaches are great at them. Whatever my feelings about Belichick, he usually does an excellent job. Tonight, Reid and Spagnuolo aced it. The Eagles totally outplayed the Chiefs in the first half. The Hurts fumble was the one major flaw. But I thought the Chiefs were done. The 2nd half was a completely different game. As a Cowboys fan, I give the Eagles tremendous kudos. They played so well in many ways. But as gutsy and good as Siriani was in the first half, they just couldn’t adjust to what the Chiefs did in the 2nd half. The Toney punt return was a killer. Still, the Eagles came back. But they just couldn’t stop Reid and Mahomes when it mattered. McCarthy isn’t good at adjusting in game (Quinn a little better). Congrats to the Chiefs. And looking forward to playing Siriani and Hurts in the future. Though they are a better team at this point.

  90. A real qb beat a rb playing qb. You have to be able to read def beyond one read. This team will go backwards from here. Key retirement losses, paying qb money to a rb, and gutted in fa. And of course sirriani will continue to get exposed as a coach. Guy is a a goof.

  91. Best 3 QBs the Eagles faced this regular season:

    Goff – 35 pts
    Rodgers – 30 pts
    Dak – 40 pts

    Outcome was no surprise.

  92. To all the haters that are crying about the refs- maybe cover KaDarius Toney or Sky Moore. At least have someone within 5 yards of them. It wasn’t one play.

  93. I don’t want to hear any Philthy fan complaining about a bad call. You all were crowing it up when devonta smith made the (non) catch in the NFC championship game.
    Serves you guys right. Loved seeing this team lose

  94. The refs didn’t fall for those motion plays twice in two series in a row for a walk in untouched score. Or did I miss something ?

  95. Stop with the late flag stuff. Lane Johnson false starting several times, play clock hitting 00 several times, Jason Kelce hitting McDuffie in the head and nothing.

  96. You can’t complain about the refs when the game is scripted and predetermined, they are all part of the scripted plan

  97. Have to agree that it was a terrible finish to a great game. I mean, Hurts threw about a 30 yd hail Mary. Nice arm.

  98. Congrats to the Chiefs.

    Game that could have gone either way.

    Birds have no reason to be down as they did better than 30 other teams!

  99. rangerat9305 says:
    February 12, 2023 at 10:56 pm
    The Eagles D is loaded .. the fact they couldn’t stop Mahomes on even one possession the entire 2nd half is why they lost this game

    Actually they did stop Mahomes…..but the refs gave him a 1st down

  100. What a great game… congrats to KC!! And Philly wow… they are going to be trouble for years to come. One thing is for sure, as a Wash fan… the DC team is nowhere near the level of play I saw in this game, not even close

  101. The Chiefs’ victory was no surprise. They won every part of the game – defense, offense, and special teams. And they did not make the turnovers either. Perhaps the Philthy team should have prepared like it was a special game – oh, wait they did – they thought by virtue of their hype they didn’t have to play in the second half!

  102. The guy who stars in State Farm commercials just so happens to win in State Farm Stadium in the super bowl and wins the MVP as well. These games are definitely rigged.

  103. nhpats2011 says:
    February 13, 2023 at 8:21 am
    rangerat9305 says:
    February 12, 2023 at 10:56 pm
    The Eagles D is loaded .. the fact they couldn’t stop Mahomes on even one possession the entire 2nd half is why they lost this game

    Actually they did stop Mahomes…..but the refs gave him a 1st down


    ACTUALLY, they didn’t really stop Mahomes, he saw the hold and threw the ball away.

  104. It was nice to see Andy Reid beat the Eagles in the Sb after all the can’t win the big game stuff he heard out of Philly.

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