Andy Reid still plans on coaching: “Yeah, God help me”

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
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The question of whether Chiefs coach Andy Reid would walk away with a second Super Bowl win disappeared as quickly as it bubbled up.

He’s definitely not leaving.

Reid said it to reporters after the 38-35 win, and he reiterated it to Peter King for the latest Football Morning in America column.

“Are you gonna retire?” King asked.

I’m not.”

“You’re gonna coach again?”

“That’s what I plan on doing. Yeah, God help me.”

With Patrick Mahomes at quarterback and still only 27 years old, why would Reid walk away? He’s currently fifth on the all-time wins list with 247, based on 24 straight years of coaching. He’s also one more Super Bowl win away from cracking my own personal top-five list of all-time coaches: Don Shula, Bill Belichick, George Halas, Chuck Noll, and Bill Walsh.

Tom Landry and Reid are just on the other side of that handful of coaches, in my opinion. Reid would bump Walsh or Noll, or maybe both, down a peg with one more Super Bowl win.

With Mahomes, it feels like that could come next year or the year after or at the latest the year after that. The Chiefs have hosted five straight conference championships, and they’ve been to three Super Bowls in four years.

Yes, Mahomes has a lot to do with it. Reid has a little to do with it, too. As long as Reid is there, both can keep racking up rings. And scaling the mountain of all-time greats.

9 responses to “Andy Reid still plans on coaching: “Yeah, God help me”

  1. There is a reason that it is the Lombardi trophy. Your list needs to start with Vince Lombardi, then work your way down.

  2. Shula? Went eight consecutive years without a playoff appearance after the back to back SB wins. And then finished on a 11 year skid where he was 4-5 in the playoffs, missing them entirely 6 times. Hanging around long enough because your owner isn’t courageous enough to move on isn’t greatness.

    And what about Joe Gibbs? Dude won three SBs with three different QBs, none of whom were great and two of whom were, well, Doug Williams and Mark Rypien.

  3. Hope Andy sticks around for a long time. I just wish someone would get him convinced to take care of himself and shed some pounds. He’s had a good food run enjoying himself but he’s getting to an age that he’s inevitably going to start having problems, the sooner he starts, the better.

  4. The one thing that keeps Philly fans from going ape$hit over the Super Bowl outcome yesterday, is that they pretty much Love and/or respect Andy Reid. Andy is definitely far more likable than BB or Landry. Not to say those coaches shouldn’t be admired for their accomplishments, but Andy has his own approach and everyone who watches the league knows he is one of the top 5 already. Philly and KC were distressed franchises thorugh long stretches of NFL history- Andy established great cultures in both places- Philly still has much to Thank Andy for, and the Chiefs will for years to come. All the best Coach Reid, enjoy your well deserved championship (the Birds will keep comin’, we’ll see you next year).

  5. I pray that Coach Reid would take better care of himself. Living large in your 40’s doesn’t end well when you are living large past 60.

  6. Andy Reid is SB MVP. He schemed 2 pitch and catch TD’s in the red zone in the 2nd half which was the difference. Mahomes was the 2nd best QB yesterday. Reid was MVP.

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